13 Aug 2023

The ‘Not-Insane’ Cohort Of Americans Is Suddenly Asking The ‘Difficult’ Questions
“The idea that our Justice Department can indict someone, especially the sitting president’s main political rival, over speech that’s protected by the First Amendment is simply insane … Simply put, this indictment is nothing more than a declaration of war against American voters and their constitutional right to free speech.” – Alistair Crooke

Democrats Say It’ll Take A Lot More Than Eyewitness Testimony, Bank Records, Audio, Video, & Complete Confessions For Them To Believe Biden Did Anything Wrong
California Congressman Eric Swalwell. “If you’re wanting me to believe President Biden and his family have been involved in a far-reaching money-for-favors scheme for years, you’ll need to show me a lot more than rock-solid, irrefutable evidence. said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “So he’s on tape taking bribes. It’s not like it proves he took bribes or something.”
Wait … what?

Downtown San Fran Office Tower Sells At 66% Off As CRE Crisis Claims Another Victim
Understanding the backdrop of the crime-ridden progressive metro area of San Francisco, … What are office buildings worth? We quickly found out in June that one downtown San Francisco office building sold for roughly 70% less than its previously estimated value,

Study Reveals Which AI Chatbot Most Woke, While Hackers Trick LLMs Into ‘Bad Math’
According to the study, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, including GPT-4 are the most left-leaning and libertarian (?), while Google’s BERT models were more socially conservative, and Meta’s LLaMA was the most right-leaning.

UFOs take center stage in Washington
Once ridiculed, those reporting UFO sightings are vindicated; US intelligence confirms 144 unexplained events over 17 years; With tech advancements, Washington admits: It’s serious

Peruvian tribe claims it was attacked by seven-foot ‘aliens’
Peruvian villagers of the Ikitu tribe have said they’ve faced attacks by “aliens,” according to an article from La Republica. Local media reported that tribe members have begun nightly patrols in order to protect the vulnerable members of their community including women, children, and the elderly. Additionally, they’ve asked for assistance from Peruvian authorities, including the military, for assistance in protecting them. Community members have described the aliens, … as massive, 7-foot-tall beings.

Oppenheimer’: How Jewish refugees beat the Nazis to the atomic bomb – opinion
An intelligent and sensitive friend asked me recently if I thought she would cringe if she went to see the movie Oppenheimer because of the involvement of Jews in creating the atom bomb. Just the opposite, I told her. Consider for a moment what the world would have been like if the Nazis had succeeded in building the bomb first.

Iran close to testing nuclear weapons for first time – European intel
The Islamic Republic of Iran is close to possibly testing a nuclear weapons device and has sought to obtain illicit technology for its active atomic weapons program, according to a series of shocking European intelligence reports released in 2023.

Ukraine shows destruction of Russian Terminator-2 tank on Telegram
The Russian Terminator-2 tank is one of the most powerful machines on the battlefield, and now Ukraine has a way to stop them Ukrainian officials wrote on telegram that the hit was carried out using “just a few hits of kamikaze drones”.

The nations turning to Israel
One of the most damaging aspects of Replacement Theology is how the ancient biblical prophecy is viewed and understood today. Rather than practical and useful, when we replace Israel from the biblical context, prophecy becomes abstract, metaphorical and symbolic. Yet if the rebirth of the nation of Israel has shown us anything in the last 75 years, it is that God meant exactly what He said in His many promises to the Jewish people.

Vivek Ramaswamy repeats the leftist lie that homosexuality is ‘hardwired’ from birth
The GOP presidential hopeful who kicked off his campaign with a declaration of 10 foundational TRUTHs beginning with “God is real” recently strayed from truth when he declared that homosexuality is “hardwired” at birth and that the burgeoning number of transgendered individuals are folks who are “really just gay.”

School trustee must resign after suggesting steamrolling Christians to death
Recently, a shocking assault on Christians — and their beliefs — was perpetrated by an elected Chilliwack School District #33 Trustee Teri Westerby, a biological female who identifies as transgender. It’s an ominous sign when school board trustees, who have a great deal of direct influence over the learning environment of impressionable school children, explicitly demonstrate contempt for, and hurl abuse at, Christians, many of whom are the very students under their influence.

Death toll from Hawaii fires climbs to 80 as heart-wrenching scenes reveal Maui’s devastation
A cataclysmic fire that tore through a historic Hawaiian town has left behind a trail of ashes and destruction as the death toll continues to rise and search and rescue crews tirelessly sift through the debris.

