The Great Reset, Part 3: Communism Reimagined :: By Bill Wilson


The Great Reset is not possible without the strong partnership between government and corporations allowing government to circumvent Constitutional and legal accountability through corporations doing the governments’ bidding. This was clearly evident during the COVID pandemic. Corporations enforced lockdowns and mandates, and corporate media promoted the government propaganda narrative that COVID vaccines were safe and effective, CDC protocols were the only science, all dissent was misinformation, and dissenters should be ostracized and shunned. The US government could not legally oppress or censor dissent, force experimental vaccinations or lockdowns, but companies could.

This takes the form of a fascist or communist dictatorship but has plausible deniability because corporations—both for-profit and nonprofit—are the primary enforcers–Think hospitals and health organizations under government-mandated and financially-incentivized protocols as well as high tech, pharmaceuticals, and media corporations. It goes deeper. Here is just one such powerful example:

Blackrock, Inc., a WEF partner, the world’s largest asset manager. In a 2021 letter to CEOs, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink tied climate change to the type of control experienced during COVID. He wrote, “I believe that the pandemic has presented such an existential crisis – such a stark reminder of our fragility – that it has driven us to confront the global threat of climate change more forcefully and to consider how, like the pandemic, it will alter our lives.”

Carbon Intelligence, a supporter of net-zero emissions, underscored Fink’s power in the corporate world, stating, “He confirms that BlackRock is doubling down on climate risk as an indicator for investor decision making. Last year, the firm voted against 69 companies and against 64 directors for climate-related reasons while putting 191 companies “on watch.” Fink’s letter to CEOs confirmed the company’s intent to hold all corporations accountable, asking them to disclose a long-term sustainability plan for net-zero, and stated, “We strongly support moving to a single global standard,” emphasizing the need for public-private partnerships to achieve the standard. In addition, he asked for disclosures on diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, emphasizing race and ethnic issues.

The message was essentially get woke or get out of business.

Fink’s letter echoes what WEF’s Schwab writes in his book “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” “…every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.” Chief Academic Officer for American Scholars, Michael Rectenwald, observes: “The Great Reset’s corporate stakeholder model overlaps with its governance and geopolitical model: states and favored corporations are combined in public-private partnerships and together have control of governance…. As such, corporations become what I have called “governmentalities”—otherwise private organizations wielded as state apparatuses, with no obligation to answer to pesky voters.”

This is how these usurpers have already reset the world at your expense.

Christ said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

In Part 4, the Daily Jot will discuss the hierarchy of issues the Great Reset has designed to eliminate your freedoms.


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