About Movies and the Human Condition :: By Jim Towers

Movies were used to great effect during the second world war by both the Americans and the Germans for propaganda purposes. Many “movie stars” participated in the war effort. Today, while culture wars are going on, we are exposed to men kissing men (on the lips!) and women kissing women is the norm – in the movies and television and Netflix as well – and the F word is used indiscriminately on all fronts.

After the war came television, but instead of diminishing movie attendance, it only enhanced it. Television was ok when it first hit the market, but as time wore on, it became redundant. And today, it too is perverse, what with all the sordid subject matter being displayed on the little screen as children watch the sordid action and think nothing of certain bi-sexual hosts who flaunt their sexuality as though it were normal to be a woman who thinks it’s ok to act like a man.

The Big screen – not to be outdone – also began delving into sexually deviant subject matter. Then the deadly Covid fiasco nearly did away with movie attendance altogether and was indicative of the end times when all things became temporal.

Then the End times came upon us unexpectedly, even as we tried to make sense of this and other abominations – even as we continued to make plans for the future, and it hit us with the force of a Cat 5 hurricane. Today, we are in the eye of the storm. Especially with the midterm elections coming up.

Many of us are confused and despondent over the state of the nation as demonic forces threaten to destroy the next generations and the nation itself. Today unborn children are being sacrificed on the altar of convenience and money made from their body parts. Pedophilia is rampant everywhere and is even endorsed by people on the left. Crime and murder are over the top as killers are let loose to roam the streets in search of victims in mostly blue states. Joe Biden or the person who pulls the strings (Obama?) just brought in a sexual deviant to head up the Monkey Pox fiasco. This sadomasochist even has a Satanic Pentagram tattooed on his chest – proud of who he serves.

Whatever happened to good movies, like Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ? It was the best movie ever. The storyline was right on track with appropriate music at the right time, and the visuals were beyond parr, the costuming was great, and the dialogue was superb. That movie is my all-time favorite of any and all movies combined.

The Bible was another good movie where they did the very best they could with what they had at the time.

The Ten Commandments was another triumph for Bible-based stories, although discrepancies can be found in each of the latter two. The texture of this movie was great, and the music was as heroic and as powerful as “Moses,” played by Charlton Heston. What a time to have been alive to have seen these blockbusters.

I may have to see these movies again to be reminded of these wonderful films that drew me closer to the God I serve.

Other than that, documentaries are now my cup of tea. Documentaries are true-life stories taken from everyday news.

I just finished reading When the Moon Turns to Blood by Leah Sottile, and low and behold, the documentary came out on Netflix the following week!

The story is about a woman who was a Latter-Day Saint (Mormon). A once good-looking woman who dazzled everyone with her smile and sweet personality.

Having just read the book, I watched the documentary to see how true to form it was, and it was well done with actual interviews and news clips. The woman subscribed to the Mormon fables that led to her destruction and, ultimately, the death of her two children. Mormons believe that a young man named Joseph Smith was walking near the woods behind his house when he stumbled on a “peep” stone left by an angel named Maroni (what is a peep stone??). Funny how Moroni rhymes with Baloney.) Maroni appears to him and tells him where to find some gold tablets that led him to be the founder of a perverted religion based on various foolish premises. Whatever happened to the gold tablets??

Even today, some of the adherents believe in wearing diapers, thinking doing so will one day make them become gods themselves. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Like the verse where Satan said, “I will ascend to the furthest reaches of the North and become like God.”

In any case, this woman began to think of herself as some sort of goddess and had acquired a small following of like-minded women to follow her and her adulterous paramour – a writer of fantastic spiritual fiction. This tragic story is still being played out in real life in the courts, and she and her lover face the death penalty for three killings – if convicted. The bad part of this story is that all of Christianity will take a hit of condemnation from stories like this and other like-minded foolishness that abounds today in so-called Christian circles.

If that wasn’t enough, another book based on truth titled The Laptop from Hell exposes the Biden family of its many criminal and treasonous offenses against our country. It is raw in its exposé of these traitors and references the incriminating information found in Hunter Biden’s laptop. My guess is that the CCP and Ukraine are blackmailing both father and son, given the amount of money Joe has given to the Ukraine, which ranges in the billions of American dollars.

I haven’t yet seen the documentary (My Son Hunter) based on that book and don’t feel it necessary to do so after reading the book Laptop from Hell. I already know more than I need to know about this criminal family.

On top of that, Chinese communist spies have invaded our country and now lurk inside our institutions – as well as our federal government.

I wish I could tickle your ears with good news, but we must face the reality that we are living in the end times, and the only good news I can divulge, at this point in time, is that the rapture should take place sooner rather than later.


Jim Towers

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