21 Dec 2023

Netanyahu to Hamas: ‘Surrender or die’
Israel’s prime minister pushed back Tuesday on calls for Israel to wrap up its ongoing ground operation in the Gaza Strip, vowing to continue the war “until victory” has been achieved. “Whoever thinks that we will stop is detached from reality. All Hamas terrorists, from the first to the last, are dead men walking. They have only two possibilities: Surrender or die.”

Uber-Hawk Graham Blows A Gasket At Report Xi Warned Biden He Plans To Reunify Taiwan With China
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham issued a blistering response to fresh reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping directly warned President Joe Biden during their recent summit in San Francisco that China will move to unify Taiwan with the mainland. Graham expressed outrage…

“You Expect Me To Tip For That?”: Americans Are Tired Of Tipflation
In an August survey of 11,945 U.S. adults, 72% of respondents said they opposed automatic service charges that appear on their bills. One-half of respondents strongly opposed this practice. Consumers are also irritated by the tipping recommendations they receive at the checkout screen; according to Pew, 40% oppose this practice. The problem isn’t tipping per se—it’s the pressure of leaving a gratuity when the service doesn’t warrant it. This so-called “tipflation” is irritating.

Biden Admin Linked To Trump Ballot Ban In Colorado
The Colorado case against Trump was brought by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), headed by President and CEO Noah Bookbinder… .who sits on the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Advisory Council .

And It’s Gone: “War In Ukraine” Quietly Scrubbed From WaPo Masthead
“It’s over” – comments investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg after noticing that The Washington Post quietly deleted a prominent tab from its Masthead. What was a long featured “War in Ukraine” tab, which had been there from the start of the war going back to Feb. 2022 has disappeared…

Israel has reportedly nearly caught Yahya Sinwar twice
Israeli forces are hot on the heels of Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, and twice in recent days nearly caught up with him, according to Israeli media reports.

Yemenis fear repercussions of Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping
In the streets of Sanaa, Yemen’s Houthi-controlled capital, support for the Palestinian cause is everywhere, with many cars displaying Palestinian flags, photos of Hamas spokesman Abu Obaida, or slogans showing support for the Palestinian people. Al-Huraibi said there would be repercussions for targeting ships in the Red Sea. “The first casualty of such targeting is the Yemenis, Al-Qadhi said that Yemenis fear the repercussions from any upcoming war, especially the economic repercussions.

North Korea’s Kim warns of ‘nuclear attack’ when enemy provokes it with nukes -KCNA
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Pyongyang would not hesitate to launch a nuclear attack if an enemy provokes it with nuclear weapons, state media reported on Thursday. Kim remarked as he met with soldiers under the military’s missile bureau over its recent launching drill of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), KCNA news agency said.

Inside Hamas leaders’ subterranean city | IDF takes control of Hamas’ ‘Elite Quarter’
The IDF announced on Wednesday that its troops secured control over Hamas’ “Elite Quarter” in the center of Gaza City, including the area of the ‘Palestine Square’, from where Hamas’ administrative and military leadership operated. The complex includes a large network of tunnels that connects terrorist hideouts, bureaus, and residential apartments belonging to Hamas’ senior leadership.

US indicts Hezbollah terrorist who planned AMIA bombing
The US announced today (Wednesday) indictments against Samuel Salman El Reda, a member of the Hezbollah terrorist organization who took part in the planning of the 1994 AMIA bombings in Buenos Aires, Argentina in which 85 people were killed. El Reda, 58, is accused, among other things, of providing material aid to a foreign organization classified as a terrorist organization, US State Department … has offered a $7 million reward for information on his whereabouts.

Hamas official who proundly flaunted massacre thanks Canada
Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas figure, published a video in which he thanked Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for their support of a stable ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. “We congratulate these developments and see them as a step in the right direction to the isolation of the fascist Israeli government in the world and to bring the end of this long occupation,”

Syrian president denies holocaust, says Jews have no claim on Israel
Assad declared, “There is no evidence that six million Jews were killed. Perhaps there were holocausts, nobody denies this.” He added that the Nazis targeted many people during World War II and didn’t single out the Jews in any way, “ In addition, Assad repeated the conspiracy theory that the United States funded the Nazis.

Biden admin holds 73 million-acre lease sale after appeals court steps in
The Biden administration will hold a massive offshore oil and gas lease sale Wednesday after its efforts to scrap the auction over potential climate and environmental impacts failed. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will hold Lease Sale 261, which spans more than 73 million acres across the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to garner hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bids from industry. BOEM’s sale comes a month after an appeals court forced the agency to scrap eco restrictions on the sale and nearly two years after the White House tried to cancel the sale altogether.

