22 Dec 2023

Does Evil Exist?
Is there a Satan? Is there Hell? Is man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man, just part of his “animal nature”? Or is there something greater? Is there a higher power and a lower power that are battling each other? It says in the Bible that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Thousands of Afghans deported from Pakistani, Iranian prisons
Thousands of Afghans who were detained in Pakistani and Iranian prisons have been sent back to Afghanistan as Islamabad and Tehran ramp up the expulsion of Afghan citizens. In Karachi, the capital of the southern Pakistani province of Sindh, the Taliban’s consul-general, Abdul Jabbar Takhari, said that over 3,000 Afghans detained in the region’s prisons had been sent back during the past year. Most Afghans returning from Iran and Pakistan complain of harassment, abuse, and mistreatment.

Biden exchanged 54 emails with Hunter’s business associate
New records released by Republicans in the House of Representatives reveal that President Joe Biden exchanged emails 54 times with his son Hunter Biden’s business associate during his time as vice president under former President Barack Obama’s administration. Some of the emails were exchanged around the same time Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine and Hunter Biden was on the board of a Ukrainian gas company.

What Will 2024 Bring? Another Chinese BioWeapon? Another Government PsyOp? Either Way – Be Prepared!
Many Americans are nervously looking forward to 2024. Instability globally, an unprecedented weaponization of the Department of Justice against political enemies, activist courts trying to stop an election before it happens – 2024 certainly looks scary from here. One of the real wildcards for 2024 is the question of whether or not we will see another Chinese bioweapon hit us here at home or will the government simply use the threat of another pandemic as a way to control Americans? Either way, you shouldn’t live in fear, you should – however – be prepared!

NY Times Blasts Harvard’s Gay In Detailed Plagiarism Review As Scandal Spirals Out Of Control
The New York Times has come out with a scathing article, analyzing five instances of plagiarism committed by Harvard President Claudine Gay. To review, Gay has been credibly accused of more than 40 acts of plagiarism during her tenure at Harvard – which the university secretly investigated, threatened journalists over, and ultimately concluded was no big deal – clearing her of breaching Harvard’s “standards for research misconduct.” Not so fast…

Trainee psychotherapist settles part of dispute over gender ideology
James Esses, 31, who believes a person’s sex to be “binary and immutable”, filed a legal complaint against the Metanoia Institute, where he had been studying, and the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). This week he said he was “extremely pleased” to have reached a settlement with the council over two years “after I was expelled from my masters’ degree in psychotherapy for daring to say that biological sex is real and that children should not be pushed down a pathway of irreversible medicalisation”.

Over 15 dead in downtown Prague shooting, Czech police say
Dozens more wounded; gunman jumps off roof to his death; eyewitnesses say bodies in street, women shot in their legs , Czech public broadcaster reports …

Israel considering ‘improving’ its offer to Hamas
Israel is currently discussing additional proposals that will convince Hamas to back down from its demands, and allow progress that will lead to a significant deal for the release of hostages.

Montreal MP wants heads of Canadian schools that follow Harvard, Penn, MIT ‘named, shamed’
When Anthony Housefather saw the Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Institute of Technology presidents in the hot seat in a House committee hearing on Jew-hatred on campus, the Montreal-area federal parliamentarian thought something similar could be done in Canada. The politician, who is Jewish, told JNS that he decided to put Canadian university presidents on notice. “They might be called to answer for it in public, like happened in the United States with the presidents of Penn, MIT and Harvard, who were very embarrassed,” he said. “That was my thinking.”

IDF’s response to multi-front threat: More tanks, artillery, and soldiers
Efforts are underway in the IDF and Defense Ministry to promote the approval of a multi-year plan for dividing the defense budget in the army, taking into account various threats from the North and the South. Among other things, the IDF aims to cancel the reduction in service length, establish an intelligence command for the Gaza Strip, and invest in an aerial and ground laser system.

