You May Soon Have a Credit Score :: By Daymond Duck

Concerning tracking of all buying and selling: on Apr. 26, 2023, it was reported that Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, said the World Health Organization (WHO) is promoting a vaccine passport that has the same digital platform as China’s social credit system.

It can identify people by their face scan; identify their location; record their residence, place of work, spending history, internet searches, criminal records, and much more (just like they do in Communist China).

Littlejohn said the WHO used Covid-19 to get people to accept vaccine passports to move about, and in the future, they will push the idea that if you want to be free, you will get vaccinated and accept a vaccine passport.

Simply put, vaccine passports will enable authorities to track all one does.

Citizens that have them will be accepted as good citizens, but citizens that don’t have them will be labeled as bad citizens and denied many of their rights.

I have little doubt that our government will deny that they will do this (it is called deceit), but the Bible teaches that people will call evil good and good evil at the end of the age.

Here are some recent events that seem to indicate that the end of the age is near.

One, concerning population control and world government: it is a well-known fact that:

  • Some World Economic Forum (WEF) leaders want to reduce the population of the earth.
  • Some Climate Change advocates want to reduce the consumption of meat and restrict how many cattle that farmers and ranchers can raise.
  • Bill Gates and others are beginning to produce synthetic meat products.

On Apr. 17, 2023, New York City Mayor Adams announced his desire to reduce the city’s food-related greenhouse gas emissions by one-third in seven years.

Some of the things he is considering are restrictions on food served in city buildings, hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, etc.

(My opinion: I don’t think it is a coincidence that the UN, WEF, Pres. Biden, and others want to establish a world government by 2030 or sooner, and Mayor Adams wants to control New Yorker’s food consumption by 2030. If he gets control of their food consumption, he will be able to control them.)

Two, concerning God’s promise to bless those that bless Israel and to curse those that curse Israel: on Apr. 21, 2023, Israeli Prime Min. Netanyahu was speaking about the improving ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel’s enemy Iran when he said (my words for the sake of brevity):

  • Those who partner with Israel boost their societies. Israel now has billions of dollars in investment and trade with the Gulf states (it was nothing a few years ago, and we haven’t even scratched the surface).
  • Those who partner with Iran partner with misery and have turned into nearly failed states. Look at Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.

This difference is real, and it speaks to the truth of God’s Word.

(Concerning Saudi Arabia’s improving relationship with Israel’s enemy Iran: on Apr. 27, 2023, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, “I think that this administration, the Biden administration, has worked overtime to alienate the Saudis.”)

Three, God said His Spirit will draw the Jews back to Israel at the end of the age. On Apr. 25, 2023, it was reported that Israel’s population is now 9,727,000 people, and 73.5% are Jews.

Four, concerning world government: on Apr. 26, 2023, it was reported that the United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are disappointed with the speed of world government development.

They want to speed up progress on the Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

The WEF is planning to meet later this year to discuss ways to accelerate the globalist agenda.

According to the article, the globalist Build Back Better agenda will have many of the characteristics of communism.

Citizens will be required to work for the “common good” instead of their “personal good” (wealth distribution for all of society instead of personal gain for individuals based on hard work).

(My opinion: I find it interesting that the Bible says a Restrainer, probably Church and Holy Spirit, are holding back the rise of the Antichrist, and the UN and WEF are disappointed with the speed of world government development.)

(Note: Considering that the WHO is promoting a vaccine passport that has the same digital platform as China’s social credit system, the thought of a world government with many of the characteristics of communism is bad news. Praise God for the Rapture.)

(More: Since writing the above about the UN and WEF wanting to speed up the globalist agenda, it has been reported that the meeting to do that will be held in New York on Sept. 18-19, 2023. This second report said the UN website says the meeting will “mark the beginning of a new phase of accelerated progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.”)

Five, concerning the firing of Tucker Carlson by Fox News: speculation abounds, and I don’t know the facts, but on Apr. 27, 2023, American Thinker posted an article by J. Robert Smith that caught my attention:

According to Smith, Carlson recently said (in my words for the sake of brevity):

  • The conflict between traditional America and the Left is because the Left has increasingly embraced evil.
  • Most Americans don’t want to regard other Americans as evil, but the evidence is abundant and growing.
  • American civilization hangs in the balance.
  • If you have people who are saying, ‘I have an idea, let’s castrate the next generation, let’s sexually mutilate children,’ I’m sorry, that’s not a political debate. That has nothing to do with politics.
  • Proclaiming killing babies in the womb as a “positive good” is morally grotesque.
  • Sexually indoctrinating children — from kindergarten forward — is a lurid act of mental and emotional molestation.

