1 Nov 2023

Scientists finally acknowledge that they got their solar cycle predictions wrong, and that we are fast approaching the sun’s explosive peak
Scientists forecasting solar weather have finally acknowledged that their prediction for the current solar cycle was way off. The researchers now say that we are fast approaching an explosive peak in solar activity. Earlier this year, Live Science reported that solar maximum will likely hit harder and sooner than predicted. several experts who forecast that the solar maximum would likely arrive before the end of 2024. … and be more active than expected, including a 20-year sunspot peak, massive X-class solar flares, extensive aurora displays at lower latitudes and rising temperatures in the upper atmosphere, as well as the appearance of streaks of light, known as airglow, and the disappearance of noctilucent, or night-shining, clouds.

Gen. Michael Flynn: Congressmembers ‘compromised by sleeping with children’
“We have the House of Representatives right now is totally, completely broken. And they’re totally owned by the corporate lobbyists and frankly, by the globalists who own many of these people because they’ve been compromised on some of these what they call CODEL trips overseas, where these members of both the House and the Senate get compromised by sleeping with children. And they compromise. And these are real things. These are very real things, or they get them caught up in the world of big bucks, big money.”

Viral Alpha News article shines national spotlight on questions in George Floyd case
Court testimony from an unrelated case reveals a conversation between Hennepin County prosecutor Amy Sweasy and Dr. Andrew Baker, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy of George Floyd. Sweasy recalled that Dr. Baker “called me later in the day on that Tuesday and he told me that there were no medical findings that showed any injury to the vital structures of Mr. Floyd’s neck. There were no medical indications of asphyxia or strangulation.”
Dr. Baker asked, “Amy, what happens when the actual evidence doesn’t match up with the public narrative that everyone’s already decided on?’ And then he said, ‘This is the kind of case that ends careers.’”

Daily Minor Planet Volunteers Spot an Asteroid Passing Close to Earth
Volunteers working with The Daily Minor Planet have made the project’s first big discovery: an asteroid passing very near planet Earth. Other telescopes from around the world went on the hunt for this space rock to find where it was heading. Observations of the asteroid came in from New Mexico and Croatia confirming the asteroid’s trajectory. It was found that the asteroid would pass by Earth about twice as far as the moon the next week and that it was about 50 meters (164 feet) in diameter!

US to send 300 additional troops to Middle East- Pentagon
The United States is sending an additional 300 troops to the Middle East with a focus on providing support in areas like explosive ordnance disposal and communications, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said the troops would be going from the United States, but would not be in Israel.

IDF takes command of Hamas military stronghold in western Jabalya in Gaza
IDF troops under the command of the Givati ​​Brigade took control over a Hamas military stronghold in western Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, a military spokesperson said. Approximately 50 terrorists were eliminated by Israeli forces. Furthermore, Israeli fighter jets, under Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) intelligence, killed Ebrahim Biari, the commander of Hamas’s Jabalya battalion, and was one of the leaders of the October 7 massacre. Jabalya is around four kilometers northeast of Gaza City.

Holy war: Israel and Iran trade scriptural barbs

The battle is not only in Gaza, but also in the heavens. Israel’s enemies understand this, and Netanyahu hinted that he does, too. “Remember what Amalek has done to you,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel on Sunday during a press conference regarding the war against Hamas. “Our soldiers who are fighting today are part of a legacy going back 3,000 years, starting with Joshua Ben Nun.” The reference to Amalek was not lost on Hamas or its Iranian overlords, who howled that Bibi had effectively declared a holy war against them.

Michigan professor exonerated, peer-reviewed journal publishes paper showing 250k+ COVID jab deaths
While the original study remains retracted, the peer-reviewed journal Science, Public Health Policy & the Law recently published an updated version of the study titled, ‘COVID-19 Illness and Vaccination Experiences in Social Circles Affect COVID-19 Vaccination Decisions. The study highlighted a correlation between the COVID shot and nearly 300,000 nationwide fatalities.

Texas AG Ken Paxton wins court case temporarily blocking Biden admin from removing border barriers
‘The federal government’s outrageous escalation in response to our lawsuit demonstrates Biden’s disturbing contempt for the state of Texas… and for our country’s entire foundation of the rule of law,’ Paxton said in a press release.

IDF demolishes Samaria home of Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri
Al-Arouri, the commander of Hamas operations in Judea in Samaria and the deputy of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, is currently based in Lebanon. The demolition order was signed last Friday. After security forces destroyed the home in the village of Arura north of Ramallah, they hung a combined Hamas and Islamic State flag on its ruins with the inscription “Hamas=ISIS.”

Rabbi: We are in the age of Ahab before Redemption
The newscaster opened by asking Rabbi Grossman about the strong wave of unity that has taken hold of Israel since the horrific Palestinian Hamas terrorist attack on October 7. Rabbi Grossman responded … That division has entirely disappeared in the two weeks since the Hamas attack. This year, there will be a great redemption. What we are going through now is all the preparation for redemption.

Danon to EU: ‘Don’t accept the existence of Hamas’
Likud MK Danny Danon urged European lawmakers to support Israel’s campaign to eradicate Hamas. Danon, met in the Knesset with a delegation of parliamentarians from European countries – Belgium, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, France, and Poland.

Man charged for threatening Jewish senator
Among other antisemitic comments, John Anthony Miller left a message that referred to “finishing what Hitler started.” A Las Vegas man was arrested Thursday for making virulently antisemitic threats against Jewish Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen.