Israel-Hamas war: IDF destroys Hamas’s Palestine Square tunnels, takes over Gaza’s Shejaia
IDF takes over Gaza City’s south, pushes Hamas out of Shejaia • IDF: Israel killed four senior Hamas brigade commanders, three left … (watch)

Austin and French counterpart: Houthi attacks a significant problem that must be addressed
“Both … agree that the Red Sea is vital for global commerce, noting that the scale and increasing frequency of these attacks constitute a significant international problem that must be addressed,” Pentagon Press Secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement summarizing the conversation. “The United States and France are both making significant contributions to stability in the region, and seek further collaboration on bilateral and multilateral solutions.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner visit Kfar Aza on Israel solidarity trip
Ivanka Trump, daughter and former advisor to President Donald Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner visited Kfar Aza on Wednesday as part of a solidarity trip to Israel. The couple was accompanied by Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana and British journalist and Israel advocate Douglas Murray. Kfar Aza was hit hard by Hamas terrorists on October 7th with a large number of its residents killed or taken hostage.

IAF hits 230 Hamas sites in Gaza; Rocket-fire resumes after quiet day
Red alert warnings were heard in the Gaza border communities of Nirim, Nir Oz and Magen on Thursday morning as Israeli forces continued to target Hamas across the Strip. The sirens sounded after no rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel on Wednesday for the first time since the Oct. 7 massacre, with the exception of the Nov. 25-30 ceasefire.

Top Nazi hunter to retire this month, after 38 years at US Justice Department
The U.S. Department of Justice’s longest-serving prosecutor Eli Rosenbaum, who is also one of the world’s top Nazi hunters, intends to retire after 38 years at the department by the end of the year. Rosenbaum serves as counselor at the War Crimes Accountability Team, which the department launched last year to “centralize and strengthen” its “ongoing work to hold accountable those who have committed war crimes and other atrocities during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,”

Escalation in the north? Israel preparing for intensified fighting with Hezbollah
An intensification of hostilities between Hezbollah and Israel on the Lebanese border on Wednesday has caused many residents in the north to worry about the situation continuing to escalate. On Wednesday morning, a series of large explosions near the border were answered from the Israeli side with heavy bombing. Local reports said the smoke from the bombing did not clear for over an hour.

Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio’s ‘blessings’ for homosexual couples show he is a ‘servant of Satan’
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò says the Vatican’s newly approved blessings for homosexual ‘couples’ show that the ‘Bergoglian hierarchy’ are ‘servants of Satan and his most zealous allies.’

Unwavering Alliance: US Defense Secretary Affirms Solidarity with Israel in its Fight Against Terrorism
In a recent press conference held in Tel Aviv, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stood side by side with Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant, reinforcing the United States’ unwavering support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Amidst reports suggesting pressure from the Biden administration for Israel to hasten its military operations against Hamas, Austin’s statements provided a clear affirmation of Israel’s autonomy in handling its defense.

BRICS member presses ICC to charge Israel with war crimes 
South Africa has submitted all necessary paperwork to the International Criminal Court (ICC), to bring war crime charges against Israel over its offensive in Gaza, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday, according to local outlet Eyewitness News.

Firefighters battle major wildfire near Cape Town, South Africa 
Hundreds of firefighters are battling a wildfire that spread across a mountain near Cape Town, endangering South Africa’s largest naval base and leading to the evacuation of nearby houses.

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits Andreanof Islands, Alaska 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.3 hit Andreanof Islands, Alaska, U.S. at 14:55 UTC on December 21, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 33 km (20.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

The biggest blizzard ever recorded along China’s coast 
China’s Shandong Peninsula is experiencing severe snowstorms, with Yantai and Wendeng setting new historic highs for snow depth amidst a severe cold wave affecting parts of the country.

World Economic Forum demands $3.5 trillion per year to ‘decarbonize’ the planet, ‘reach net-zero and restore nature’
The creepy anti-humans who run the World Economic Forum (WEF) have decided that we must do more to save Gaia.

