Minorities In the Church :: By The Gospelist

In 1948, the United Nations (UN) declared that it could no longer remain indifferent to the fate of minorities.

This declaration was inspired by Article 27 of the International Covenant on civil and political rights. This is the most widely accepted, legally binding provision on minorities the world has ever instituted, so any pronouncements from it are sacred.

As these people have appointed themselves our overlords, every person on the planet is obligated to stand in awe of these commandments. These people, who basically consider all of humanity vermin, have magnanimously bestowed these rights upon those over whom they rule:

  1. The right to enjoy our own culture.
  2. The right to profess and practice our own religion.
  3. The right to use our own language (including our own pronouns?).

The fact is, I could not agree more. Now, if we can get the UN to live up to their own standards, then we will have reduced the level of hypocrisy of these people to a more manageable level.

So far, the UN has shown complete indifference to religious minorities in this country and around the world despite claiming to adhere to this document.

It is not just international law that the UN claims to have such reverence for, but the laws of each nation, as they pertain to minorities, are thought to be sacrosanct as well.

In America, religious freedom has been enshrined in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and must be respected by the majority. It is one of our most fundamental liberties and is the bedrock for the foundation of this nation’s laws.

Unfortunately, at this late hour, the evil of intolerance and discrimination has begun to rear its ugly head in this nation and worldwide. A certain sect of religious minorities has become the target for second-class citizenship, as well as civil and physical abuse, by the dominant religious groups.

In the past, tolerance and fairness have always prevailed, but only after a few principled voices have transcended the majority’s prejudice and hatred.

In recent years, however, this small religious sect has been subject to waves of bigotry and outright hostility. They are under constant assault from those who are driven by religiously motivated discrimination. Even our corrupt government has unjustly targeted this sect for exercising their most basic constitutional right to religious liberty.

Especially when it comes to arresting pro-life demonstrators.

Why is the UN not calling the Injustice Department (formerly the DOJ) in this country to correct these terrible wrongs?

As the luminaries at the ACLU remind us, we must always remember that when we violate one faith group’s religious freedom, everyone’s liberty is at stake.

In this country, there is one religious minority that is more set upon than any other religious group.

I am speaking, of course, of Christian Fundamentalists.

For every one Christian Fundamentalist, there are a hundred false teachers who preach a worldly philosophy. Such ‘pastors’ have achieved favored status among the Godless majority and are the only kind of ‘Christian’ that our government intends to accept. These people are loved by those in power because they pose no danger to their totalitarian rule.

They never find themselves under oppression by our corrupt government even though they parody the true congregation of Christ and bring the faith into disrepute. This, then, leads our corrupt Federal government, as well as our Globalist overlords, to remain indifferent to our plight.

It also emboldens both entities to pass fascist ‘hate crime’ laws that exacerbate religious persecution.

The only crime the Christian Fundamentalist is guilty of is that he stands firm on his faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We unapologetically testify to the fact that it was prophesized hundreds of years before he appeared that a man, sent by God, would come to die for our sins.

This testimony has led to the persecution and death of many fine Christians around the world. And why would this not be the case? After all, Christ himself was put to death even though he had done nothing wrong.

Where is all this respect for our culture that the UN claims to possess?

The UN and the ACLU are supposed to protect those who wish to believe and practice their faith. Surely, these people are not duplicitous!

I call on these illustrious organizations, both national and international, to protect our rights to believe and proclaim the following:

  1. The inerrancy of Scripture: There is no other Gospel
  2. The virgin birth of Christ: That Jesus is the Son of God
  3. The substitutionary atonement of Christ: That Christ died for our sins
  4. The bodily resurrection of Christ: That Christ has defeated death
  5. The reality of the Miracles of Christ: That Jesus was God in human flesh

For too long, we have suffered waves of bigotry and outright hostility from the heathen majority. Although there was a brief repose when our government took the First Amendment seriously, we are now returning to a dark age where whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.

It is our right to proclaim that a man appeared on this earth as God incarnate, who was the very embodiment of the Truth of God. That he was perfect in every way, completely without sin, but humanity, in its wickedness, executed him on a cross.

And, unlike the assertions of the pagan religions, this historical event was actually predicted hundreds of years before it occurred in human history.

