Prophecy Update: Two Romans Roads, Two Destinations :: By Gary W. Ritter

Update: 11-30-22

There are many methods of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and explaining how a person can be saved.

One of the most well-known is the Romans Road to Salvation. This method extracts key verses from the Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Romans and succinctly lays out the “road” to deliverance – the redemption – the salvation – that is found only in Christ Jesus. This is the Good News: the way into a profound relationship with God Himself is simple. As many have expressed, it’s as simple as ABC.

Paul did us a great service with his deep, thoughtful writings, and many have turned to the Lord over the years because of them. However, Paul also outlined a second Romans road in his book. The famous one is how to gain eternal life. The other road that is quite important as well – just not identified as such – is the one that leads to destruction.

Most of us are familiar with this road; it’s just that we haven’t necessarily considered it in this manner.

But just as God has made a straightforward way into His eternal presence, He has shown how people turn from Him and follow the Satanic thoroughfare to hell. Of course, this broad road is described in Romans 1–2.

Many other negative attributes are discussed in various other Scriptures, but these chapters provide all we need for our purposes today.

Once again, I wanted to do something a little different, so I’ve created a simple slide presentation that shows the progression of sin into the depths of depravity leading to God’s wrath and judgment. But just so we’re not focusing solely on the negative, I also chart the means by which Paul shows how we enter the presence of God. It’s a choice that all people have – there is no one with any excuse.

God doesn’t send people to hell; they send themselves there by the choices they make. Paul demonstrates this truth clearly.

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