US aircraft carrier ordered to remain near Israel
Lloyd Austin has ordered the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier and one other warship to remain in the Mediterranean Sea for several more weeks to maintain a two-carrier presence near Israel as its war with Hamas grinds on, U.S. officials said. It would be the third time the Ford’s deployment has been extended, underscoring the continued concerns about volatility in the region during Israel’s war in Gaza.

Hamas’ plan for the continuation of the war: Expansion of tensions on Syrian border
The organization has established an infrastructure numbering dozens of operatives Syrian refugee camps and in the south of country; goal is to ‘heat up’ Golan front with rockets. …there has been bad blood between the Assad regime and Hamas due to the terrorist organization’s support for the regime’s opponents a decade ago. However, the parties seem to be reconciling their differences.

Hackers warn Supreme Leader of Iran: ‘Khamenei, playing with fire has a price. This is just a taste of what we have in store’
“Khamenei, playing with fire has a price,” the group said. “This is just a taste of what we have in store.” A group of hackers previously linked to Israel said on Monday that it successfully hacked gas stations across Iran and disabled them. Iranian state media reported that almost 70% of the regimes’ gas stations were out of service, The hacker group sent a clear message to the leaders of the Islamic Republic, saying the attack was in response to Iran’s “aggression.”

US and its allies are considering a military attack on Houthis after rebels take over a cargo ship
According to the report, U.S. allies are already preparing plans to attack Houthi bases to stop the Houthis’ ability to harm merchant ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Sources in the Pentagon defined the emerging plan as a “heavy response” to the Houthi attacks.

IDF believes it could take months to dismantle Hamas terror capabilities in southern Gaza
In operational terms, the effort to neutralize Hamas could extend into “Stage 3,” referring to the period of time after the “main war” in the Gaza Strip is over and becomes a lower-intensity fight against an insurgency. Such an operation may require an additional 3 to 9 months to complete, the unnamed Israeli military sources said.

IDF hits over 300 targets in Gaza; hundreds of terrorists surrender
Justice done is a joy to the righteous, To evildoers, ruination. Proverbs 21:15 Israeli ground, air and naval forces struck more than 300 targets in the Gaza Strip over the past day, causing heavy Hamas casualties and destroying terror infrastructure, the Israel Defense Forces reported on Wednesday morning. Soldiers from the 55th Brigade raided a Hamas military headquarters in the terror group’s stronghold of Khan Yunis in the southern Strip,

Propaganda Roundup: Hillary Claims Climate Change™ Targets Pregnant

Mother Nature is a known domestic terrorist misogynist. Hillary Clinton: “We’re seeing and beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are related to climate.” *For the record, not to mansplain to the esteemed First Lady, “knowing” and “estimating” are definitionally not the same thing.

Strong M6.2 earthquake hits southern Peru 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit southern Peru at 12:11 UTC (07:11 LT) on December 20, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 93 km (58 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Rare snowfall hits southern China as north endures deep freeze
China is experiencing a severe cold wave, with rare snowfall reported in Guangdong province in the south, while northern regions face near-historic low temperatures.

NWS warns of excessive rainfall in California
The National Weather Service warns of a Moderate Risk of excessive rainfall in Southern California, with potential flash flooding and mudflows, as a series of storms approach the state.

Extremely heavy monsoon rains in Tamil Nadu lead to fatal flooding, significant livestock losses, India
Tamil Nadu’s Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena reported that heavy rainfall and floods in parts of the state have resulted in 10 deaths and significant livestock losses.

It Looks Like “The Gates Of Hell” Have Opened In Iceland As Our Planet Continues To Tremble In Wild And Unpredictable Ways
…Iceland experiences quite a bit of seismic activity, but one prominent volcanologist named Porvaldur Póroarson is warning that the eruption that just took place is “a different creature” from anything we have ever seen before.  The eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula sent fountains of lava shooting up to 330 feet into the air, and residents of Reykjavik are being warned that toxic gas is heading their way…

China Boasts of Vast Coal Supply as Record-Low Temperatures Hit
The Chinese Communist Party assured citizens on Sunday that it had prepared for the record-low temperatures hitting the country this weekend by stockpiling hundreds of millions of tons of coal, defying calls from climate change alarmists to replace coal capacity with “renewable” energy.

Trudeau’s Department of Health paid Twitter ‘influencers’ over $680k to promote federal programs
Canada’s Department of Health has paid social media influencers over $680,000 to voice support for federal programs, reportedly including the experimental COVID shot, since 2021.