2023 marks Denmark’s wettest year on record 
Denmark has officially experienced its wettest calendar year since record-keeping began in 1874.

Extremely rare ‘rainbow clouds’ light up Arctic skies for 3 days in a row
“Spectacular” rainbow-colored clouds have been shimmering in the skies over and around the Arctic for more than three days thanks to an unusual cold snap in the upper atmosphere. And even more of these technicolor treats could appear during the next few months, experts say.

The World Is Sitting on a Powder Keg of Debt
The Federal Reserve recently surrendered in its inflation fight. But price inflation is nowhere near the 2% target. Why did the Fed raise the white flag prematurely? One of the major reasons is debt. The world is buried under record debt levels and the global economy can’t function in a high interest rate environment.

Chinese-affiliated hacking groups infiltrated critical American infrastructure, including Hawaii water utility and at least one oil and gas pipeline, US officials say
Chinese hackers are positioning themselves inside critical US infrastructure by targeting careless office workers in a bid to cause ‘societal chaos’ from within should war break out.

Foreigners Bought 3.4 Million Acres of U.S. Forest, Farm Land in 2022, Officials Say
Amid mounting concerns over foreign land purchases within the United States, a report from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (DAG) Farm Service Agency has highlighted the alarming pace at which external entities have been gobbling up American forest and farm land.

The biggest US pharmacies are happily handing over Americans’ private health data to law enforcement…
Once again, it seems the medical industry is letting down the American people. It’s becoming a troubling pattern, from questionable vaccines to unclear and often contradictory information about so-called pandemics. Our medical industry, from top to bottom, seems to have failed in its duty to serve the people. Now, we’re facing a complete erosion of trust. It’s come to light that the nation’s largest pharmacies have been willingly sharing Americans’ private health data with law enforcement, all without needing a warrant.n

Gallant: If Houthis keep attacking, we’ll know what to do
If the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen continue to attack Eilat with missiles, the State of Israel will “know what to do,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said during a visit to the Red Sea city on Wednesday.

HOUSE OF SIN: House Previously Investigated Secret Sex Tape Scandal 18 Months Prior to Senate Staffer’s Explicit Filming Fiasco
Recent investigations have uncovered that a lewd sex tape scandal involving a Senate staffer was not the first of its kind. The House of Representatives conducted a discreet investigation into an alleged sex tape scandal that occurred 18 months prior to the recent incident in a Senate hearing room.

US letter supports Israel: America must stand with Israel to eradicate Hamas
US elected officials, as well as national security and military experts have signed a letter calling for America to stand with Israel as it works to eradicate Hamas.

Inside Hamas leaders’ subterranean city | IDF takes control of Hamas’ ‘Elite Quarter’
The IDF announced on Wednesday that its troops secured control over Hamas’ “Elite Quarter” in the center of Gaza City, including the area of the ‘Palestine Square’, from where Hamas’ administrative and military leadership operated.

“Fake Pandemic Triggers Worldwide Economic and Social Collapse” According to a Professor
“We are living in the most serious economic and social crisis in world history. it is a very complex crisis that has not been acknowledged neither by our governments nor by the media, people are misinformed as to logic,” according to Professor Chossudovsky, who adds, “Destabilizing the social, political and economic structure of 190 sovereign countries cannot constitute  a “solution” to combating the virus. This was the imposed “solution” implemented in several stages from the very outset of the corona crisis in January 2020.”

WEF and UN join forces to initiate the next global crisis – water 
Water’s global moment has arrived, the World Economic Forum joyously declares on its Global Water Initiative page referring to the upcoming United Nations Water Conference.  The website must be out of date because the UN’s conference has been and gone.

Australian Senator for Queensland says Drain the Swamp
Australian Senator for Queensland, Gerard Rennick, joined Club Grubbery to discuss the state of the Liberal National Party and politics in general in Australia. “We need to clean out the bureaucrats … drain the swamp,” he said.