Never in My Wildest Dreams :: By Jim Towers

After the fiasco of having spilled cola on my laptop, I learned that my complete manuscript was still intact, and with a sigh of relief, I was determined to wrap things up. But instead, I was laid up with the common flu for a spell.

I know the flu and its symptoms: cough, especially at night, burning and watering eyes, temple headaches, body aches and pains, plus fever. This went on for four days and nights. Covid never once entered my mind since I knew enough to discount this money-making scheme, having garnered all the information I could from the time of its inception until today, a day when otherwise healthy young athletes are falling over dead from the poisonous shots given to prevent it.

I wasn’t surprised at this turn of events since Satan has been on my case since my conception.

I was born prematurely to a seventeen-year-old girl and nearly died of complications.

At age ten, I had a car slip off the jack while I was under it, tightening bolds on the bell housing. It fell directly on my chest, pinning me to the pavement below. (In those days, it was common for a boy to engage in masculine activity.)

At the age of eleven, I was sent to Chicago alone to find my missing mother and was picked up by a “friendly stranger” who offered me a ride back home and began making advances toward me once inside his car. The man let me out of his car only when I assertively demanded he do so. “Let me out of the car, or I’ll scream!”

At age 15, I nearly drowned in an ice-cold gravel pit and saw my life flash before my eyes. Luckily, an older man dove in to rescue me. Years later, I nearly drowned when I saved a girl from drowning.

Once while welding pipe in a small, windowless pumphouse with a gasoline gun arc welder, I was overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning and awakened in an oxygen tent in the hospital. My helper was drowsy and kept stepping outside for some cold, fresh winter air.

Twice at the age of seventeen, I was sucker punched in the diaphragm area of my stomach and could have died as a result, as did Houdini when he was sucker punched unexpectedly just that way.

I was shot at twice, once by a mortal enemy and once by a thief I was chasing who had stolen a woman’s purse.

I had triple bypass surgery after a heart attack.

Having escaped death so many times, I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would still be alive at the “end times” with the possibility of being raptured rather than dying.

Still, the reader may wonder how I can be so nonchalant in the midst of the things that have plagued my life.

I read the Bible every night and say prayers of thanksgiving night and day. I attend church on a regular basis – mostly to encourage others and learn what others have to say about their faith. Other than that, I have a tendency to be a loner because of my faith, something that others find hard to understand or find hard to deal with.

Today, I continue to finalize my manuscript. The following is a prelude to my fantastic story of hope in my book Miracles, Peace and Power – a story of how God led me to be a man of faith and courage and where I tell of some of my many and varied evangelical exploits. Also, I talk of being on the set as a supporting actor in movies with some of our biggest movie stars. I do so with the backdrop of the awareness of the End of Days.


Suppose you woke up one day only to find that you had stepped into another dimension. Things that you previously hoped to be true are now a reality. But these things you once thought belonged to another realm are just as real and tangible as our present life. And after a while, you learn to navigate the two realms without the apprehension you once had at the beginning, and you begin to settle in for the ride ahead.

One can only begin this journey by knowing and establishing a relationship with this awesome entity we know as God – the Almighty Creator of the Universe and everything in it. For me, Christianity is not “pie in the sky,” as some would have you believe. God doesn’t always favor his children with their desires, hopes and dreams. He knows what we need and what’s best for his favored children. God does not make mistakes, and His promises always prove to be true no matter who questions them.

This is my story about how chasing my dream of making my own Christian movie based on the written word became a series of letdowns and how I learned to be thankful for everything despite these failures.

I tell of my encounters with God (visions), although I’ve never so much as smoked a joint. Also, people I’ve led to Christ told me that a vision of a dead loved one, and, in another instance, that an angel told the person that I would tell them how to be saved on that very day.

My story is rife with tales of miracles – tangible miracles you can see, taste and feel, like the time I prayed for and received an unopened bottle of Gator Aid in an empty park setting in Miami. This is just one of many such miracles.

And, as an added plus, I tell of how I sleep like a baby each and every night, with a Peace that surpasses all understanding. And so far as being a fearless person, could it be because of my unwavering faith that God has favored me with added power to reach out to others with evangelical concern and the Gospel, or is it because we are living in these the “Last Days.”


Jim Towers

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