2 Nov 2023

Israeli forces ‘deep in the Strip, at the gates of Gaza City’
Israeli forces have broken through Hamas’s first line of defense and are approaching Gaza City. Brig. Gen. Itzik Cohen, the commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ 162nd Armored Division, aka “the Steel Formation,” told reporters on Wednesday, day 26 of Israel’s “Operation Swords of Iron” to destroy Hamas, that troops are “deep in the Gaza Strip, at the gates of Gaza City.”

Minnesota teacher called for Israel’s eradication at socialist rally
A Minneapolis public school teacher called for the eradication of the Jewish state during an event commemorating “past socialist revolutions,” stating that she does not support a “complete ceasefire” in Israel because she “only want[s] one side to stop fighting.” Meredith Aby-Keirstead — a social studies teacher at Kennedy High School in suburban Minneapolis — spoke at an Oct. 21 Freedom Road Socialist Organization panel, which aimed to contrast “China’s socialist policies to the imperialist agenda of the United States.”

House Oversight Exposes Biden’s ‘Laundered China Money’ Trail
Remember when Joe Biden told the American people that his son didn’t make money in China? Well, not only did he lie about his son Hunter making money in China, but it also turns out that $40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal check. And the Oversight Committee has it… ” -Rep. James Comer

Pentagon pursuing nuclear bomb 24 times more powerful than one dropped during WWII
According to a Pentagon press release, the military working toward a modern variant of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb, called the B61-13, but the initiative is awaiting congressional authorization and appropriation. “Today’s announcement is reflective of a changing security environment and growing threats from potential adversaries,”

Elon Musk: “Twitter Was Completely Controlled By The Far Left”
Appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast Tuesday, X owner Elon Musk laid out how Twitter was acting as an arm of the government before he took over, and was “completely controlled by the far-left.” “The degree to which Twitter was simply an arm of the government was not well understood by the public,” Musk said, adding everything was like Pravda basically, a state publication,

In battle for Gaza stronghold, 100 women and children pushed forward by Hamas to act as human barrier
IDF troops who engaged in fierce combat with Hamas terrorists for control over an operations base in the Gaza Strip were met with a disturbing tactic: roughly 100 women and children were pushed forward by Hamas to act as a human barrier.

Biden believes Netanyahu’s days in politics numbered, Politico reports
Biden and his and top aides have discussed the possibility that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career may be nearing its end, a notion he shared with the Israeli leader during a recent discussion,

Israeli Air Force jet eliminates Hamas’s anti-tank missile chief
In what is one of the most crucial targeted killings of senior Hamas terrorists since the start of war on Oct. 7, an Israeli Air Force fighter jet struck and killed Muhammad A’sar, the head of Hamas’s Anti-Tank Missile Unit in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces announced. “A’sar was responsible for all of Hamas’s anti-tank missile units throughout the Gaza Strip,

Hamas Official Promises to Carry Out Oct. 7 Massacre ‘Again and Again’ Until Israel’s ‘Annihilation’
Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’ political bureau and a spokesman for the Iran-backed terror organization, told Lebanon’s LBC TV in an Arabic language interview on Oct. 24 that Israel “must be finished.” “We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do this again and again,” Hamad said. “[The Oct. 7 massacre] is just the first time and there will be a second, a third, a fourth

Bennett to CNN: Why don’t you ask “why is Hamas still holding babies hostage?”
Former Israeli PM says deaths in Gaza are Hamas’ fault, asks why interviewers do not focus on the hundreds of Hamas hostages.

IDF Spokesperson: ‘IDF forces have breached Hamas’ forward lines of defense’
“Our troops are deepening the fighting in the Gaza Strip. Through advance planning, precise intelligence by the Intelligence Directorate, and combined strikes, our forces have breached Hamas’ forward lines of defense in the northern Gaza Strip.

‘Our mission was simply to kill,’ Hamas operative tells Shin Bet
Following Abu Rusha’s account, the interviewer asked: “Is killing children permitted in Islam?”
“No,” he replied. “They told you to kill everyone? The women and the children?” asked the interviewer. “Yes.”

