Love, Rational Thought, and The Devil :: By Jim Towers

Although it may seem impossible to love God, thinking, “Why is there so much evil in the world,” and “Where is God when I need Him,” if we search the scriptures carefully and thoughtfully, we will conclude that it is Satan who causes us so much woe. With him, rational thought is thrown out the window, and foolish thought creeps in to replace it. I mean, why would a person burn down his own neighborhood when things don’t go his way? In hot-headed frustration and anger, we destroy the very things that are made for our good, with no rational thought given to our plight. The devil tells us it’s the right thing to do. How foolish. Yet that happens all the time in this life.

We are told, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thine heart, soul, and mind and thy neighbor as thyself” in the Bible. Still, it isn’t easy to love God or your neighbor all the time, what with a loved one being taken away from us, our health and livelihood diminished, going hungry for a time, or being cheated or lied about. There are many other reasons to be disillusioned about the way life has treated us. This can give us reason to wander away from God. As diverse as these trials and tribulations are, we each have our cross to bear. And as bad as things appear to be, there are people worse off than us, many of which never deserved their lot in life, but that’s just life.

All too often, people that don’t deserve all the wealth and goodies they have seem to come out on top, but we must remember that Satan tempted Jesus with things, positions, and even kingdoms. So, it stands to reason that Satan will do the same with mankind and succeed. Playing Santa, Satan can grant us our fondest wishes. But oftentimes, we must mimic his tactics in doing so.

When we are tempted to cheat on our resumé, taxes, and spouses, we can be sure our sins will find us out, and eventually, we will face the consequences of our actions. But God isn’t the reason for anything bad that happens to us. Surprise! It is Satan, the evil one, the deceiver, the father of lies.

The Bible teaches that “All things work together for good to those who love God and are the called according to His purpose” As hard as it is to believe, it must be true if God said it, and so we must wait patiently for the end result to appear from the shadows of doubt. It may not happen until we die and go home to our heavenly rewards, and we have lost nothing in holding out for that hope.

How many times have we despaired of our lot in life, watching other less capable men grab the brass ring? Only when we reach a certain Christian maturity can we begin to see the final outcome of our short lives. If we have peace, rest, enough to eat, and a roof over our heads, it should be more than enough.

The fastest horse doesn’t always win the race, and maybe our focus on good and bad is, in some ways, twisted. Satan would have us believe that the things of this world are best for us when, in reality, they can often do us harm. A good example of this is the rock and rap stars that continue to die young, having lived the high life and all the goodies that life can offer.

Only when we mature as Christians can we rest assured that this life and all of its allurements are the antitheses of a quiet and settled life full of peace and security. No more groping for the brass ring, no more pining for things we don’t have, and with our feet firmly planted on the foundation Jesus Christ has already set. It is His foundational truths that keep us from the folly of depraved men who twist things around to where right is wrong, black is white, and men can have babies. How stupid is that?

Yet that is the world we now live in, a twisted and perverted ugly existence that, for many, is a way of life. Like brute animals, they take what isn’t theirs, kill one another, live in a drug-infused world, and don’t care who knows it.

More and more people boast about what they have and do, but one day all their sinfulness will come home to roost. Hopefully, they will repent since hell is forever.

Right now, at this very moment, the devil is beginning to gin things up, and the world is quaking with anarchy and chaos. Governments are toppling with people revolting and rioting in the streets. The one-world government spoken of in the Bible is being resisted on many fronts, but the time of tribulation is near, despite our resistance.

World war is looming on the horizon; we can begin to see the fulfillment of it stirring. We hope for the best, yet we know that the one-world government is an inevitability with all its ramifications. It’s waiting in the wings; the Word of God says so.

Everything the Bible said will happen at the end of the age is happening even as we speak.

Love is as scarce as hen’s teeth, rational thought is missing everywhere, and the devil has been driven from heaven to earth to wreak hell on the human population.

The best thing a person can do is to let go of all the things that possess them and repent (ask God for forgiveness and receive Christ into their life before it’s too late.)

Book Report

Political Prisoner is the title of this book written by the man who lived it, Paul Manafort (the former chairman of the Trump campaign in 2016). Until I read the book, I was unsure of how I felt about him. But after reading the first few pages, I realized that this was not a book about his character, nor his foibles. It was about political corruption at the highest levels of our government.

Having followed the political persecution of Donald J. Trump from its inception, I knew that the present political party in power was capable of doing anything and everything to discredit and prosecute anyone who is opposed to their way of thinking. And, true to form, they pursued this man and many others of the very things they themselves had done in the past and continue to do today.


Jim Towers

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