Deceptive Abortion Initiative in Florida Must Be Rejected
As pro-abortion activist groups try to establish unlimited human genocide in Florida with a proposed amendment that would codify unrestricted abortion as a right in the state constitution, Liberty Counsel continues to urge the Florida Supreme Court not to approve it.

Facebook and Instagram Steer Predators to Children, New Mexico Attorney General Alleges in Lawsuit
Facebook META -0.31%decrease; red down pointing triangle and Instagram recommend sexual content to underage users and promote minors’ accounts to apparent child predators, the state of New Mexico alleges in a lawsuit against parent company Meta Platforms and its CEO.

Blue State Democrats Demand Jail Time for People Caught Using Gas-Powered Gardening Tools
Democrats in the state of Washington are pushing for members of the public to be jailed for up to one year if they are caught using gas-powered gardening tools. According to State Reps. Amy Walen and Liz Berry, jailing law-abiding citizens over their lawn mower’s power source will help to fight “climate change.”

Most American bishops are going along with Pope Francis’ ‘blessings’ for homosexual couples
In the aftermath of Pope Francis’ new document attesting that priests are permitted to bless “couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples,” the majority of prelates so far have sought to defend and downplay the document’s significance, with others welcoming it as a sign of change.

EU To ‘Permanently Shut Down X’ If Musk Doesn’t Ban Alternative Media
The European Union has vowed to permanently shut down X if Elon Musk doesn’t immediately ban alternative media from the platform. Alex Jones is calling for us to defend Musk and seems to think that the “unelected body” has launched this plan to silence Americans ahead of the 2024 election. and says, “This amounts to a foreign coup!

We Have Become An Extremely Gluttonous Society That Consumes Far More Than It Produces
…No matter how much we have already consumed, we feel compelled to consume even more.  But of course our level of production is not keeping up with our level of consumption.  So  in order to maintain our ridiculously inflated standard of living we must endlessly go even deeper into debt, and all of the debt that we have accumulated is literally destroying the bright future that our children and our grandchildren were supposed to have. As a nation, we should be mourning for what we have lost.

62 Percent Of Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck And The Bottom Of The Economic Food Chain Is Already Collapsing
Thanks to a soaring stock market, the wealthy are feeling very good about things right now, but the rest of the country is really hurting.  Homelessness is rising at the fastest pace ever recorded, the number of children that are suffering from hunger is rapidly growing, and more than 60 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

WATCH — Gaza Hospital Manager: Hamas Turned Us into Military Installation
Israel’s Army Radio reported Tuesday that the manager of the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza told interrogators that Hamas terrorists had commandeered the hospital and forced staff to do its bidding, believing that the IDF would not strike there.

Heterodox German bishops laud new Vatican document on gay ‘blessings’ as a ‘real Christmas present’ 
‘It is an expression of respect for the reality of life and the life choices of people who want to be there for each other. And it gives us the opportunity to bless without demanding anything,’ one German bishop said of the new norms for ‘blessing’ homosexual couples published by the Vatican.

Islamized France: Armed ‘North African’ Storms Nursery School, Threatens Jewish Director with ‘Gang Rape’ and Dismemberment ‘Like in Gaza’ 
The knife-wielding North African man threatened, “You are a Jew, you are a Zionist. I am going to kill you. You dirty Jew. Five of us will come here and rape you, chop you up like in Gaza.”

…What’s most distressing about this latest analysis is the stunning degree of premeditation and calculation to murder and/or injure millions of Covid ‘vaccine’ recipients throughout New Zealand.

Game-Changer in India’s Fight Against Demographic Jihad: Assam Passes 2024 Law Banning Polygamy, Muslims Enraged
Enacting a ban on polygamy among Muslims in India, as Assam has strategically done, is crucial in averting demographic imbalances that could turn natives into minorities in their own lands, echoing concerns heightened by today’s Muslim immigration crisis in Europe

Prepping for ‘Disease X’: Gates-Backed Group Funds Needle-Free mRNA Vaccine ‘Wafer’ Technology
Funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has helped the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to invest $1.2 million in a startup with Jurata Thin Film Inc. to create under-the-tongue vaccine wafers for needle-free vaccines. CEPI’s mission is to fund the development of “rapid response platforms to develop vaccines against ‘Disease X’

Schwab’s warnings to Globalists about Black Swan events
In 2013, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, began predicting “Black Swan” events threatening global security. He predicted them again in his book ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ released in July 2020 and again in an interview with EuroNews later the same year. In 2023, at the World Government Summit, he again warned about the possibility of Black Swan events, “the unpleasant surprises which will come in our way.” His use of the word “our” could easily, and probably should, be read as “their.”