6 Jul 2023

UN ‘Summit of the Future’ Will Set The Stage For New Global Order In 2024
A research director at The Heartland Institute and New York Times bestselling author on Independence Day unleashed a warning to Americans that they may soon be losing their independence. Justin Haskins has written at The Federalist about a series of proposals to be considered at the United Nations next year, only weeks before the 2024 presidential election. One especially has grabbed his attention, the one regarding “emergencies.” “The proposal might be the biggest attempted power grab in the history of the United Nations. If approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist,”

IDF strikes targets in Lebanon after rocket launch
There were no immediate claims of responsibility for the rocket fire and no immediate responses from the Lebanese army or the United Nations’ peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL). Tensions have been high along the border after the Hezbollah terror group pitched two tents on the Israeli side of the demarcation line. It was reported on Sunday that the group removed one of the tents.

Secret Service Confirms Cocaine Was Found In West Wing Phone Cubby Hours After Hunter Biden Visit
The good news is that since every visitor to the White House is logged and every square inch of the premises is under constant video surveillance, the mystery won’t last long… unless of course the White House webcam operator was previously in charge of the the Jeffrey Epstein suicide cams all of which “broke” just before the famous pedophile “killed himself.”

China taking credit for Putin not using nukes in Ukraine war
Chinese President Xi Jinping warned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to use nuclear weapons during the invasion of Ukraine, with Beijing now determined to take credit for keeping Moscow’s nuclear threats in check, the Financial Times reported Wednesday.

What the Wagner Revolt in Russia Means for China, Mideast Countries, and Beyond
The question marks about the situation are compounded by reports that General Sergei Surovikin, the former top Russian military commander in Ukraine, knew in advance of Prigozhin’s planned revolt.Another senior military officer, Lt. Gen. Vladimir Alekseyev, appeared on video, chatting with Prighozin after the Rostov-on-Don takeover. Rather than wanting to replace Russia, China hopes to emerge as the dominant power in the region with Russia as its junior partner.

French journalist apprehended with 3 grenades at border crossing
The journalist, who was in possession of an official journalist ID card, drove from the city of Jenin to the crossing this afternoon. Upon inspection of his vehicle, Ministry of Defense security guards discovered a gas grenade and two additional grenades used for riot dispersion. Police forces arrived at the crossing to safely dispose of the grenades.

Christian, to Oppose Jewish Settlement Is to Oppose God
The Jews are being settled in their own land, by God. I, a “stranger,” have taken hold of this nation. For I have heard, and seen, and know, that God is with them.

As Russia cracks down on political dissidents, former Moscow chief rabbi branded ‘foreign agent’
Thousands of Russian Jewish families wait for permission to immigrate to Israel. Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt was declared a “foreign agent” by Russia over the weekend amid Moscow’s growing crackdown on political dissidents. Goldschmidt previously served as Moscow’s chief rabbi in the Jewish community for three decades and as the acting president of the Conference of European Rabbis.

Netanyahu praises IDF Operation Home and Garden in Jenin, says more to come
Netanyahu hailed the Israel Defense Forces for eliminating “many terrorist infrastructures” and preventing more attacks originating from the Palestinian terror hub. The prime minister stressed there would be more future IDF operations against the considerable terror network in the Jenin area.

From COVID to Ukraine: The experiment of godless Western liberalism has failed
With the project to destabilize Russia backfiring, the Regime of the West is facing a dramatic loss of face. Combined with deepening economic problems, ballooning debt and civil strife between the parallel cultures which now compose its nations, the Western world is in the process of a second great disenchantment. What is ‘disenchantment’? the Encyclopedia Britannica notes, it has a definition … “the supposed conditions of the world once science and the Enlightenment have eroded the sway of religion and superstition.”

Ransomware criminals are targeting nation’s schools, dumping kids’ private files online
The confidential documents stolen from schools and dumped online by ransomware gangs are raw, intimate and graphic. They describe student sexual assaults, psychiatric hospitalizations, abusive parents, truancy — even suicide attempts. “Please do something,” begged a student in one leaked file, recalling the trauma of continually bumping into an ex-abuser at a school in Minneapolis. Other victims talked about wetting the bed or crying themselves to sleep.

Deadly flash floods sweep Lahore after record rainfall, Pakistan
Seven fatalities were recorded in Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, following record-breaking rainfall that led to severe urban flooding and substantial infrastructure damage across various areas.

