Insanity :: By Bill Wilson

Back in the day, when I was growing up on the farm in Ohio, nonsense, stupidity, and insanity were not tolerated. There were ways to deal with each; the insanity usually resulted in separation from society until the mental health of the person was healed. Today, we elect them to public office and let them run society into the dirt. Today there is toleration for almost every form of nonsense, stupidity, and insanity.

Think about it. We have Planned Parenthood wanting to evangelize transgenderism in school children—and I’m sure there are school systems and parents dumb enough to allow it. We have a US Senator saying that Pregnancy Care Centers should be shut down because they torture pregnant people. Lunacy!

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a former failed presidential candidate, refuses to recognize pregnant women because she believes that all genders can get pregnant. In fact, so do a lot of these twisted crazies. They also are of the ilk that wants to promote that there are dozens of different genders or sexual orientations—and they want to indoctrinate our children to be accepting of them or even be one of them.

These pro-abortion activists are also crazy. Yes, crazy. They are out there marching and protesting and stalking judges for the non-existent “right” to kill their babies in the womb. And they are radical about it. Some religious denominations are saying it is a biblical right. I guess all the verses and context of the Bible that stress choosing life, having it more abundantly, and God knowing you before you were born have no meaning.

We have a president who lands in Israel and doesn’t know where he is, has to have frequent naps, falls off his bike, and misspeaks all the time—the latest saying that we all must keep alive the “honor of the holocaust.” What? Yes, he corrected himself quickly, but a person in his position should never misspeak on that topic–in Israel, no less.

All this could be excusable, but inflation is now beating out the Jimmy Carter years, and Biden’s policies are directly responsible for driving the country into a recession—in an electric car because gas prices are too high. His policies have reduced buying power and have caused major disruptions in food supplies and most everything else. If he isn’t insane, his policies certainly are. Sadly, he appears to be suffering from dementia, and his power-hungry puppeteers just keep pulling the strings.

We have a Supreme Court Justice who will not give a definition of “woman.” We have a First Lady who thinks race and ethnicity are identified by the kind of food people eat. All this against the backdrop that a record number of Americans, mostly identifying as — guess what? — Democrats, no longer believe in God.

See a connection?

I’m reminded of David acting crazy before the Philistine King Achish in 1 Samuel 21:15, prompting Achish’s response, “Am I lacking madmen that you have brought this fellow to act demented in my presence?” Only, with David, it was an act. These political leaders we have before us today are intentional. At any other time in history, they would be judged mentally unfit. Today, not so much. And that truly is insanity.

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