With Love and Sympathy :: By Terry James

Our love and sympathy to Dr. Larry Spargimino, host of Southwest Radio Church radio and TV.

His wife, Jennifer, was killed in an accident involving a driver who was intoxicated. Jennifer, like Larry, was my dear friend of many, many years.

Jennifer was an ethnic Chinese, and she and Larry have ministered to the Chinese in their area near Oklahoma City and in places around the world. She will be greatly missed, but her loss is only for a moment. We will be gathered together with Jennifer at a profoundly Spectacular Moment in a reunion we can’t fully fathom this side of Glory.

Typical of Larry’s kind and gentle heart for people and particularly for the lost, he has requested prayer, not for himself, but that he be given the opportunity to witness to the lady, Ellen, who was driving the car, of Christ’s Love and Salvation Offer.

Please pray that Larry be given that time of witness to the woman responsible for the accident, as he has requested.

Thanks for your attention to the request.

–Terry James