Storm Poly – Strongest summer storm on record hits the Netherlands
An exceptional summer storm named Poly by the German Weather Service wreaked havoc in the Netherlands on July 5, 2023. Recognized as the strongest summer storm ever and the overall strongest since January 2018, Poly brought record-breaking wind speeds to the country, causing widespread damage and claiming at least one life.

Tucker Carlson: ‘Pride’ is a ‘religious war’ that may bring same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah 
‘This is not about liberation. It’s just the opposite. It’s just another religious war’ the former Fox News host said. ‘[It’s] the people who think they’re God versus everybody else.’

Western Leaders Have Effectively Embraced Ukrainian Nazism 
As all wars do, the war in Ukraine has produced volumes of propaganda. The most popular theme is that Volodymyr Zelensky (genetically Jewish but without any Jewish religious or cultural ties) opposes the “Hitler-like” Putin. Indeed, Zelensky has accused Putin of Hitler-esque antisemitism, a claim that garners support from American Jews and the media. Israelis, however, do not support this assertion. They know the truth, which is that Ukraine has deep roots in Naziism, a relationship Ukraine celebrates to this day.

IDF Accuses Palestinians of ‘Fortifying’ Mosque With Underground Tunnel and Weapons Cache
On Tuesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Tuesday accused Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank city of Jenin of turning the al-Ansar mosque into a “fortified” hideout.

French Military Brass make Veiled Threat to Macron for Possible Coup. Rioters hunt for Government Officials 
There are unconfirmed reports that certain senior and serving French Military commanders have delivered an ultimatum to Macron. Restore order within 48 hours or they will.

Biden Close To Approving Cluster Bombs, Banned In 120 Countries, For Ukraine
President Biden is said to be close to approving controversial cluster munitions for Ukraine. CNN on Friday cites administration sources to say he is “strongly considering” approval of the transfer.

Greece on Edge: Army of Muslims March Through Cyprus Holding Qurans: Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ 
Pakistani Muslim protesters issue grave warnings to Greece, vowing retribution for any desecration of their sacred texts and raising fears of unrest and social tensions.

CDC Altered Minnesota Death Certificates that List a Covid Vaccine as a Cause of Death
Someone (who needs to remain anonymous) was able to obtain the death certificates from Minnesota for all deaths that occurred from 2015 to the present, which presented the opportunity to see if the CDC is being entirely honest about the US death data. Unsurprisingly, the CDC is not.

Electric vehicles are financing slave labour operations and destruction of the environment
If UK Councils have independently researched the environmental and social impact of making the batteries for the proposed electric bikes, scooters and buses then they are knowingly supporting slave labour and destruction of the environment.

Flashback: Chemtrails, vaccines and the many diseases they cause
Aerial spraying of bacterium DNA particles via chemtrails was deployed on Chinese and Korean populations in 1946. Although the bacterium can lay dormant for decades, it can be triggered by vaccines.  Many veterans of the war later developed multiple sclerosis.

Report: UN ‘Pact For The Future’ Seeks Permanent Emergency Powers For ‘Complex Global Shocks’ 
The UN is set to outline a far reaching plan to secure emergency powers that would allow the global body to lead a “common agenda” for all nations during any “complex global shocks” such as a new pandemic.

Green Murder: We have a crisis but it’s not a climate crisis
“We have a problem with a crisis. It’s not a crisis of climate.  It’s a crisis of common sense.  It’s a crisis of government policy.  It’s a crisis of education … Green policy leads to people dying … We are killing people with green policies,”  Professor Ian Plimer said.

The United Nations 2023 SDG Summit Marks A ‘New Phase Of Accelerated Progress’ Towards Agenda 2030 And Their Sustainable Development Goals
It will mark the beginning of a new phase of accelerated progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals with high-level political guidance on transformative and accelerated actions leading up to Agenda 2030.

GREAT RESET: Cities In California Rolling Out Aerial Drone Police Crafts Capable Of Opening Doors, Smashing Through Glass And Tracking Vehicles
When someone calls 911 for police in the upscale beach town of Santa Monica, California, a drone is dispatched from the roof of the station with a push of a button.

The Crime of the Century: Did Joe Biden and his Cronies Steal a Billion Dollars from U.S. Taxpayers by Overpaying for Chinese Covid Test Kits?
There are five obvious things almost everyone who isn’t blind, deaf, or really dumb knows at this point…1-Joe Biden is the most crooked, corrupt and compromised politician in the history of the Presidency.