We have the right to believe in the inerrancy of Scripture. That this Scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for teaching, rebuking, and training in righteousness.

And that there is only one God, one faith, and one baptism.

For these beliefs, we have been set upon not only by our government but the Laodiceans, posing as Christians, who now form the majority of the visible church.

The Christian Fundamentalist pastor, who leads the true congregation of God, has now become a minority in his own church.

In his place stands the hireling, the double-minded, and the faithless. These false teachers, whose condemnation was written about long ago, have slipped in among us and have led countless numbers away from the faith.

And they have multiplied like rats.

These interlopers have changed the grace of God into a license for immorality and are only interested in the worldly benefits of man. They speak abusively against those who cling to the Gospel and to the basic tenets of the faith.

They have succeeded in bringing the true faith into disrepute to the joy of the UN and the ACLU.

These organizations nodded in approval as the ‘Emergent Church’ came out of the earth fifty years ago to undermine Protestantism and cause many to fall away. This ‘church’ has only grown more powerful with each passing year. We have almost reached a point where it will be impossible for people to come to faith due to the false doctrine it has caused to permeate the church.

When a true shepherd of Christ arises, the people who should rejoice are appalled and turn away. They then seek out someone who will tickle their ears with flattery. They give lavishly to those hirelings posing as pastors who will confirm their most base and worldly desires.

These pastors are blemishes on the church who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain in the midst of a drought. The wind from their sermons blows furiously, but in the end, it is fruitless.

They are wandering stars, and those who follow them are lost. Blackest darkness has been reserved for them and their ‘disciples.’

And, as one would expect from hirelings, when true Christians are arrested for sharing the Gospel, they scurry away, quiet as a church mouse.

Recently, a young Christian was reading the Bible during a ‘Mock God’ event in Watertown, WI.

We really need to stop referring to these atrocities as ‘Pride’ events and call them what they really are.

The Mock God event, labeled ‘Pride (goeth before a fall) in the Park,’ was a weekend celebration of evil and perversion by those who have not seen fit to retain a knowledge of God. Several young Christians were attempting to share the Gospel with those who commit indecent acts with one another in hopes of bringing some to repentance.

As a young man was reading from the Bible, he was surrounded by multiple ‘Brownshirts’ posing as police officers. One of the officers grabbed the microphone and pulled it away from him as if the youth were committing an atrocity against society.

This Christian group was given no warning that what they were doing was illegal. After all, we have a First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that is supposed to protect them from Nazi-style tactics.

Three of the Brownshirts then grabbed the young man and demanded of him not to resist arrest. He, of course, did not resist arrest because he is a decent, law-abiding citizen, and those types of people always obey the law. Even when it is abused by thugs posing as law enforcement.

I wonder if these ‘officers’ would have received the same compliance if they had arrested the real criminals who were engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior in public.

In all, four of the young Christians were arrested for engaging in the crime of using ‘amplified sound’ to deliver the Gospel to the heathen.

According to the participants, those cars that drove by with their windows down listening to ‘amplified sound,’ otherwise known as radios, were not arrested.

There were numerous officers at this event, and not one of them thought what they were doing was illegal.

What is worse, the vast majority of the pastors in this country, and their pathetic congregations, did not have a problem with it either.

The young Christians who were falsely accused and arrested that day are fully aware of the words of our Lord and Savior. When these thugs arrested them for righteousness, they understood that they were blessed by the Lord.

In the same way, the prophets of old were persecuted by the wicked.

If the town of Watertown does not prosecute these four young people, there is always the Injustice Department (formerly the DOJ) waiting in the wings to execute terrible acts of evil against them.

Peter informed us that judgment begins in the house of God. When the church weakens, evil people rise up and vent their fury against the remnant. Fortunately, evil people do not understand that their persecution of the saints is how we grow our numbers.

It is the evil that these young people experienced that will bring many to repentance and the forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus.

But woe to the ‘pastors’ who sit idly by and watch the remnant being persecuted. And woe to their congregations who follow these false shepherds and approve when the righteous are made to suffer.

The fact that the people have not risen up to demand the entire police force be disbanded testifies against the preachers in Watertown.

