Shaking Down Sodom :: By Terry James

America’s national political system has, from the beginning, been less than virtuous. There have even been duels fought as part of the process, with, for example, Alexander Hamilton being killed by Aaron Burr. So it is not surprising that a sin-drenched national milieu has produced Mafia-like shakedowns and extortion, blackmail, and every other nefarious political tactic.

We have seen it time after time, issue after issue. Leaders of movements wanting their way politically –these usually pushing demands involving forcing American taxpayers to pay for their, more often than not, ungodly plans— threaten businesses and even elected authorities in order to get their way.

Whereas Mafioso might urge a business to take out their insurance against destruction of their business –or even breakage of their knees, these political shakedown artists operate similarly. They often suggest that an elected official vote and/or implement plans the shakedowners want –as protection against having the shakedown organization (often a race-based monocracy) work against the extorted elected official’s political futures.

It has become the American way of local, state, and national politics. And as I believe biblically prophetic progression has reached the end of this Church Age, I think it is probably accurate to say–as Obama’s one-time pastor Jeremiah Wright might say—America’s chickens have come home to roost.

The title for this commentary, Shaking down Sodom, is meant to convey yet again how our beloved nation seems to fit the Sodom of Lot’s day. Jesus foretold that things would be like they were in those wicked times in Sodom, when God will suddenly and without remedy cast judgment upon an incorrigible, ungodly, rebellious people. This will be done, just as when the Lord first removed Lot, whom He viewed as righteous. It will be the Rapture that removes God’s children and begins bringing to an end through judgment and wrath mankind’s final rebellion against Heaven’s intended order.

The United States fits the Luke 17:28-30 Sodom model, as I’ve written before. Of all nations on the planet presently, many in severely failing economic situations, America is still going along pretty much business as usual, just as Sodom of Lot’s day. Beneath that business-as-usual flow, however, beats the heart of wickedness perhaps matched by no other nation on earth. Our technological advancement, along with unparalleled freedoms, has produced a level of evil unavailable to any other generation.

And this brings me to the point I hope to make.

Having reached this Sodom-like level, America is ripe for a shakedown of monumental proportion.

As a matter of fact, Satan’s desired installation of his Antichrist regime, it seems to me, cannot be achieved so long as this constitutional republic as configured since its founding stands. It must be destroyed–or at least disassembled. And in that regard, we have been and are presently witnessing such a shakedown on a global scale.

The Ephesians 6:12 human minions within the UN, the World Economic Forum, and other New World Order institutional bodies are stripping America’s wealth–and even more profoundly—America’s structure, once moored and governed by Judeo-Christian principles. And, again, in my opinion, many within our representative government at the national level are willing to allow this undoing of our nation out of motives governed by the desire for personal wealth and power.

Those who understand what is truly happening to our country recognize the collusion and subterfuge taking place within the federal government. We have observed and chronicled once-American protective agencies like the FBI, CIA, and others while they became totally politicized and joined to the globalists’ cabal. They have made American citizens the targets for purposes of bringing the nation into compliance with all plans global. We have watched these forces, now turned totally to the dark side, in my view, do all within their collective power to bring down an America-First president. And they have, in effect, managed to do just that.

We have watched, standing by almost helplessly, while elections were and are still being stolen. Again, seemingly because of desire to achieve personal wealth and power, elected representatives of both major political parties have chosen to not rock the boat in which they float within the Washington swamp. It is indeed a uniparty –as charged—that we are now, it seems, becoming enslaved by–as the American electoral process no longer exists as intended by the founding fathers.

This American president, likely compromised by conflict of interest with China, Ukraine, and other international entities, along with the military-industrial complex warned about by President Dwight Eisenhower, has the nation bogged in commitments that drain America’s wealth by trillions of dollars –which, incidentally, we no longer possess.

Yet this once-great nation continues to stand, although shaken by the shakedown minions, both external and internal. Like Sodom of Lot’s day, business as usual within the US even seems to hold up the collapse of much of the rest of the world.

The most stringent efforts of the Ephesians 6:12 shakedown artists–the powers and principalities, both human and demonic—have not yet succeeded in bringing America down so they can plunder her wealth.

And they won’t succeed in doing so by their ever-increasing wicked efforts. Like in the case of Sodom in Lot’s day, America –and the entire wicked world system, will come crashing down by the shaking God’s judgment will bring. It will occur at the Rapture of all believers in Jesus Christ.

Here, again, is how to avoid being a victim of the coming catastrophic world collapse and instead become one of God’s children taken to their eternal home by the Lord Jesus Christ.

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).