28 Oct 2023

An Uncomfortable Truth: The “Innocent Palestinians”
Who are these “innocent” Palestinians, really? Hamas terrorists don’t fall from the sky. Hamas terrorists – and the reports say over 40,000 of them are hiding in tunnels in Gaza – were raised and educated in a society of men, women, and children that is obsessively focused on murdering Jews and erasing Israel from the map. What kind of culture produces thousands of men who proudly video themselves raping teen girls before executing them? What kind of society glorifies baby killers who burn the bodies of their infant victims, crowning them as heroes? Terrorists are not a guilty minority terrorizing an innocent majority. They are not “lone actors,” but rather the messengers and representatives of their people – just as I am a representative and messenger of the Jewish people.

Speaker Mike Johnson Tells Hannity: ‘Go Pick Up a Bible’ and ‘Read It’
Newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson isn’t a tough man to figure out. Nor is he scary, except to those who don’t have the best interest of the United States at heart. Johnson lives by the teachings of the Bible, pure and simple. He also wants the best for this nation. This makes him an enemy of the Democratic Party and the establishment media, who ultimately want the opposite and have been working hard to meet that goal. Johnson’s sudden promotion is a sign of failure to the left. It signifies their inability to oust God from society and shows them to be the liars that they are.

Commandant of the US Marine Corps Issued a Dire Warning to the Terrorists
“I’ll tell you this — the 24th MAU, Marine Amphibious Unit — there’s a unit just like it today that’s in the area,” Smith said, referencing the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which he said was “in the vicinity” of the Mediterranean and Red Sea in response to the conflict. “They’re there also to come in peace, if called, but they bring with them the weapons of war, if needed,” Smith said to whoops and applause from the crowd. “For those that are in the area, if that MEU has to go in, if you target them, someone else will raise your children.”

New Footage of Dem Who Pulled Fire Alarm Released – Good Luck Explaining This, Jamaal
The reason he did it, Bowman said, was that he was rushing for a vote and thought the fire alarm was, instead, the security mechanism to open the door. Unfortunately for the New York congressman, the door — as with the rest of the Capitol complex, one assumes — is under video surveillance, and the tale of the tape tells a markedly different story.

Documents confirm that Ukraine is importing Turkish cluster munitions
Import records confirm that Ukraine acquired Turkish-made cluster munitions in July, confirming earlier visual evidence and reporting that the war-torn country has a second source for the controversial weapons. Eighteen shipments of M483A1 cluster munitions shells labeled as Turkish in origin arrived in Ukraine on July 31, according to Ukrainian documents gathered by Import Genius, an aggregator of trade data.

CAMERA reveals anti-Israel bias at ‘CNN,’ ‘The Guardian,’ ‘USA Today’
The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA) has been analyzing how news channels and publications are covering the current war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, pointing out errors, and in some cases, pointed misinformation.

Lethal Form of Bird Flu Found in The Antarctic For The First Time
Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been confirmed in the Antarctic region after brown skuas on Bird Island, South Georgia, tested positive for the virus. These are the first identified cases of avian influenza in the Antarctic.

B-21 starts taxi tests; Northrop expects first flight by year’s end
The Air Force’s new stealth bomber is taxiing in Palmdale, California, signaling that the B-21 Raider’s first flight could be imminent. “I can confirm the B-21 is conducting ground taxi activities,” an Air Force spokesperson said. A purported picture of the B-21 during its taxi test is circulating on social media; it appears to show the aircraft from behind, a view that official photos have not offered.

Hamas vows ‘full force’ after Israel steps up Gaza ground operations
Hamas said on Saturday its militants in Gaza were ready to confront Israeli attacks with “full force” after Israel’s military widened its air and ground attacks on the Palestinian enclave. The Palestinian militant group that rules Gaza said earlier its fighters were clashing with Israeli troops in areas near the border with Israel after Israel reported intensified attacks in Gaza.

Wildfires erupt in south Lebanon as Israel-Hezbollah border clashes escalate
The United Nations peacekeeping force UNIFIL said on Thursday it was working with Lebanese authorities to extinguish wildfires that have spread for several kilometres in south Lebanon after being started by gunfire along the Lebanese-Israeli border. Heavily armed Hezbollah, which is part of an Iranian-backed regional alliance, has been engaged in daily exchanges of fire with Israeli forces along the frontier since war broke out between Israel and Hamas on Oct. 7.

Solar Maximum Is Arriving Sooner Than Expected, And We Don’t Know Why
Close up, the Sun shows extensive variation and activity. Bright explosions called flares regularly cause huge outbreaks of radiation. Darker, cooler areas called sunspots emerge, move, change shape and vanish. The Sun also releases material into space in powerful eruptions, called solar particle events. This solar activity varies with time. It peaks every 11 years – and the next high point had been forecast for July 2025. But it now looks as if this “solar maximum” will arrive earlier than expected. This finding could lead to a better understanding of our host star.

As the sun goes down and Shabbat begins, senior Israeli government sources are confirming to ALL ISRAEL NEWS that the ground invasion is beginning. Dramatically expanded attacks by air, sea and land are underway at this hour in northern Gaza and Gaza city. All communications in the Gaza Strip have reportedly been cut.

36 nations recommit to pro-life declaration stating ‘no international right to abortion’
Ambassadors, members of Congress, foreign government officials and women’s health advocates from around the world gathered on Capitol Hill this week to recommit to protecting the rights of women and unborn children. The occasion was the third anniversary of the Geneva Consensus Declaration (GCD), a coalition of 36 nations — and growing — committed to the sovereign right of nations to adopt policies that align with their values without foreign interference and to advance women’s optimal health, strengthen families, and declare there is no international right to abortion.

