MAGA: How True Is This for the Western World? :: By Ron Ferguson

As most of you know, I am not an American, but I try to observe world events, and much of that is crucially connected with the USA. Most Australians have a far greater outlook on the world than Americans do. It must be the parochial nature of the American psyche. The writers on RR tend to be very observant of current affairs, even those happening outside the United States. The last article by Terry James is very telling, and Daymond Duck has his finger on the reality of this current age. I hope I am not too inaccurate when speaking of the USA.

Picture for a moment a pristine mountain spring as it emerges from filtering sands. As it progresses, tiny streamlets of slightly brackish water enter the spring water but are not perceptible except to the most discerning taste. Further along, more streamlets enter the main spring water as it flows over the land, now a creek. In time, very brackish water continues to enter the spring along with some of the filthy water from the land. People by now begin to notice the change in the taste of the water, but the surprise is that the majority have gotten used to the change and are not bothered by it. Suddenly, more polluted streams enter, and the spring water is no more. It has become a surge of dirtiness that about half of the people think is fine, even good water, and the leaders are promoting it.

That might be an illustration, but it reflects what society is right now. The Lord gave us the pure Gospel that had an influence on society. The slightly brackish water was the start of the decline, but hardly a person noticed, only one or two discerning Christians. Today, that original spring water is foul, polluted, and a vile distortion of what God once gave.

America was founded by groups of godly men and women (or nearly so) who established mores and acceptable behavior according to scripture. Americans speak a lot about the founding fathers. What would these men think of the USA today? Not only would they be horrified at the collapse of justice in the judiciary and ethics among the leadership, including the highest office in the land, they would be almost unconvinced that it had actually happened.

The USA was founded on a Christian base, whereas Australia was founded on a convict regime only. Australia was overtaken in time by unionism, mainly controlled by radical Irish Catholics who despised Britain, who had lapsed and had no faith whatsoever except in what Karl Marx wrote.

Many writers on Rapture Ready, including myself, all too readily point out the problems we face and the deeply growing iniquity of our societies. It is not wrong to do so, but to continue doing that without the hope that will come only leads to depression. We must recognize evil for what it is but not get sucked into it as our occupation. I am not saying RR writers do that, but I know some in society who always point out the evil things in the world, and that is all you get.

Donald Trump campaigned on “Make America Great Again” after it was so much destroyed in the Obama years, and he might be using that slogan again. MAGA might be a very worthwhile sentiment, but it is false. America will never be great again. The mystery of iniquity is already working at the most furious pace it ever has done. It will not matter who is the President, Senators, or Governors; good ones may hold back the onslaught for a moment, but the headlong rush continues. King Josiah is a prime example of that.

Look at the people! See what the people believe and how they react. How can Biden possibly have about 40% support? How is it possible? The man is demented and utterly corrupt. What does that say about those who support him? It says this – they are so deluded they do not know the left hand from the right or what is good and what is evil. For people who have turned away from God, and I mean not just gone around the corner, but who have departed rapidly very far off, then they are so influenced demonically that they have become perverse and without understanding.

I hope no one thinks I am attacking the USA. My own nation, I think, is worse. We have such evil practices here that are of Satan. Evil people will elect evil governments. They will never elect good men or women. It is little wonder that the USA is 40% Biden and about 50% Democrat. Neither am I saying that the Republicans are good. They are some of the problem with greedy politics and commercialism.

Every State government in Australia is under strong socialist left control, bordering on Marxism. The Federal Government is horribly Marxist with a full absence of morality. Satanic practices of the Aborigines are happening in parliaments and sporting fixtures, in schools, and public events. The spiritist Aboriginal culture is being forced on us, and why? The government does not know what it is doing. The Prime Minister of Australia, Albanese, a radical unionist and neo-Marxist, is trying to destroy our belief system and bring us under radical control. He loves China, hates Israel, and supports the Palestinians, having given them about 100 million dollars in their fight against Israel so Hezbollah can buy Iranian weapons. God takes note of that!

Is the USA any better? I think not. I know people have been talking about the last days for years, even when I was a late teen 60 years ago. However, back then, we had fairly stable governments, and be it Republican or Democrat, people loved their nations and would not have tolerated what we have today – the placing of homosexuality on the throne, the sexualizing of children, the gender distortions of any flavor you want, and the abortion murder of millions of unborn human beings, some of whom are 9 months developed (in Australia), just to name four of the evils now established.

What was once a lovely mountain spring has become a filthy, polluted stream heading to hell. I have to get this message out because very soon, I may not be able to write this. The Australian Government is passing a “Disinformation Bill” that will disable any posts or people who disagree with any government policy. This is a very serious move as it will impact churches and dissenters, including Christians. I could be in trouble as the government agents would seek out any opposition or disagreement to government representatives (those elected) or policies.

Look out USA! This evil may not be very far down the track for you. It is the closest thing to the mark of the beast we will have before the Rapture, along with vaccine mandates where people could not work if they had not the injections (such as my own son).

Donald Trump may have great intentions, and I pray God will be gracious to us, but MAGA will not work because we have turned the corner so strongly and can never go back. We are now at full sprint away from God and His morality and knowledge.

How can we be so decisive about all that? In the chapter about the signs of the last days of the Church age, we read this: 2 Timothy 3:13, “Evil men and impostors WILL PROCEED FROM BAD TO WORSE, deceiving and being deceived.” When a bad leader goes, we hope for a good one to change things around. That principle worked under the Kings of Judah but not in our society. People elect representatives that best mirror themselves. The USA and ALL THE WESTERN WORLD are fractured beyond repair. Godlessness will increase until the Lord raptures us, and then it races at supersonic speed toward the most wicked it can get under Antichrist and the False Prophet when Satan controls the world.

Do we despair? No, we do not. Does the world make us sad? Yes, often it does. Where does our hope lie? It lies in the coming of the Lord, as the blessed hope (glorious hope) is almost on us. Look up, for your salvation draws nigh. The Lord will never fail you. Keep loving the coming of the Lord, for God has promised you something – 2 Timothy 4:8, “In the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.”

May the soon-coming Lord from heaven draw us up to Himself in that glorious uniting of all God’s saints from Adam to now.