Of Evil Leaders and Hapless Victims :: By Bill Wilson

Communism and socialism are about control and wealth redistribution. There are leaders, and there are victims. While the leaders of these systems always say they are upholding the rights of the minorities and marginalized (the victims), what they are really doing is robbing the victims blind and enslaving them.

The goal is to make these victims believe and trust that the leaders are working on their behalf, so there is this constant pressure applied by the leaders that gives the impression that the leaders are the saviors. But it really never gets better for the victims; they are just hoping it will.

There are two main areas today that the leaders are pressing the victims—climate change and healthcare.

We have seen the results of socialist healthcare as led by the World Health Organization in partnership with the World Economic Forum. Millions lose their lives to medical protocols decided upon and dictated by health “administrators” rather than scientists and doctors. The leaders used fear and sold the victims on the hope that lockdowns, unsafe and ineffective vaccines, and demonizing alternative opinions as unscientific would save them. All the while, they were draining the victims of not only their lifeblood but also their ability to financially sustain themselves.

Currently, almost every claim the leaders made about COVID has turned out to be a lie, but it is no consolation to the victims. The damage is done. The wealth redistributed.

Climate change is no different. Selling the victims once again on the fear that because of mankind, the planet will be destroyed due to weather changes, the leaders are at the best of their deadly game. Taxes will be used to save the planet from the weather. Electric everything will make a cleaner environment and save the planet. Wind will be a safe and effective way to generate electricity. Leaders crisscross the world in private jets mongering the fear. Companies have started making batteries, windmills, and setting up charging stations.

Wealth redistribution from taxes, government contracts, and backroom deals fund these efforts. Contracts with slavers in China and elsewhere mine the deadly battery ingredients. Entire industries are set up to exploit natural resources at the expense of human life and the environment.

California is a great example. It made such a push for electric cars, then, because it couldn’t handle its very basic electric demand, had to prohibit people from charging their cars due to rolling brown-outs.

Windmills off the shores of New Jersey are reportedly damaging the marine life ecosystem to the point of causing massive deaths of whales and other fish, as well as birds.

The very leaders who encourage victims with environmental lip service are the ones causing this new brand of environmental terrorism and modern slavery. They are pocketing the extra cash and thumbing their noses at the hapless victims.

Ephesians 5:6 says, “Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things comes the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.”

Obey God, not man. Be a victor, not a victim.

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