Balloonathon :: By Bill Wilson

The Biden Administration, under the leader of the Commander in Chief, allowed a known Communist Chinese spy balloon to track its way across the United States for several days without taking action. Biden himself ordered the balloon shot down on February 1, but a defense official overruled him because of “safety concerns.” Then Biden’s boys thought they could throw up a smokescreen and say the same thing happened under Trump several times. Just as the news media was buying that story, the American people got a little outraged, and the poll numbers started showing that people were upset that their national security was at risk. But what happens next is bizarre.

Now it seems that anything that flies and Biden can’t identify, they are shooting it down. The US military has shot down four such “unidentified flying objects” in the last week or so. A military jet shot down an unidentified object flying over Lake Huron. Nobody knows what it was, or if they do, they aren’t saying. They say it was “octagonal” with strings hanging off of it. Over the northern coast of Alaska, another flying something-or-other the size of a car was shot down. Biden said the operation was a “success.” Then, another object was shot down over Canada that was about the size of three school buses – a balloon, a car, three school buses, and something else all in about a week.

These leaders in control of the military are not saying what these objects are. And one, General Glen Van Herck, head of NORAD and U. Northern Command, said he wouldn’t rule out something extraterrestrial.

How about ruling in something?

How about this military, under these particular deep state and socialist leaders, is not up to the task of defending this country and protecting its national security?

How about admitting that Communist China or some other similar actor is probing our military while collecting data?

How about knowing that the communist military doctrine would probe until it is stopped?

And how about understanding that the patterns that Biden establishes in responding to these probes, as well as the information they collect until there is a response, is being used to form strategic dangers to Americans?

It just seems that all of a sudden, Biden believes that he needs to show the American people he is watching out for the skies, so anything that moves is fair game.

The problem here is that bad things have been going on for a long time—things that put us and our children at risk. We may not know what they are, but these new revelations are signs that something is amiss.

May we have a Luke 8:17 moment: “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”

And may we be able to identify truth and have the wisdom to respond accordingly to defend ourselves and to save our posterity.

These are indeed perilous times, and our leaders are not equipped to, or don’t want to, protect and defend this nation. Let’s demand they do, and that they do so wisely.

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