9 Jun 2023

There are Now 250 “Out-of-Control” Fires in Canada, Here’s Why Some Say It’s All ‘Planned’ 
Massive wildfires have rapidly spread across the Canadian province of Quebec, fueled by dry and hot weather conditions and multiple lightning strikes. The number of fires escalated from 36 to over 100 following a thunderstorm on June 1st, catching authorities off guard. As of Thursday, that massive conflagration has gotten worse. Much, much worse. And the flames are spreading.

Air quality improves for cities along I-95 corridor as Canada’s wildfire smoke moves through US
The FOX Forecast Center said as winds shifted during the afternoon, New York City and Philadelphia began to see improvements but the unhealthy air quality was expected to spread westward toward Pittsburgh and the Ohio Valley.

It’s official: World enters El Nino climate pattern
The warming of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean can have significant impacts on global weather, and when sea surface temperature anomalies reach 0.5°C or warmer than what is typical, an El Niño is considered to be underway.

‘Only one sausage per month for everyone!’ German Nutrition Society recommends over 90% reduction in daily meat eating– to combat global warming
German daily newspaper Bild: Only one sausage per month for everyone!  – “Less meat consumption = better climate? The Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture has calculated that even halving meat consumption would bring Germany one percentage point closer to its climate goals.” … “No one wants to ban people from their occasional currywurst. But overall meat consumption in the population is too high for health and sustainability reasons, it’s a scientific fact“, indicates the DGE to the German newspaper.

The Church of Psilomethoxin Uses Psychedelics to Worship
The army vets behind the Church of Psilomethoxin have a unique sacrament – one that involves a drug derived from shrooms and a poisonous amphibian.

Canadian elementary students forced to watch drag show in school gym to celebrate ‘pride’ month 
A Canadian elementary school bearing the name of a Catholic saint hosted what some described as a “disgusting” and wild “pride” celebration last week featuring a drag queen, a giant rainbow tunnel, and “pride” flags galore.

South Africa plans to limit water for white people by enacting “race quotas”…
This is one of those story titles that makes you go, “Is this for real?” But then you actually open it up and realize it’s true, leaving you wondering what on earth is going on in our messed up progressive clown world.

Journalists Are Asking Ukrainian Soldiers To Hide Their Nazi Patches, NYT Admits
The New York Times has been forced to very, very belatedly deal with something which had long been obvious and known to many independent analysts and media outlets, but which has been carefully shielded from the mainstream masses in the West for obvious reasons.

Instagram Algorithms Promote Pedophile Networks: Investigation Finds
Instagram’s algorithms connect a vast network of pedophiles, an investigation by The Wall Street Journal, Stanford University, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst discovered.

France: Open Borders Advocates’ Hypocrisy Exposed When Their Children Are at Risk
The park, originally intended as a recreational space for children, has now become a temporary home for the migrant camp.

Federal judge rules against Tennessee law prohibiting drag queen shows for children
A federal judge on Friday ruled against a new Tennessee law prohibiting sexual performances like drag shows in venues where children are or may be present. Backers of the legislation have called on the state’s Republican attorney general to challenge the decision.

New York City Skyline Turned In Apocalyptic End Times Nightmare As Smoke From Wildfires In Canada Render It Nearly Uninhabitable
In a scene straight out of the book of Joel, or even Revelation, the ‘city that never sleeps’ has been engulfed with apocalyptic smoke, infused with an orange-red glow, that has drifted down from wildfires raging out of control in Canada. This is resulting in the worst air quality ever recorded in New York City, and at the moment, just may be the worst anywhere in the world. To you, this may look like an environmental disaster. To me it looks like a harbinger of more to come.

Claim: Assisted Suicide Becomes 3rd Leading Cause of Death in Quebec — 7% of All Deaths
Canada looks set to face another record-shattering year of euthanasia deaths in 2023 after a reported 35 percent rise to some 13,500 state-sponsored suicides in 2022, an analysis of official data shows.

UKHSA nudges festival-goers to get MMR vaccines
UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) is pushing for festival-goers to get two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (“MMR”) vaccine. “We’re seeing outbreaks of measles. Check you’ve had 2 doses of the #MMR vaccine for the full protection,” UKHSA tweeted yesterday.

This is how the Canadian Government start the fires
It seems Canada isn’t sophiticated enough to use Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). Looks like they opted for a drone with a flame thrower instead.