Sino Syndrome Surging :: By Terry James

The 1979 movie The China Syndrome stoked fears of nuclear power plant meltdown. The fear, as expressed—only partly joking—was that the melting of nuclear material would keep going deeper into the earth all the way to China, contaminating groundwater and everything else. A real such disaster came only twelve days after the film’s release when Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania suffered a nuclear power plant meltdown.

The Sino Syndrome, as I call it, in terms of geopolitical-think, is the belief by many today that a deadly danger is coming from the other side of the world toward America at an ever-quickening pace.

Fears are mounting. The Sino threat is growing. The messages I’m receiving amount to being a syndrome, in my view.

China, which I believe without doubt will be the “kings of the east” leading force—that is, the King of the kings of the east—has many worrying that invasion is near. This apprehension includes that of some of my friends, one of whom I will let express his thoughts in brief here.

He says the following in one of his several emails to me:

I’ve seen several other Internet reports also revealing that our government is openly allowing communist China to infiltrate America in many ways. Buying up land, possibly near our military bases!  Additional proof that our own pro-communist leaders, Obama and Biden, are friendly to Red China and probably not opposed to a Chinese takeover of America. And soon!

I find it quite likely that Barack Obama, wanting to eliminate our free Republic and communize our nation, could simply allow the Chinese communists to help him in that endeavor.

Think about it.  Is it not very likely that by now many communist Chinese agents have entered our nation through Obama’s open border and are positioned all across our nation?

I don’t know about you, but I find this news very concerning. You wonder how much longer God will delay the Rapture. Will it not occur until America falls to the Chinese?

There’s been a lot of talk about China invading Taiwan. But nothing is being said by anybody about how China is rapidly infiltrating our nation, by permission of our leaders. Perhaps as punishment for turning from Him, God may allow us to soon fall to the communist Chinese. Just as He allowed both Judah and Israel to be overrun by their enemies for rebelling against Him.

My friend’s worry is expressed many times over by others who aren’t necessarily close acquaintances. The concern has indeed moved into the arena of near paranoia in a number of cases.

Their fears aren’t without basis. I, too, don’t take lightly matters coming out of that troubling area. But my concern is greatly tempered because it’s undertaken with the absolute knowledge of truth found in God’s Word—which I hope to go into a bit later.

First, a look into some of the things feared to be going on with regard to America’s number-one enemy so far as national entities are concerned:

  • Some fear that Taiwan is China’s Ukraine—that the Chinese are about to invade that island. Biden and his administration, they say, are sending American assets to Taiwan just as they are to Ukraine.
  • China has developed advanced weapons with nuclear capability, while America’s military is being diminished purposefully by the Marxists in power.
  • China is mounting a space force that can destroy satellites, thus debilitating America’s defensive capabilities.
  • China has been sending high atmospheric spy balloons to map and plan for assault on America.
  • China is, like in the case of the so-called Chinese virus, preparing to create more such biological attacks.
  • Chinese are crossing America’s open southern borders, with more than 14 million now in the US.
  • China has purchased vast land swaths within the United States, usually near American military bases and key defense areas.
  • China is destroying America economically through every nefarious pathway available, including electronic hacking and interference.
  • The Biden administration and the globalist cabal include China and possible war with that nation and Russia as part of plans to fundamentally change America, like Barack Obama said he intended before he was elected president in 2008.
  • China, along with Russia, is planning full military invasions of America by having forces on both northern and southern borders.

When thinking on this entire range of assaults, all one can say is: “Whew!”

If all this threat from China—and from its ally Russia—comes to fruition, we will, as my friend fears, soon be under the thumb of the most despotic, torturous regime to exist on the planet. Americans will be facing the darkest of times, almost rivaling the conditions prophesied under Antichrist’s regime in Revelation.

But, as always, I stick to my absolute confidence that this just isn’t going to happen. While it is a possibility–even a likelihood—that this nation and others of the West will suffer even military attacks following the Rapture of the Church, I’m of the studied opinion that neither China nor Russia will conquer the United States—or any major nation-state of the Western hemisphere, for that matter. This is even though the Marxists and communist types have made great inroads into this part of the world.

The reasons I am so confident of what I write here are found in God’s Word. I have written the following consistently.

Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 say that Russia and its forces will meet their doom on the mountains of Israel as they attack. All the while, the other areas of the world–the Western world—will be observing Gog’s defeat and only issuing diplomatic notes of protest (this being evidence that China and Russia have not conquered the West).

China, on the other hand–the King of the kings of the east—will be held back until the late Tribulation era by a God-ordained and stipulated barrier that separates the Occidental and Oriental worlds.

This barrier is the Euphrates River of the Middle East.

That holding back of the great invading force until near the time of Armageddon is found in Revelation, chapters 9 and 16.

This, my take on the matter, I realize, will make little difference to most who view developments in China, Russia, and the Middle East because most don’t take into account God’s Word on matters involved. The Sino Syndrome is building. Troubles coming out of those areas of this ever-darkening world are likely to appear much more ominous in the very near future.

I can only urge those so fearful of things they believe are coming to consider studying God’s prophetic Word–to overlay all of the portentous things they fear with the template of the Bible.

I’m speaking to Christians, of course. The lost mind can be brilliant in IQ but totally oblivious to truth. The Christian, however, has every promise of the ability to find truth in all matters—including those concerning their future so far as war and peace are concerned.

And the only peace to be found is in the Prince of Peace. He has promised to keep us from that hour of Tribulation (Revelation 3:10).

If you haven’t yet come to Him for the “peace that passes all understanding,” here is how to instantaneously embrace the only way God has provided to be saved from the troubles coming upon this fallen world of rebels:

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).