Which Elite? :: By Edwin Tan


Not very long ago, a certain group of individuals who were regarded as the global elite stood amidst the shadows. All talk about them was largely the purview of the tin foil hat community. These folks appeared to shy away from media publicity, but the tone has undergone a breathtaking face-lift in very recent times. They now have decided to stand up and be counted; names that were not stirring up teatime conversations have sprouted up – these have indeed captured the attention of many quarters across the planet. For once, about everybody got to know the movers and shakers that would impact their immediate futures.

Some of these bigwigs were known as icons in the realm of industry and commerce for some time, but their tentacles of influence were somewhat underestimated until only very recently. Then there were startling revelations that put a significant number of political leaders on this list – the same being so for a host of known think tanks!

The tin foil hatters were not far off the mark. The global elite existed, and currently, they are in the driver’s seat. They are the ones that call the shots where the destiny of the world is concerned. They are doing so under slogans like the New World Order, the Great Reset, and the questionable Green New Deal. All this is allegedly meant to resolve nagging global issues involving mankind for a better future. However, this philanthropic stance is primarily a thin veil that conceals their nefarious intent. The utopia which is in their deceptive chatter would never come about; a close examination of their rhetoric points to sinister undertones like the one talking about owning nothing and being happy. In the true sense, it amounts to nothing more than shenanigan ruthlessness – profit regardless of the means, and then live it up, all at the expense of the suffering masses!

There would be not a few who would wonder why they live to see all this unfold before their very eyes. In all honesty, there is only one legitimate answer – the living Word of God! For once, the pages of Bible Prophecy, which were shunned by many, now stare point-blank at many faces. The apocalyptic future spoken of in the Old and New Testaments is here. The wickedness so mentioned in Isaiah 5:20 is truly an undeniable facet of living in this age where good is called evil and evil is deemed as good! Well said about the exponential growth of lawlessness all around the globe.

The elite mentioned above is driven to pursue their vilest intentions by powers and principalities in the dark realm – headed by none other than the evil one! They are, in the true sense, paving the way for the wicked ruler of the entire planet under a one-world government – the Antichrist! The elements that are the makeup of this heinous cabal are nothing more than oversized minions. So they plot and scheme so as to allow the most vicious processes known to humanity to come to fruition. They would ultimately lead a huge proportion of the human race into eternal damnation, much to the delight of the evil one.

On this note, one trait sticks out like a sore thumb – all that belong to this set-up hate God. A lot of these people would love to see the Name of Jesus Christ obliterated from all corners of the universe. They endeavor to make a mockery of the Living Word, relegating it to nothing more than a fairy tale – in short, they are definitely right, and God is a joke!

Really? Because “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in His deep displeasure” (Psalm 2:4-5).

These people might get their way, but for maybe close to a decade or so at best before spending eternity in flames. Much like the case of the short-lived Third Reich, which was once upon a time touted to last for a thousand years. From this, it is clear that they are not what they claim to be.

So is there really an elite that would be an integral aspect of a reshaped planet? One need look no further; it is mentioned in the Word of God. Except that few pay close attention to the eventual reality of it all. Who then is this unique entity? It is all stated in 1 Peter 2:9: “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.”

This is all about a very specific group of individuals who have rejected the material attractions of the world and instead walk in the path so set by the Lord Jesus Christ – in righteousness, peace and joy! This is a direct opposite of what the godless globalist cabal yearns for – an insatiable hunger for every piece they aim to lay their hands on. This group of people is indeed the body of believers otherwise known as the Bride of Christ – the genuine Church and not the apostate one. They place their lives in the hands of Jesus Christ and believe in the Living Word, walking the talk instead of lip service.

The Bride of Christ will not be present in the world when it comes under God’s judgment. This body of believers will be removed from the earth prior to the rain of torment, which culminates in the worst moments of mankind’s history. They will return with Christ in His second coming.

“And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses” (Revelation 19:14).

This is the elite that reigns with Jesus Christ for a thousand years; they will be a significant part of earth’s realignment. They will joyfully go about with their assigned roles; they see things through a completely distinct lens as they possess resurrected bodies that know not sin and sickness. Humility will be their trademark; in this manner, the inhabitants that remain on the planet will be inculcated with the love of God. This godly elite is truly a blessed lot because of their humble leanings. “Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).

This blessed bunch definitely does not party as heathens do with all that they have inherited. Instead, it is their choice when it comes to pursuing the path of meekness; it brings them great joy. When the world sees this, they, too, will be blessed. Such is the fruit of the Holy Spirit being manifest before many eyes. Totally opposite to what the human race is so accustomed to. This is not the reset but a beautiful and glorious reshaping!



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