As we approach the end of the church age, evil is ramping up and anxious to stamp out the church once and for all.

As it stands now, the persecution is fairly light compared to what it will over the next several years. In this country, people are losing their jobs for not supporting those who mock God. Many are being falsely accused of trying to create a theocracy or of fascism, and some are dragged into court and threatened with bankruptcy if they do not violate their own consciences.

The things that people are experiencing in other countries are far more abominable. In India, a pastor, his wife, and their three-year-old child were placed in jail for ‘luring’ people into Christianity.

It’s a good thing they got that three-year-old off the street.

Even though they are supposed to have religious freedom in India, their legislators have an ‘anti-conversion’ statute that supersedes this freedom.

In other words, they don’t have religious freedom.

In Muslim countries, communist countries, and now in ‘woke’ Western countries, the vile persecution of the faithful is growing progressively worse. These three religions comprise the majority of the faithless, and each religion has been allowed to persecute the minority with impunity.

There are a host of other persecutions that deserve honorable mention in this country, especially during the flu-bug hysteria. When our government forced churches to close while strip clubs remained open, to allegedly slow the spread of the virus, there was definitely something rotten in Denmark.

There are also those who lost their jobs or have been bankrupted due to resisting our corrupt government.

And let’s not forget about the evil Obama administration who used government agencies like HHS and the IRS to harass Christians relentlessly.

Currently, we might get some relief from the courts, but the evil Democrats have shown that they really do not care about the law. They will continue their attacks on people of faith because we will never vote for them.

(Note: I consider half of elected Republicans to basically be Democrats.)

In their arrogance, the DNC removed God from their political platform and have abandoned God. Now, God has abandoned them and their voters to their own wickedness.

Western civilization used to be a safe haven for Christians to practice their faith. Now that the true church of Christ has ‘little strength,’ the heathen have taken over, and the freedoms we once enjoyed are no longer protected.

The Hirelings in the dead and Laodicean churches will not stand up for those who are persecuted for the faith.

In fact, the government may not need to bother to persecute the faithful at all.

They may leave that to the goats who are currently posing as Christians.

Jesus warned us:

These wicked ‘servants’ are saying to themselves, ‘Our master is staying away a long time.’ Now will be the time for us to curry favor with the world. They will soon move to beat their fellow servants and eat and drink with drunkards.

Now that persecution has come to our country and the First Amendment no longer controls our leadership, we need to look to Scripture for our response. I have read several articles regarding what our answer should be to the evil and persecution that is coming, and that which is occurring even now.

Here are my recommendations:

First, we need to understand that even though our leaders are in rebellion against God and are breaking the law, we are not to take revenge. We are to bless those who persecute us, to be patient in affliction, and to be faithful in prayer.

By doing so, we leave room for God’s wrath because it is his to avenge; he will repay.

Second, we must remember why we are suffering. We are waiting for the full number of the saved to come to repentance as the church age is coming to an end. That means there are still brothers and sisters who have not yet come to faith in Christ, and we must patiently endure until they do.

The waiting and patience will all be worthwhile, as those we will love and adore for all of eternity will one day receive the gift of faith.

Third, we must remain in the faith. The church of Philadelphia, which is the true church of the last days, will keep the Gospel and not deny the name of Christ. If we keep Christ’s command to endure patiently, he will keep us from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world.

Finally, we must never forget the primary message of the true church. We are to proclaim repentance for the forgiveness of sins in the name of Jesus until he comes for us. This should not be difficult because we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God and are clothed with power from on high.

We need to stay focused on our mission.

We have entered the days of Noah and Lot. That means we are just starting to see the terrible violence and sexual perversion that exists in the sinful heart of humanity.

It will grow progressively worse until the rapture.

Each day, we come closer to that glorious day when we will be with the Lord. We will be surrounded by love, truth, and righteousness as we fellowship with all who have come to faith for the last 6,000 years.

When we leave, the world may not even notice that we are gone since there will be so few of us who depart. Although we are minorities in this age, we will have a 100% majority in the next.

When we stand before Christ, we will look upon our Lord who suffered so much for us, and we will delight in him for all of eternity. As we look upon his wounds, we will cry out in praise for his great love, mercy, and compassion that he has shed upon us.

Joy everlasting is almost here.