The Prayer I Did Not Want to Pray :: By Keith Watts

The title of the message is My Testimony on The Prayer I Did Not Want to Pray to God. The link to the message is below.

It started in the year 2019. For seven months, the Holy Spirit kept bringing into my mind a prayer to pray to my Heavenly Father, and I kept telling the Holy Spirit that this prayer was too big to pray. This went on for two more months into 2020. So for nine months, I said, no, I cannot say this prayer; it is so big. Finally, I gave in to the Holy Spirit one night in February and said this prayer to my Heavenly Father. He knew that I meant it from my heart. He also knew I had faith in my heart that if he has called me to do this, he would accomplish it through me, using me as a willing vessel for him. Even right now when I think about it and how big it is, it can be so scary. I knew that because of this prayer that the rest of my life would forever change, and it has.

This prayer has gotten the full attention of the evil side. (When you try to go all out for the Lord, you will get the evil side’s attention every time.) I knew that because of this prayer so many things would happen in my life that would be so hard not only on my life but also on my wife’s and son’s life as well. (This has been the hardest to deal with.) The spiritual warfare is so real. Even right now, writing this article, I know in my heart that the worst could be yet to come in my life, but he is Faithful and True. Why? When I write down the prayer in this article, you will know why. If I think about it through human eyes, I could very quickly say no to the prayer and wish I had never prayed this prayer. (That is the easy way out.) The vicious spiritual attacks on my family would stop. My life on this earth, humanly speaking, would get so much easier for me and my son.

But by the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit and the living grace of God (my pastor preached on this last night), It will be accomplished. When I think about the cross and what Jesus did for me, how can I quit? When I think about all the precious lost souls around the world, how can I quit? I cannot quit. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Jesus is far greater than Satan. THE ONLY WAY I WILL SURVIVE THE ATTACKS IS TO WALK HAND IN HAND WITH JESUS EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. That means reading my Bible and praying every day. If I don’t do this, I will not last, and I will not be a vessel fit for use to the Lord. (Lord, I pray that you will help me through this journey that you have called me to do in Jesus’ precious name; Amen!)

Let’s get into the message.


  1. The virgin birth of Jesus

Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

We are so used to living our normal lives and so used to all of the same Bible stories that we live our lives like we do not believe this verse. Because of this, it has a major effect on our prayer life. Our prayer life has no effect on God’s heart when we pray. “Without faith, it is impossible to please him.” We are so used to not seeing the impossible that we believe that the impossible cannot happen. According to this verse, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD ALMIGHTY. I want you to really look into your heart and see if you really believe this verse, and if you do believe it, do you live this verse in your prayer life?

The angel Gabriel said this to Mary after he said that she was going to have a child. Since she did not know a man intimately, this was humanly impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible. I believe when she realized she was pregnant with the Son of God, she believed this verse.

  1. Creation: Genesis 1:1-27

God created everything. He spoke everything into existence except for Adam; he formed him out of the dust of the earth and made him in his own image. This is in verse 27. What is so amazing to me is most ministers around the world don’t even believe these verses in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible. So if you don’t believe in creation, how in the world are you going to believe Luke 1:37? You’re not. Your church members will not believe also. Do you believe that God is the Creator of all things? I do. I believe in John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:2 “The same was in the beginning with God.”

John 1:3 “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

Jesus is the creator of all things. You would really be surprised how many Bible Colleges across the USA and around the world don’t believe in the creation of the Bible. That means so many people that call themselves Christians don’t believe in the Bible’s creation. Why is this? Most people believe what the preacher says behind the pulpit instead of what the Bible says. No wonder we are (the church) a mess. If you do not believe in the creation of the Bible, how can you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins? How can you believe in the virgin birth of Jesus? How can you believe Jesus came out of the tomb? How can you be saved and go to heaven? You are not saved.

  1. The 10 plagues in Egypt (this showed his power over creation): Exodus chapters 7–12

So many have tried to explain all of these plagues, that God was not involved in them or that it really did not happen. It is amazing that Pharaoh’s heart was so hard that he did not believe in the God that was bringing these plagues on his people. One time he even asked Moses to pray for him. Jesus had shown his power over creation when he was on earth. He said to the sea, “Peace, be still,” and immediately the sea was calm. The storm was so bad that most of them thought they were going to die. This was so amazing to the disciples that were in the boat. They said, “Even the sea obeys him.” Why is this? Jesus spoke the waters into existence.

  1. Crossing of the sea (showed his power over the enemy): Exodus 14:21-31

I was watching something on the History channel (years ago) about the crossing of the sea by the children of Israel. They came to the conclusion that the children of Israel crossed over on the other side in just a few inches of water. The Bible said “dry ground.” I stopped watching the History channel after that show.

  1. The 39 miracles that Jesus did is recorded in the 4 Gospels of the Bible. This shows the Deity of Jesus Christ. (He really is the Son of God.)

We either believe all of them happened or we do not believe that any of them really happened. I believe in the Word of God. Do you believe?

  1. Resurrection of Jesus Christ (His power over death): In the 4 Gospels

I can take you over to Israel right now and show you the empty tomb that he was in. Would you believe that he arose from the grave? If we truly believe all of this, then why are we having a problem with so little faith? We need to start living and praying like we believe that he has come out of the tomb. We need to start praying like we believe the Bible and what it says to us. What has God called you to do that is impossible?

In Closing

It was on a night in February, and I was all alone in the house. I was in the upper room (my prayer closet) spending time with the Lord. I finally said the prayer, and this is the prayer I said:

“Heavenly Father, I pray that starting tonight until the day I die or you take me home in the rapture that I will be a part of at least 1 million souls receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior, in Jesus precious and holy name. Amen.”

This was in 2020; you know what happened after that. On April 28, 2020, I started 4HIM Online Ministries, and the Lord is spreading this ministry all over the world. I see what the Lord is doing in answering this prayer, and it is so amazing to me. I have stopped talking about it to family, friends, and preacher friends; most don’t know what to say to me. That is ok. I know in my heart what the Lord has called me to do. I have many times felt so alone in this calling on my life and have no help, but I know the Lord will help me through all that I am going through in this calling on my life. Jesus is worth it all. I am so glad I said the prayer to the Lord. If God did all of those things in the Bible, then he can do in you and me what he has called us to do.

Urgent prayer for Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela, USA, Israel, and all Jews around the world.

I am asking all prayer warriors from around the world to join us for a day of prayer, fasting, and repentance for these seven nations on January 26, 2023. Please be a part of the harvest of lost souls that will receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

  • Suriname and on behalf of over 623,236 precious souls.
  • Trinidad and Tobago and on behalf of over 1,411,003 precious souls.
  • Uruguay and on behalf of over 3,504,287 precious souls.
  • Venezuela and on behalf of over 28,838,499 precious souls.
  • USA and on behalf of over 335,935,663 precious souls.
  • Israel and all Jews on behalf of over 15.2 million precious souls.

We are believing that we will move the heart of the Lord on January 26, 2023, for the sake of lost souls in these 7 nations.

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