It’s Who They Are :: By Steve Schmutzer

The Highland Park, Illinois shooting tragedy is just the latest excuse for libs to beat the same drum.

“We need more gun control!”

It’s their standard drivel. The left’s Pavlovian responses are so predictable that it’s plain they don’t properly think through the issues.

First off, Illinois has the eighth strictest gun laws in the nation, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. That didn’t prevent a freakish punk with facial tattoos and criminal intent from fulfilling his warped fantasies.

More gun laws don’t keep the criminals from getting them. They just prevent the good guys from owning them. It’s no different than revoking the licenses of sober drivers because too many drunk drivers are killing them.

Second, studies using data from 1977 to 1992 (Lott and Mustard, 1997) found that states implementing shall-issue laws saw significant decreases in rates of violent crime, murder, rape, and assault. Their “more guns = less crime” findings have been supported by other similar studies.

The bottom line is criminals don’t want to risk getting shot. That’s why most mass shootings take place at gun-free zones like schools.

Third, we need to admit the failure of law enforcement. Bobby Crimo III, the Highland Park perp who dressed as a woman during his attack, was known to law enforcement. His violent videos and intentions, his close ties to Antifa and the Democratic Socialists of America, his infatuation with the occult, and many markings of liberal fascism all marinated his social media.

This was one wacked-out kid who showed every evidence of being a mentally ill foot soldier of the left. And law enforcement did nothing about it – – not until it was too late.

This unfortunate situation recalls the system-wide failures of the Uvalde, TX tragedy. We now know the corrupt Police Chief, Arredondo, had not only donated money to far-left Beto “Hell-yes-we’re-coming-after-your-AR15s” O’Rourke, but he’d also ordered his officers to stand down and not go in after the shooter. The door was unlocked, the officers were armed and trained and ready to do their job, but – – well, there’s that leftie thing. It interferes with good values and common sense.

“We need more gun control!” Yeah – right. Whatever.

What’s abundantly plain is that the gun’s no more at fault for what happened in Highland Park, Illinois, than a pencil is at fault for a failed test.

In their hearts, the Dems already know this. Their problem is the facts interfere with their agenda. And so, they froth and rage. Volume and violence have always been a weak argument’s best friends.

The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade is another situation that showcased the left’s penchant for nonsense and violence. Abortion wasn’t outlawed; it was turned back over to the states to decide. That’s where the issue belonged in the first place.

There is nothing in the Constitution that grants federal abortion rights. Even the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a far-left adherent, knew this and noted the problem.

But again, the facts didn’t matter. I hadn’t seen the Democrats that angry since the slaves were freed.

Oh – – – you didn’t know?

Yep, the Democrats were the party of slavery, of the KKK, of Jim Crow, and of segregation. History is very clear about this. The Democrats were the ones to suppress the rights of black Americans over and over. The left has always been about violence against others, which explains why they are the biggest fans of abortion – even right up to the point of birth.

Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood, the seminal entity behind the abortion movement as we know it now. Sanger was a proponent of “negative eugenics,” the goal of which is to remove ‘undesirable hereditary traits’ by social intervention. She wanted to reduce the reproduction of those she considered inferior, and she said her goal was to “assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit.”

Was Sanger racist? Yep. Under Sanger’s direction, Planned Parenthood was marketed to minorities and women of color, and that strategy continues even now. A study by Protecting Black Lives, in 2012, found that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities were located within walking distance of minority communities.

The impact of abortions in the black community has been so profound that in 2008, Issues4Life Foundation wrote to the Congressional Black Caucus to denounce Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its “racist and eugenic goals,” calling for the organization to be defunded. But the Dems screamed loudly to promote abortion instead. All their colors showed. The Dems are not pro-choice. They are pro-death.

It’s interesting to note that right after Roe v. Wade got overturned, all the libs became biologists. Suddenly, they all knew what a woman was. Their depraved goals needed a quick change to the narrative.

We hear that the left is “unhinged,” and that is true. This has been particularly so in their reactions to President Trump and his supporters.

Although the right is deeply distraught with the fraudulent election of President Biden and with his “Build Back Bolshevik” policies, they don’t riot in the streets, torch cars, beat up bystanders, threaten to kill electors, shoot cops, form filthy communes in public places, encourage assassinations, promote anarchy, plan hit squads against homes, claw at the doors of the Supreme Court, bankroll mobs, shut down free speech, nor ask for safe rooms, teddy bears, pet therapy, and Play-Doh.

When conservatives disagree with the liberal-socialist agenda, they don’t flood Twitter with murder threats or roundhouse kick peaceful protesters. They don’t menace the left with threats of rape, and they don’t shoot Democrat lawmakers at baseball games.

They don’t talk about blowing up the White House, and they don’t pose with severed heads of the President. Conservatives are not out there shouting at folks in elevators, stabbing opposition candidates, encouraging supporters to harass liberal lawmakers wherever they find them, or burning the left’s campaign headquarters to the ground. The right didn’t start 574 “mostly peaceful protests” that saw hundreds of cops injured, dozens of people killed, and billions of dollars’ worth of property damage.

Conservatives don’t scream publicly for violence in the streets. Conservatives don’t attack and berate Christians for their beliefs and values at the same time as they are protecting and aiding Sharia law. Conservatives don’t call for impeachment just because they don’t like someone, and they don’t protect a two-tiered system of justice at all costs.

They don’t turn venerated proceedings for Supreme Court picks into chaotic protest rallies, and they don’t stonewall cabinet nominees for over a year. The right does not register illegal immigrants in a dishonest effort to create sympathetic voters, and conservatives do not go on national television to protect criminals from that group over the rights of their unfortunate – and legal – victims!

Our nation is being viciously torn apart – but not by those who value freedom, democracy, the rule of law, Constitutional rights, and secure borders. It’s not from those who carry guns responsibly to keep themselves and others safe.

We have a massive and obvious problem. The conduct of the left is now commonly unlawful, frequently depraved, routinely deceptive, persistently violent, habitually self-serving, frankly phony, and – on so many points – outrageously wrong!

It’s not that the left doesn’t understand the virtues of common sense, law, due process, and faith – but rather, they don’t want them! Committed liberals are engaged in a war against all things reasonable, righteous, and respectable. The plain facts make this clear.

Those who most despise God, His gospel, His values, His followers, and His systems of law and order which are based on His eternal Word – are also those who most likely call themselves leftists, socialists, liberals, progressives, or Democrats. It’s all the same.

You need to think about it. The left’s pattern of actions proves they’re agents of hate and violence.

It’s who they are.