The Evil Among Us :: By Bill Wilson

We have seen the images and heard the reports of Congressional Representatives, organizations, professors, and others rallying in support of Hamas against Israel. People who share this support of Hamas are absolutely wrong. Nothing underscores their error more than what we have witnessed in Israel.

My God! How can anyone in their right mind support the bloodlust brutality of Hamas? One would have to be incredibly evil. All these people who are protesting on behalf of a Free Palestine believe their opinion is equal to anybody else’s opinion. They believe they have a right to support Hamas. But having the right doesn’t make it right, nor does it make it remotely acceptable. There is clearly evil among us.

There is no moral equivalency between supporting Hamas and supporting Israel. None whatsoever. Hamas and the other Islamic terror organizations and terrorist-sponsoring countries’ stated purpose is the destruction of Israel. That means the killing, raping, dismembering, and torturing of innocent men, women and children. This is the governance of the caliphate, where the laws of Islam require submission or death.

Understand that Hamas, the governing body of Gaza, is a caliphate. In 2005, the “Palestinian” people in Gaza began electing Hamas representatives in the newly formed “democracy” instituted with the help of President George W. Bush. By January 25, 2006, the “Palestinian” people elected the terrorist group to govern Gaza by nearly a two-to-one margin, sending ripples throughout the world at the time. It also put the terrorist group in control of the hundreds of millions of dollars being sent by the US to boost the Gaza economy.

At the time, Iran’s foreign ministry congratulated Hamas by saying, “The massive participation of the Palestinians shows their will to continue the struggle and resistance against occupation.”

Hamas and Iran were close allies who announced in December 2005 that they were forming a “united front” against Israel, something that was solidified in January 2006 when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Hamas in Syria and vowed support, both politically and financially, to the terrorist efforts of Hamas against Israel. Missiles have been fired into Israel from Gaza ever since.

The mission of Hamas is no secret—the elimination of Israel. And the way they do it is through terror—rape, dismemberment, and torture against innocent men, women, and children. Those who are publicly showing their support of Hamas’s actions in Israel—in the US Congress, at public rallies in places like Dearborn, MI, in colleges and universities, etc.—are participating in a genocide initiative dedicated to the eradication of the Jewish people, and for anyone else who does not submit to Islam. This is the theology of Hamas, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah, and the other terror actors.

The opinion of those supporting Hamas is evil. It has no moral equivalency with decency or the laws of God. Do not give them ground.

As said in I Thessalonians 5:22, “Abstain from every form of evil.” That goes for people supporting it.

Posted in The Daily Jot