Severe weather prompts ground stop for multiple airports, including New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia and DC: More than 1,300 flights canceled as thunderstorms hit the East Coast
Airports across swathes of the Eastern Seaboard came to a standstill on Monday afternoon as ground stops were put in place due to storms.

The deadliest natural disaster in Hawaii since it joined U.S. in 1959 
Destructive wildfires in Maui, Hawaii have claimed at least 80 lives and destroyed more than 2 200 structures from August 8 to 9, 2023.

Maui’s Emergency Sirens Failed To Alert Residents
On Friday, HI-EMA confirmed that the sirens that it tests every month in case of a crisis, had never sounded as the flames approached the residential areas.

New Zealand’s choice should be simple; vote for the party that wants to protect not destroy
After three years of pandemic pandemonium that has all but destroyed the New Zealand we knew and loved, we are heading into an election with all the major parties omitting to discuss or even mention what happened and why. So, Dr. Guy Hatchard asks, what did happen?

Twitter CEO: “Free Speech Is NOT Acceptable on X – We’ll Shadowban Harder Than Before”
Newly appointed Twitter CEO and WEF member Linda Yaccarino has announced that “free speech is no longer acceptable on X.”

Missouri senior center cancels weekly Bible study after ‘some residents were offended’
A Christian legal advocacy group is threatening to sue a Missouri senior living center after it allegedly banned residents from holding Bible studies.

WEF Orders Firefox, Chrome & Safari To Start Blocking ‘Blacklisted Websites’
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has instructed major web browser company’s to begin blocking websites deemed “undesirable” by the globalist elites.

Deagel’s 2025 Depopulation Figures are a Target; not an Estimation. Because you’re no longer needed due to the birth of Artificial Intelligence & the next stage of the Elite’s plan is to use Global “Boiling” Propaganda to convince you that you are the Carbon Footprint that should be Eliminated
A chilling plan has been uncovered that should shock you to your very core. For decades, global powers have been orchestrating a depopulation strategy, hidden under the guise of public health crises, economic instability, and environmental concerns. Now, with the dawn of the AI revolution, fondly referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, the world faces an unsettling future.

Taliban’s Massively Successful Opium Eradication Raises Questions About What US Was Doing All Along
“Armed with little more than sticks, teams of counter-narcotics brigades travel the country, cutting down Afghanistan’s poppy fields…”

Judge Lets Starbucks Keep Its Race-Based Hiring Quotas
“If the plaintiff doesn’t want to be invested in ‘woke’ corporate America, perhaps it should seek other investment opportunities rather than wasting this court’s time,”

Canadian Supreme Court refuses to hear appeals over worship restrictions on Christian churches
The Supreme Court of Canada has declined to hear appeals from churches in Ontario and British Columbia that challenged pandemic restrictions on in-person worship. The churches had been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for violating gathering limits.

Ukraine shows destruction of Russian Terminator-2 tank on Telegram
A much-lauded Russian Terminator-2 tank appears to have been destroyed by a Ukrainian tank unit working alongside Ukrainian special forces on Saturday. A video posted to Telegram by the Ukrainian security service SBU (Služba bezpeky Ukrajiny) appears to show the tank being destroyed and nearby soldiers fleeing.

Ukraine war: Crimea bridge targeted by missiles, Russia says
Videos on social media show plumes of smoke rising near Kerch bridge. Russia’s defence ministry said S-200 missiles had been used and shot down causing no damage.

Indictment Watch: Trump Georgia Case Headed To Grand Jury
An Atlanta-area prosecutor has notified at least two witnesses to appear before a grand jury early next week, the most significant indication of her intention to seek indictments in the investigation of how Donald Trump and others tried to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia.

Dozens of thieves ransack Nordstrom…
Shoppers at the Westfield Topanga mall in Canoga Park were in for quite a shock when dozens of thieves ransacked the Nordstrom inside the mall on Saturday, Aug. 12, stealing thousands of dollars worth in merchandise, authorities said.

Rising political threats take USA into uncharted territory as election looms…
This week’s confrontation that ended with FBI agents fatally shooting a 74-year-old Utah man who threatened to assassinate President Joe Biden was just the latest example of how violent rhetoric has created a more perilous political environment across the U.S.