Mr. Biden, Balunacy, and Minnesota Madness :: By Terry James

Can there be any doubt? In every direction we look, Romans 1:28 projects from our TV screens and computer monitors. The proof of reprobate, aberrant thinking reddens the horizon with warnings of dangerous times ahead.

Anti-God forces have put the planet’s populations in a position that, like in the time of the antediluvian world of rebels, God’s wrath and judgment must again fall. This article will, I hope, point to several examples that typify the reprobate mindset and show how far into upside-down thinking those, particularly within leadership positions, have descended.

Being several months older than the current US president, it gives me no pleasure to point out what everyone knows but few amongst the media and elective government will verbalize. Joe Biden is in obvious cognitive decline. His leadership as a US senator and vice president has been the topic of concern for many years, but lately, the mental decline is manifest anytime he is off the prompter. He answers practically no questions from the press assigned specifically to solicit answers that inform the American public.

A mainstream news media with a collective ideology that views America’s founding as being wickedly flawed–even evil from inception—covers up the president’s refusal and/or inability to cogently frame thoughts that American presidents have always been demanded to verbalize. I offer as evidence, for those old enough to remember, the way the wolves of the mainstream media tore at Vice President Dan Quayle for simply misspelling “potato.” This president makes gaffe after gaffe constantly without a word from the sycophantic press. They consistently prevaricate in their “reporting” in order to make the anti-America-as-founded charges, apparently wanting to move this nation as far ideologically left as most of Europe now is—or even farther left politically.

The most recent cover-up situation by what used to be referred to as “the fourth estate” involves Biden’s apparent business partner, China. The balloon sent from that Far-Eastern enemy of the United States floated across the Pacific Ocean, the largest body of water on the planet, then traversed the entire nation at 60,000 feet before finally being shot down in US waters less than 12 miles off our East Coast.

The balloon was technologically directed by China, according to some in the know. It did not just drift accidentally into American air space. The Biden administration allowed the invasion of territory some 60,000 feet above the nation. The excuse so far offered for not shooting it down is a fear that the heavy parts would crash to earth, endangering the American people.

The balloon first attracted public controversy Wednesday as it hovered near multiple military sites in Montana. China has insisted that the balloon was a civilian airship that went off course.

A report on Bloomberg said that US officials were aware of the balloon back on Jan. 28, when it first entered American airspace over the Aleutian Islands. The balloon then drifted into Canada before returning over Idaho on Tuesday…

Despite downing the balloon on Saturday, the Biden administration took withering criticism from E. Casey Wardynski, a former assistant secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs in the Trump administration, according to Fox News…

Wardynski said the lack of action that took place as the balloon drifted across America amounted to” an excuse to do nothing, which is the kind of government we’ve got—a do-nothing government.”

He noted that the balloon was treated differently than almost any other aircraft.

“It’s our airspace. They [China] would’ve shot this thing down long ago if it was an American aircraft,” he said.

The Biden administration’s blustering “feeds into the overall picture of the Defense Department, which is that it’s a crowd that can’t shoot straight,” he said. (“Breaking Update: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down,” Jack Davis, Patriot Update, February 4, 2023)

More troubling than not being able to “shoot straight” is the fact that the administration no longer seems able to “think straight.” It seems the “reprobate mind” infects Washington, DC.

And it infects governments of lesser status as well. Minnesota state government manifests the Romans 1:28 malady, too, it is more than obvious:

Democrats [who hold a 34–33 majority in the state senate and a 70–64 advantage in the state house] in Minnesota banned coal, oil and gas after passing historic legislation in the state House of Representatives on Thursday…

And the legislation will cause electricity prices to skyrocket.

This comes at the same time that Joe Biden banned mining in the Iron Range, a Democrat-dominant working-class area in north-eastern Minnesota.

The new energy infrastructure in Minnesota will ban mining here at home as Biden struck a deal with African nations that use child labor, and China, where they use slave labor.

All in the name of climate change – the new religion of the left…

This is an unrealistic timeline that could endanger the lives of Minnesotans if it fails while causing their electricity bills to skyrocket, Republicans argued throughout the night.

They unsuccessfully offered several amendments to the bill, including lifting the state’s moratorium on new nuclear power plants, allowing for the use of carbon sequestration technologies, and delaying the standard to consider its impact on child and slave labor in the green energy supply chain.

“Frankly, what this bill will be doing today is making Minnesota reliant on nations around the globe that have no labor standards and no environmental standards. Minnesota in this bill will build a clean grid economy on the backs of child slaves in China and poor environmental regulations in Indonesia and the Congo,” Rep. Spencer Igo, R-Wabana Township, said at a press conference ahead of the debate.

He said the resources to build a clean energy future are right in Minnesota’s backyard, yet the federal government has now banned mining on 250,000 acres of the Iron Range.

“The third-largest deposits of copper, nickel and cobalt that exist in the known world are only 250 miles north of this Capitol. Instead of investing in those resources … we have decided to export it around the world where carbon emissions will be 20, 25, or 30 times higher than if we were to do it here in Minnesota,” he continued. (“Suicide Pact: Minnesota Democrats Pass Bill to Ban Coal, Oil and Gas in One of Nation’s Coldest States – As Biden Bans Mining in State’s Iron Range,” Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, February 3, 2023)

Minnesota, one of the very coldest states of the Union, has as its elected leadership a majority that insists on doing away with affordable ways to keep warm. Reprobate minds, to be sure…

I tend to agree with the assessment that says blame for this and most other craziness shouldn’t be placed on this cognitively dysfunctional president. These things are being perpetrated and/or allowed—certainly directed—by the globalists. Mr. Biden is but a useful tool in the hands of those such as Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and others, it seems to me.

This upside-down non-reasoning all means that Christ’s Rapture call to believers in this anti-God age so near the Tribulation can’t be far distant. Christ’s promised return to end the madness is a bright beam of hope piercing the darkening horizon.

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).