Special Offer on Terry James’ End Times Novel

My publisher is offering a special price on the electronic form of my first book of the REVELATIONS series. We hope to familiarize those who know of my writing on Bible prophecy with my novel efforts. My purpose in writing fiction is to, I prayerfully hope, interest you who are in the RR family in passing along the fictional stories to the younger people in your family and others of your acquaintance and concern. – Thus so, they, too, might be led by the Holy Spirit to become interested in matters in the Bible.

At only .99 cents, it seems like a good deal.

Blessings, Terry


Tyce Greyson, a TV journalist and reporter, visits the Wailing Wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. While doing broadcasts, Greyson has episodes that bring on visions. While on air, he makes predictions that come true.


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