Smith opined:

  • The Left is a cult instigating a movement to destroy traditional mores and culture and then impose a radically new perverse morality and order on Americans.
  • There’s a cold war underway that’s unlimited in scope, initiated by a pernicious, destructive leftist cult, a war whereby society is to be consumed, spit out, and remade.

Here is a link to the article:

(Note: Abortion, same-sex marriage, an anti-Christian world religion, a communist world government, etc., are definitely unbiblical and evil.)

(More: In Mar. 2023, TN Gov. Bill Lee signed a bill that bans transgender medical surgeries that permanently alter the life of children starting on July 1, 2023. On Apr. 20, 2023, Biden’s Dept. of Justice joined several plaintiffs in a lawsuit to have the TN law declared unconstitutional.)

Six, concerning pestilences and deceit: in mid-Apr. 2023, rebels trying to topple the Sudanese government seized control of the nation’s National Public Health Library and bio-lab that has been experimenting with pathogens and hazardous materials.

There was an immediate outcry from the World Health Organization (WHO) and others who were afraid deadly diseases would be released and start another global pandemic.

On Apr. 30, 2030, it was reported that the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) under Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided $20 million to the bio-lab to study some of the deadly pathogens.

Seven, concerning deceit: on May 1, 2023, it was reported that some people want to have a limb removed, one of their eyes put out, or whatever so they can identify as disabled and draw a disability check.

If a person can falsely identify as any gender they want and force the public to recognize it, why can’t a person falsely identify as disabled and force the public to recognize it.

Eight, concerning deceit: around midnight Apr. 28, an illegal alien, who has been deported 5 times, shot and killed 5 people in Texas.

Instead of blaming our government’s open border policies, most media pundits blamed the illegal alien’s gun.

Nine, concerning the coming economic collapse: First Republic Bank (based in San Francisco) failed on May 1, 2023.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) seized its assets and sold them to JP Morgan.

Three of the four largest bank failures in U.S. History have now occurred under the Biden administration (and he wants to cause more problems for banks and citizens by increasing our national debt even more than it is now).

(More: On May 2, 2023, it was reported that the assets of the three banks that have collapsed this year (Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank) were more than the 25 banks that collapsed in 2008. This is huge, and it is why the government is urging bank investors and customers to remain calm.)

(My opinion: I don’t know the day or the hour of the Rapture, but that event could accelerate everything: world government, global economic collapse, etc. We cannot know when it will happen, but we know the problems and evil will greatly increase after the Church is removed from this earth.)

Ten, the coming world religion will reject Jehovah, Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, and Judaism.

During a recent speech in Switzerland, Yuval Noah Harari, one of Klaus Schwab’s top assistants at the World Economic Forum (WEF), said the world is on the verge of a new religion created by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As I understand it, computers that have been programmed by non-Christians will write religious beliefs to replace the Scriptures.

According to Harari, “religions throughout history claimed that their holy books were written by unknown human intelligence. This was never true before. This could become true very, very quickly, with far-reaching consequences.”

Denying that the Bible was written by people under the inspiration of God is about as anti-Bible, anti-Jewish, and anti-Christian as one can get.

Eleven, concerning the Mark of the Beast in the forehead or right hand of people: on May 3, 2023, Blackrock Neurotech in Salt Lake City reported that it has implanted microchips in the brain of dozens of people.

According to the article, more than 50,000 people (this is probably a worldwide number) have already been chipped between their thumb and index finger, and a 2021 survey in the EU found that 51% would consider having a microchip implanted in their body.

It is important to understand that this is not the Mark of the Beast that the False Prophet and the Antichrist will push at the middle of the Tribulation Period, but the technology to do that will soon be ready.

Twelve, concerning open borders, the decline of America, and world government: on May 3, 2023, it was suggested that Pres. Biden is sending 1,500 U.S. troops to America’s border with Mexico, not to close the border, not to stop the flow of illegal drugs, not to stop the human trafficking, but to help process the surge of illegal immigrants that is expected to come when Title 42 ends.

It appears that Biden is using the military because he wants to improve his image before the next election.

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.