14 Aug 2023

CSU Hurricane Experts Increase Number of Expected Named Storms for 2023
Meteorologists at Colorado State University (CSU) announced on Thursday that they have increased the number of named storms they predict will occur during this year’s hurricane season. This is the second time this summer the researchers have upped their predictions, from 13 in their original April forecast to 15 in June to now 18.

Gen Z is swapping traditional faiths for magic spells.
Netty has been practising magic for 16 years. She cast a spell to get her current job in banking. She credits other spells with securing subsequent salary raises. She once used a spell to make her boss like her more. Another bagged her the love of her life, seven years ago. She still has the honey jar she used for it – into which she put herbs, a petition and a Corona bottle cap he’d discarded. (She assures me he knows about it.) Raised a Catholic, Netty has not completely reneged on the faith, nor does she see any conflict in casting spells and praying to saints. You might call her a Christian witch. You might be surprised to know there are thousands of them.

How many Texas UFO sightings have been reported this year?
In 2023 alone, hundreds upon hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported in the U.S., according to an analysis of NUFORC’s data. Sightings have also been reported in every state, but some see much more of the alleged activity than others.

Israel rules out Jerusalem base for Saudi envoy to Palestinians
Israel ruled out on Sunday a diplomatic base in Jerusalem for the new Saudi envoy to the Palestinians, whose appointment comes as Washington tries to forge formal Israeli relations with Riyadh. Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Nayef Al-Sudairi on Saturday expanded his credentials to include non-resident envoy to the Palestinians.

Russian warship fires warning shots on cargo ship in Black Sea
A Russian warship on Sunday fired warning shots at a cargo ship in the southwestern Black Sea as it made its way northwards, the first time Russia has fired on merchant shipping beyond Ukraine since exiting a landmark UN-brokered grain deal last month.

Wells Fargo accused of new fake-accounts scam in lawsuit alleging racketeering, identity-fraud
A lawsuit Patterson filed Tuesday in California accuses Wells Fargo of creating fraudulent accounts for thousands of people, including many non-customers. Regulators fined the bank $3 billion in 2020 for creating millions of fake accounts to generate millions of dollars in fees and interest. “Just as one Wells Fargo fake account scandal concludes, another emerges,” the lawsuit alleges.

US-sanctioned Russian millionaire found dead in his office
Millionaire Russian businessman Anton Cherepennikov, 40, founder of the ICS Holding technology conglomerate and who was subject to U.S. sanctions, was found dead in his Moscow office, Russian media reported on July 22, in the latest mysterious death of a prominent individual. The preliminary cause of death was listed as cardiac arrest.

In Europe’s big cities, migrants are already the majority
Such are the findings in a study by Professor Maurice Crul (VU University Amsterdam). He examined six major cities in five countries: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Malmö, Hamburg, Vienna and Antwerp.

Former Algerian minister claims: Tunisia planning to normalize ties with Israel
Former Algerian minister Abdelkader Bengrina claimed on Sunday that Tunisia is planning to normalize ties with Israel. Algeria should “keep a watchful eye” on Tunisia after several visits were made to the country by representatives of Israel that come in line with normalization efforts, said Bengrina during a press conference, according to Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen.

Wagner Group downsizing after mutiny against Russia
“The Wagner Group is likely moving towards a down-sizing and reconfiguration process, largely to save on staff salary expenses at a time of financial pressure,” said the UK Defense Ministry.

The ‘demon particle’: Have scientists discovered the impossible?
Massless, invisible demon quasiparticles may help scientists better understand how superconductivity works. The study, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, focused on the search for a particle first theorized by physicist David Pines in 1956.

Netanyahu postpones vacation to northern Israel for security meeting with IDF chief
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah were supposed to travel to Moshav Ramot in the Golan Heights on Sunday as part of their vacation. However, Netanyahu delayed the trip to meet with IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

IDF kills Al-Aqsa Brigades commander who shot at them near Nablus
Israeli forces shot and killed a commander of Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades who fired on them during operational activities overnight near Shechem (Nablus), Israeli media reported last Thursday. The reports said that the terrorist was Amir Khalifa, 27, from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a generic term for armed terror squads active in Judea and Samaria.

Maui church serves as beacon of hope standing unscathed amid charred rubble caused by deadly wildfires
A catastrophic fire that swept through the town of Lahaina, Hawaii, last week is now being called the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history, and although thousands of homes and businesses have been burned beyond recognition, one building stands tall among the ruins – a beloved church.

Hawaii fires death toll hits 93 and is expected to rise, making it deadliest US wildfire in over 100 years
The death toll from the catastrophic and historic wildfire that destroyed most of Lahaina, Hawaii, last week has risen to 93, with officials warning that the number will increase as crews continue to search through charred remains of buildings.

Tragic Kingdom: Disney Loses 300,000 Domestic Subscribers as Prices Keep Climbing, Flops Pile Up
The Disney+ streaming service lost 300,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada in the most recent quarter — an ominous sign for the studio as it continues to pour billions of dollars into new streaming content that is flopping with viewers.

Update: Chinese-Owned Battery Plant With Ties to Communist China Backs Out of Deal to Purchase Michigan Farmland
The Gateway Pundit reported on brave single mother, Lori Brock, who fought against plans by Gotion, a CCP Chinese company, to build a battery factory in her small community in Green Twp, MI.

South African President Ramaphosa Blames Whites for Farm Murders – Neighborhood Watch Apprehends 4 Attackers
Six farm murders have taken place in the Two weeks since 90.000 leftist radicals sang “Kill the Boer” in Johannesburg. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa blamed white South Africans for the killing spree. An AfriForum neighborhood watch apprehended four farm attackers outside Pretoria.

CT Family Suing Snapchat and Instagram After 15-Year-Old Was Raped and Assaulted By Two Sex Offenders Who Contacted Her on Apps
Social media apps have been subject to lawsuits nationwide over minors committing suicide, self-harming, obtaining drugs, and developing eating disorders after being shown dangerous content or being contacted by predators.

Chinese-run biolab in California that was experimenting on deadly viruses was awarded over $500,000 in US TAXPAYER cash
A Chinese-backed biolab in California was awarded over half a million dollars in US taxpayer cash, records show. The black market lab – which was raided earlier this year – was found to be making illegal Covid and pregnancy tests and storing disease-riddled mice and hundreds of samples of pathogens, blood, and other dubious chemicals.

Google introduces its new global censorship tool 
Google has partnered with the United Nations, World Health Organisation and others in a new global censorship tool that was introduced last Monday, according to LaToya Drake, head of Google News Lab.

Biden Administration launches “HeatTracker” tool for tracking heat-related illnesses
The climate PsyOp is replacing the covid PsyOp and we are entering a phase when global “boiling” replaces “warming” – with all the advantages that offers for those running the show. Last week, The New York Times declared that climate change is going to end summer vacations.  But it gets worse.  On Wednesday, the White House unveiled an “EMS HeatTracker” to track heat-related illnesses.

Dutch Citizens Organize Patrols with App-Enabled Tracking and Make Arrests to Combat Migrant Crime
Faced with rising crime linked to migrants, Dutch citizens have organized citizen patrols, sparking a debate over the repercussions of open border policies and underscoring the call for prioritizing citizens’ safety and even considering deportations.