Stupidocrisy: Media Say Trump Prosecution Good for US :: By Bill Wilson

Many leading media outlets have written stories suggesting that democracies routinely prosecute their heads of state, and this is good for the democracy, they say. These stories are no less an attempt to shape America’s public opinion that prosecuting former president Trump is good for the country. America is a Constitutional Republic where the rule of law takes precedence over majority opinion. True democracy is majority rule, not necessarily ruled by laws. The law in the Republic is not supposed to be politically twisted or weaponized against anyone. We are equal under the law.

Trump’s political opponents have raised false accusations and charges against him since his political journey began. None have stuck.

Writers for The Washington Post, Newsweek, New York Times, and Axios all say that America behaving like banana republics is a good thing. Of course, they all work for leftist publications. They list out how the leaders of France, South Korea, Italy, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Peru, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, and, yes, Israel have all been prosecuted and many convicted of criminal charges. Axios writes: “The big pictureIn reality, leaders who left office since 2000 have been jailed or prosecuted in at least 78 countries–including in democracies like France, Israel, and South Korea. Since 1980, around half of the world’s countries have had at least one such case, and that’s not counting impeachments or coups.”

Not counting impeachments or coups? Coups are the meat and potatoes of tyranny.

In its study of world leader prosecutions, Axios stated, “For obvious reasons, the countries that are least likely to be filled in on our map are monarchies or dictatorships where leaders are long-serving and untouchable.”

Those “obvious reasons” for not including untouchable monarchs or dictators are that it would undermine the authors’ premise that such “prosecutions” are good for democracies. China is a “democracy.” So are Russia and Cuba, for example. In those one-party, one-ballot types of countries, political opposition is eliminated, often by execution, sometimes with show trials designed to rile public opinion against the leader on twisted interpretations of their so-called “laws.”

Starting to sound familiar?

Trump said that America was behaving like a third-world country. Conservative and liberal commentators alike say the indictment is on shaky legal ground. Many believe that this prosecution is a tremendous form of politically-motivated election interference. And the news media is in an all-out effort to convince the American people that this sort of political assassination is a good thing because it happens all the time in other “democracies.”

It will be a good thing until it becomes like Russia, where the leader just has the journalists killed when they don’t agree with him. Always remember that there is a double edge to the sword of tyranny.

In the meantime, as in 2 Timothy 3:13, “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

Unfortunately, many are in the media, and it’s, say it with me… Stupidocrisy.

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