‘Despicable’: Homeland Security chief, Senator trade barbs over pro-Hamas employee
Speaking during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on threats to the United States, Hawley asked Mayorkas about the posts from a DHS officer named Nejwa Ali, 36, who in the days after Oct 7. posted a video with the caption “F—k Israel and any Jew that supports Israel.” “This person works for you,” Hawley said to Mayorkas. “Mr. Secretary, what’s going on here? Is this typical of people who work at DHS? This is an asylum and immigration officer who is posting these, frankly, pro-genocidal slogans and images on the day that Israelis are being slaughtered in their beds. What have you done about this?”

WZO survey results: Antisemitic attacks increased by whopping 500% globally over last year
A new survey released by the World Zionist Organization Israel’s Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism Ministry and the Jewish Agency found that antisemitic incidents have increased by 500% globally when compared to the previous year. Online antisemitism alone has increased by 400% since Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre, the WZO report revealed.

Iranian terror proxies increase attacks against US army bases in Middle East
American defense officials have noted a dramatic increase in attacks against U.S. military facilities across the Middle East since the brutal Hamas invasion and assault against Israel took place on Oct 7. A whopping 23 attacks on U.S. Middle East bases by Iranian terror proxy groups have been documented during this volatile period.

It’s time for Israeli leaders to call a National Day of Prayer based on 2 Chronicles 7:14
The Lord gave King Solomon a wonderful promise that Israel could turn to Him in times of war and He would show up.

Ecuadorians fill Hennepin County homeless shelters
Migrants in New York are given “free” plane tickets to Minneapolis. Hennepin County has a “shelter all” policy for families. Minnesota’s immigration court has 7,779 pending cases involving Ecuadorians. One in three homeless families are recent migrants

Anoka-Hennepin educator willing to lose job in opposing controversial DEI training
Laurie Thompson, a 15-year Anoka-Hennepin district employee and special education para in early childhood development, sent a written statement to the school board and superintendent this month, saying she was offended by material presented during an Oct. 2 staff development session. She said the session began with the assumption that white people are racist and instructed them to “decenter” their “whiteness.”

Counter-terrorism expert: ‘Three miracles occured on October 7th’
IDF reservist Yair Ansbacher notes three miracles that had they not occurred, the attack would have ended in a much more difficult way. “We are not only fighting Hamas in Gaza, but a regional war against Iran and its proxies, which have been systematically built up for 40 years on our borders. This includes Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Gaza,

US and Israel discussing future of Gaza Strip
The US and Israel are exploring options for the future of the Gaza Strip, including the possibility of a multinational force that may involve American troops if Israeli forces succeed in ousting Hamas, A second option would establish a peacekeeping force modeled on one that oversees a 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty, while a third would see Gaza put under temporary United Nations oversight, according to the report.

For the second time in one day: IDF intercepts aerial threat south of Eilat
The IDF Aerial Defense Array intercepted an aerial threat that was identified in the area of the Red Sea, south of the city of Eilat, overnight Tuesday. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that no threat was posed to civilians and no infiltration into Israeli territory was identified. Earlier, residents of Eilat reported hearing explosions in the city and seeing the trail of a missile interception in the sky. No siren was sounded. It is believed the threat that was intercepted originated in Yemen.

Hurricane Otis produced 205 mph gust, among strongest ever measured
A weather station near Acapulco measured a 205 mph wind gust, one of the highest ever observed in the world, as Category 5 Otis made landfall last Wednesday as the strongest hurricane on record to strike the west coast of Mexico. The storm killed more than 40 people and produced catastrophic damage in and around Acapulco, with economic losses expected to top $10 billion.

Extreme weather disrupts life in northern Italy, causing flooding and blackouts
Extreme weather conditions wreaked havoc in northern Italy on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, causing the Seveso River in Milan to overflow and leading to a landslide that closed the Brenner motorway.

State of emergency declared in El Salvador due to Tropical Storm “Pilar”
Tropical Storm “Pilar” led to the death of two individuals and left one person missing in El Salvador on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. The storm unleashed torrential rains, strong winds, and caused widespread flooding, prompting a state of national emergency.

Iranian commander in Lebanon to coordinate with Hezbollah
The commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, Esmail Quaani, visited Lebanon to coordinate with Hezbollah concerning the conflict with Israel on Wednesday, the Lebanese al-Jadeed news reported on Wednesday.

Republicans Raise Terror Alarm After Illegal Immigrants Caught With Explosive Devices 
Republican senators have sounded the alarm on the Biden administration’s border policies after Border Patrol agents caught illegal border crossers who were carrying explosive devices that Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said were “tailor-made for terrorism.”