Israel’s “Arrow-3” aerial defense system intercepts missile and additional targets fired from Yemen toward Eilat
Houthi rebels claim responsibility for attack, proclaim support of Hamas. A surface-to-surface missile was intercepted over the Red Sea, south of the city of Eilat, in the second such incident today, the Israeli army stated on Tuesday afternoon.

Hamas leader admits that underground tunnels in Gaza were built for Hamas fighters, not civilians
Terror organization has endangered its own civilians to fight against Israel, says ‘responsibility of UN to protect them’ Not only did Marzouk deny that Hamas should have responsibility for protecting Gazans during the war, he claimed that the responsibility belongs to the United Nations and Israel.

US Marine rapid response force moving toward Mediterranean
the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, aboard the USS Bataan amphibious assault ship, is making its way toward the eastern Mediterranean Sea. One of the typical roles of a Marine Expeditionary Unit is to help civilians evacuate.

FBI Director: Hamas poses biggest terrorist threat in US since ISIS
FBI Director Christopher A. Wray warned during a Senate hearing today (Tuesday) that Hamas poses the greatest threat of domestic terrorism the US has faced since ISIS. “The reality is that the terrorism threat has been elevated throughout 2023, but the ongoing war in the Middle East has raised the threat of an attack against Americans in the United States to a whole other level,” Wray said.

M5.6 earthquake in Jamaica’ Hope Bay leads to building collapse and emergency service strain 
A shallow earthquake registered by the Earthquake Unit of the University of West Indies as M5.6 hit Hope Bay, Jamaica at 15:57 UTC (10:57 LT) on October 30, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 18 km (11.2 miles). The USGS is reporting it as M5.4, EMSC as M5.5, and INGV and Ayiti-Seismes (Haiti) as M5.8.

Deep M6.5 earthquake hits Fiji region
A strong and deep earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.5 hit the Fiji region at 11:10 UTC on October 31, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 547 km (339 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Strong and shallow M6.6 earthquake hits near the coast of Atacama, Chile
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the CSN Chile as M6.6 hit near the coast of Atacama, central Chile at 12:33 UTC (09:33 LT) on October 31, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 46 km (28 miles). USGS and EMSC are reporting M6.7 at a depth of 41 km (25 miles).

Iranian Proxies Are Starting To Join The War, And That Is Really Bad News
It is beginning to happen.  We have been told that a worst case scenario for the war in the Middle East would be for Iranian proxies to join the war followed by Iran itself.  That sort of escalation could lead to an apocalyptic conflict that spirals completely out of control, and so great efforts have been made to try to keep the rest of the “Axis of Resistance” on the sidelines.  Unfortunately, those efforts appear to have failed, and that is really bad news.

WW3 Fears Trigger American Panic-Buying Of 5.56 Ammo, Prices Surge 39% In A Week
As the Israel-Hamas war sparks fears of WW3, law-abiding Americans are streaming the chaos in Israel and Gaza on their smartphones or smart TVs and have come to one conclusion: It’s time to panic buy ammo (just like during Covid).

What Is A Woman?: A War On Biological Reality is Being Fought by Misogynistic & Child Abusing Men
As a steadfast advocate for women’s rights and gender equality for decades, my journey has taken me through tides of societal change. I’ve witnessed the evolution of the feminist narrative, growing from a call for equality to a more nuanced discourse encompassing myriad intersecting issues.

Bill Gates Pushes Digital ID for Newborns in Kenya 
Bill Gates is still pushing his digital ID programmes that are essentially tools to that make “governments more efficient at what they are already doing,” according to the Financial Times, “and can be used as a tool to suppress or discriminate against certain citizens.” This time the Gates development and rollout of a government-backed digital ID programme was announced in Kenya after a recent series of “closed-door meetings” with President Ruto. It includes a  biometric vaccination system for newborns to replace birth certificates while also helping to track children from birth to 5 years old to ensure all children receive their vaccines.

Is Deagel’s 2025 Depopulation Nightmare Unfolding?: A Startling Correlation with Shocking Quadruple Vaccinated Mortality Rates Certainly Suggests So…
In April 2021, the enigmatic intelligence firm Deagel quietly erased its staggering 2025 global depopulation forecast, a document forecasting a dramatic decline in populations of key countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Germany etc. This drastic prediction, which vanished from the public eye after garnering huge attention during the alleged COVID-19 pandemic, has since been shrouded in whispers and theories, only to resurface amidst startling new health data.

Millions of Dyed Fruit Flies Harvested at Military Base to be Dropped Over Los Angeles
A Los Angeles neighborhood is under quarantine due to an invasive species of Asian fruit flies — and California is gearing up to drop millions of fruit flies on them to combat the infestation.

Catholic Farmer Barred From Market by City for Beliefs on Marriage—Triumphs After 6-Year Lawsuit
A six-year legal battle between a farm and the city of East Lansing has ended after a district judge ruled against the city, citing that it had violated a Catholic family’s right to religious freedom.

Israel intercepts ‘aerial target’ near Red Sea city of Eilat 
Air raid sirens went off in the area of the Red Sea city of Eilat on Tuesday and Israel’s military said it downed an approaching “aerial target.”

‘Peace and Security’ Will Not Be The Outcome Of Dividing Israel For A Palestinian State 
In a press conference on Wednesday, President Joe Biden, never letting a crisis go to waste, insisted that a two-state solution should be the ultimate outcome of the war in Israel.