Stupidocrisy: State-Sponsored Sexual Grooming of Children :: By Bill Wilson

The state-sponsored sexual grooming of America’s children must stop. Public schools, national, state and local government, media, Hollywood, and many large corporations support a sexual agenda aimed at confusing children about their sexuality. Who can imagine such debauchery would be allowed against kids? If adults outside of these institutions approached children with these sexual undertones, they would be labeled sexual predators because the laws protect children from such. However, public schools are, by policy, not only allowing but supporting sexual predation on school children. And since it is government, it appears that they can do this under legal protection. This must end.

Parents Defending Education (PDE), an organization working to stop harmful agendas in schools, has compiled a list of school districts by state that have openly stated that district personnel can or should keep a student’s transgender status hidden from parents. While PDE says the list is not comprehensive, it is extremely disturbing.

PDF cites 1,040 school districts with 18,335 schools affecting some 10.7 million students subjected to these kinds of policies. That’s the schools they know about. There may be many more that are unreported. These districts and teachers are withholding information from parents that puts children at risk of irreversible reproductive health decisions as well as placing them at high risk of suicide. Parental rights are purposely being violated by policy directives, and the consequences are horrible.

Some courts have blocked alternative policies that require parental notification of changes in a student’s sexual orientation because it would be “detrimental to transgender youth.” They are ignoring the vast majority of students and the detrimental impact on their mental and physical health. Moreover, this agenda is causing tremendous pressure on kids who are normal–sorry–who know they are male or female.

Case in point is a Gettysburg, Pa school district that hired a male tennis coach in 2018, but in 2022 he became “transgendered” and changed his name from David to Sasha — even though there were incidents where he had all his male parts and not only changed in the girls’ locker room but also followed a female student into a bathroom, trying to strike up a conversation with her. The school district rehired this guy.

Virginia’s largest school district, Fairfax County Public Schools, announced it will defy the state’s Department of Education pro-parent’s rights policies requiring school activities and bathroom use be restricted to students’ sex assigned at birth. Prince William County schools also joined the rebellion.

What is the solution? First, take your kids out of public school. If that’s not an option, parents, grandparents, and anybody who pays property taxes should attend school board meetings and pull an Ephesians 6:20 to “speak boldly as I ought to speak” as an ambassador to the gospel, which recognizes that God in the beginning made them male and female.

Yes, trans and queers have civil rights like all human beings, but not rights that trample those of parents over their own children… that is, say it with me… Stupidocrisy.


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