Why Are There Red Shopping Carts With Green Bags Tied Up All Over NYC?
Thanks to a reader for telling me about this since I don’t live in New York City…. And apparently no other Media has picked up on this yet. So we will. I can only go off what I see in these photos and videos but it appears based on these eye-witness, on the scene videos, that something very strange is happening in NYC. And if I lived there it would make me VERY nervous…. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

VOICE OF EVIL: Hamas Terrorist Coldly Reveals Graphic Details About Murdering Crying Children to Israeli Official – Fears for His Life if His Parents Find Out About 
Only a cold and ignorant soul could empathize with Hamas after listening to this new footage detailing their war crimes.

The Global Explosion Of Hate Is Yet Another Sign That We Really Are Living In The End Times
What we are witnessing is truly frightening.  In my entire lifetime, I have never seen as much hate as I have over the past few weeks.  It is almost as if a very large chunk of the global population has suddenly gone mad.  But of course all of this hate did not come out of a vacuum.  It has been simmering for many years, and now the war in the Middle East has brought it to the surface.

NEW: Massive Caravan Of Illegals Marching to U.S. On Joe Biden’s Open Border Invitation
The border crisis has reached levels of insanity that most Americans a few years back would not have even imagined. The border has been an issue for a long time, but under the Biden Regime it has become intentional. Their actions show that they hate our country. There is currently a massive caravan of about 5,000 illegals marching to the U.S.

South Korean Intelligence Says Kim Jong Un Supplied Russia With One Million Artillery Shells
South Korea’s main intelligence agency has issued a new warning alleging that North Korea is ramping up artillery supplies to Russia, after Kim Jong-Un’s somewhat lengthy trip to Russia’s east which took place in September.

Israeli Army Suffers More Casualties As Hamas Publishes Video Showing Tanks Blown Up
The Israeli death toll is rising, and Hamas has claimed to have ambushed and destroyed several tanks as they plunge deeper into Gaza City, also amid building to building searches for the hostages. 15 Israeli soldiers have now been killed in the Gaza operation, the IDF has announced Wednesday, which in total marks 320 total troops killed since the Oct. 7th massacre (and with over 1,100 more Israeli and foreign civilians).

Reports Say China Scrubbed Israel From Online Maps
China’s scathing criticisms of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, where the death toll has surpassed 8,500 mostly civilians, have grown of late – but this week escalated to a new precedent.

Hizb ut-Tahrir in Los Angeles: ‘Muslim Armies Rise Up, Fight the Jews, Establish the Islamic State, White Flag Will Fly High Above the White House’ 
Hizb-ut-Tahrir, also known as the “Party of Liberation,” is a pan-Islamist, fundamentalist, radical political organization openly dedicated to re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate, governed by Islamic law, with a caliph elected by Muslims, and willing to use terror and violence if necessary to implement Sharia worldwide.

‘Something has gone very wrong:’ Finnish psychiatrist speaks out against trans mutilation of kids
A leading adolescent psychiatrist in Finland spoke out about the popular craze of transgenderism, warning from her own professional experience that young people are being influenced by social contagion to identify as another gender, that surgical and chemical interventions are leaving kids more distressed than ever, and that pro-transgender organizations are refusing to acknowledge the facts.

The Psychological Playbook: Brainwashing Techniques to Increase “Vaccine” Uptake 
Dr William Makis has reviewed 8 published papers that clearly show the techniques employed by governments world wide to ensure vaccine uptake. From punishments and threats to employment and reputation, to rewards for complying, studies show that the Covid vaccine rollout was aided by the the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history using tried and tested brainwashing techniques.

Fall of The Cabal: The World Economic Forum and the end of Homo Sapiens
There is only one mechanism the cabal can deploy to control the masses, says Janet Ossebaard.  That mechanism is fear.  People who are scared can’t think clearly. Having brought their covid series to an end, Fall of the Cabal’s Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter ask: What’s next? The answer is mayhem.  Total and utter mayhem.

Catholic bishops urge Nigeria to disclose risks of Gardasil ahead of HPV vaccination campaign
Leading up to a nationwide campaign to inoculate millions of young girls with the HPV vaccine, Catholic bishops called on the Nigerian government to be straightforward with the public about its potential side effects.