Spy satellites reveal hundreds of Roman forts across Iraq and Syria
A series of declassified satellite images from the Cold War era have revealed hundreds of undiscovered Roman forts in Iraq and Syria. A total of 396 new sites have been identified from the images taken in the 1960s and 1970s, with the findings, published in the journal Antiquity, changing the perception of how the region functioned.

Air Force, Space Force raise enlistment age limit to over 40
In a groundbreaking policy shift, the Air Force and Space Force have extended their enlistment age to 42, the highest among all Department of Defense (DoD) military branches. The change in enlistment age, effective since Tuesday, aims to broaden the opportunities for Americans to serve in the armed forces, reflecting a proactive approach in addressing recent recruitment challenges,

Israel to ban UN officials after sec-general says Hamas attack didn’t happen ‘in a vacuum’
Israel on Wednesday said it will deny visas to United Nations officials “to teach them a lesson,” following recent comments by the U.N. chief about the Israel-Hamas war.

US military strikes facilities in Syria used by Iran
The United States military executed two strikes Thursday night against Iran-backed facilities in Syria in response to a series of attacks carried out against U.S. forces in the Middle East over the past week by Iran-backed terrorist groups. at President Biden’s direction, U.S. military forces conducted self-defense strikes on two facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and affiliated groups.”

Israeli Tanks Exchange Fire With Hamas Inside Gaza, Small Arms Clashes Heard, As Offensive Expands
US says it’s “concerned” ground invasion could derail hostage negotiations…

Weekend winter storm targets Denver before spreading snow, ice across central US
A reinforcing shot of cold air will help a storm system produce the heaviest snow of the season thus far for communities in a stretch from Denver to southern Minnesota over the weekend.

Obsessed With Destroying The Jews: The Ultimate Enemy Of Israel Is Satan 
“Israel is an occupier!” “Israel is an apartheid country!’ “Israel is a colonizer!” “The Zionist regime stole land from the Palestinians!” Over the last few decades, we’ve heard it all. The world has incessantly painted a very negative picture of Israel, imposing a reputation on the only Jewish state in the world that many people have now come to hate.  It’s not based on facts, but it continues to be spread.

Israel At War — Week 3
Entering The Next Phase: Israel’s Broader Offensive Against Hamas In Gaza Has Begun. Israel’s war against Hamas has entered the next phase. It appears that Israel’s broader offensive by air, land, and sea against Hamas in Gaza has begun today, Friday, October 27th.

Iodine Tablets Mailed To Five Million People In Switzerland Near Nuclear Power Plant As if the world didn’t have enough to worry about, is a Nuclear Power Plant meltdown the next event to happen on the world stage? Perhaps.

Robert Card Allegedly Attacked Bar During Deaf Cornhole Event Night, Started Hearing Voices After Receiving “High-Powered Hearing-Aids” 
Lewiston, Maine mass shooter suspect Robert Card is still on the run after he opened fire inside the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant, which resulted in 18 people being killed and leaving over a dozen injured.

HERE WE GO: Thousands of Israeli Troops Storm into Gaza as “Rolling Start” to Ground Invasion Reportedly Begins to Wipe Out Hamas
The ground invasion to wipe out Hamas once and for all has reportedly begun. Two US officials have told CBS News that Israel has begun a massive incursion that appears to be a “rolling start” to the ground invasion to annihilate Hamas.

Coal Comfort: Total Collapse in Wind & Solar Output Leaves Freezing Germans Desperate for Coal-Fired Power 
Germany’s held up as the world’s wind and solar capital. But, at the moment, the ‘green’ stuff can’t be purchased, at any price.

Oil and Gold surge after Israel announces ground invasion plan; NDX holds gains on strong AMZN & INTC numbers – Newsquawk US Market Wrap
REAR VIEW: Israel expanding ground force operation; Strong AMZN & INTC earnings; US PCE largely in line; UoM headline revised higher.

Florida Takes Battle to Ban Minors From Drag Shows to the Supreme Court
The state’s Protection of Children Act will fine or revoke the licenses of venues that “knowingly” admit children to “adult live performances.”

Germany to Begin ‘Large Scale’ Deportations, Says Chancellor Scholz
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has admitted that “too many people are coming” into the country illegally and vowed to begin deportations on a “large scale” as Germany is on pace to see more illegal migrants enter the country than during the European Migrant Crisis of 2016.

Tedros the Terrorist urges parliamentarians to support WHO’s IHR amendments and Pandemic Treaty process
In a newly released video statement, the World Health Organisation (WHO”) Dictator General urged nations to support their efforts to bring the amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) and the Pandemic Treaty to a timely conclusion.

“Abrupt Change Is Coming”: Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning For America
“The moral duty of the people running a country is to look out for the people in that country, period…

Southern Baptist, Liberty University professor: 5 interesting facts about House Speaker Mike Johnson
House Speaker Mike Johnson was elected as the 56th speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday. Since rising to the prominent position, the relatively unknown lawmaker will now become a household name. Here are five interesting facts about the new speaker whose election is being celebrated by many conservative Christians.

US-based Hamas networks ‘still engaged’ in ‘various forms of support,’ GWU report warns
A new report from the Program on Extremism at George Washington University (GWU) details how Hamas has had an extensive support network operating in the United States for decades, with many “core activists” still engaged in “various forms of support.”