Covid 101 :: By Jim Towers


I began writing this piece from my tiny hospital room; I’m was in the isolation ward for Covid patients at my local hospital. This was my second day here, and I awaited my prognosis concerning the installation of yet another stent in my clogged arteries due to too many donuts in the past.

This procedure comes at a time when people are dying from far fewer complications due to the latest Covid variant. Truth be told, I was surprised that they took me in so readily, although the halls of the hospital were empty, and so was the Covid emergency tent outside.

Thankfully, I’ve been going to the gym for most of my adult life; so, while the other seven Covid patients were bedridden, I was doing my best to stay busy by reading and writing. Soon it was day four, and I was being prepped for the procedure. The subject of Covid complications never came up, and I just assumed that the doctor knew what he was doing. I wasn’t worried; I knew I was in God’s good hands, and if I died, I would soon be with Him in Paradise to see my new abode.

I’ve been on top of this Covid fiasco from the very beginning, have heard numerous virology experts expound on what they know about it, and have now experienced the full brunt of the Covid storm. I feel compelled to let you in on my experience with it and what I know of its origins.

When I very first heard of Wuhan, China, the Chinese people were rioting in the streets in front of a government building, and the police were finding it hard to quell and disperse them. After a few days of this – as information was pouring out on the internet – suddenly it all stopped, and the internet news stopped reporting on it at all. (Coincidently, The Wuhan lab for bioweapon research was in that same province.)

Information about the events preceding the spread of Covid finally began trickling in. Nothing more was said about the dispersion of rioters who just disappeared off the face of the earth in one fell swoop. The last I heard was that the dead rioters were being dumped into mass graves, never to riot again. The assumption was that in desperation, the Chinese Communist government turned the Covid-19 bioweapon against its own people.

Communist China has long been known for its policy of secrecy and spy craft. I, at that point in time, had just finished reading about some Chinese nationalist spies who were gleaning information from Monsanto about growing corn; they were based in Miami, Florida. And they were eventually caught except for one who made his way back to the mainland.

This, I learned later, was common practice during the Obama administration when our doors were open for all to come and enter our universities and to establish cultural ties to people whose ideologies couldn’t be further apart. Christianity and forced atheism are incompatible.

As things began to get out of hand, I thought it was far too coincidental for there not to be a connection. As Covid-19 began to spread worldwide, the Chinese Communist government began to blame it on bats sold for food at a Wet market in Wuhan. But as the real facts began to get out, they were countered and swept under the rug. One lie on top of the other. In the meantime, there are new variants of said Covid leaving us all in a state of confusion.

I came to the emergency room hoping to have a stent put in place as my chest pain was getting worse and worse; any degree of exertion would have me in pain from acute angina. All the tests were done, and I was a good candidate except for one thing – Covid 19 was into its third variance – Omicron. By then, the new variance was upon us with a vengeance.

As it turns out, my Cardiologist was willing to take me on at that very time, and before I knew it, I was being wheeled down the corridor to the room where stents are performed. (It’s as if they were flipping the dice, and either way, they had nothing to lose and $30,000.00 to inherit should I die.) But I, too, was willing to roll the dice and really had no choice as the hospitals were beginning to fill up with many Omicron casualties.

People with common colds were pushing their way to the front of the lines for testing and/or admission. (This, although my release papers said I had tested positive for severe Covid-19 before the operation.)

There is no end in sight for the variants coming down the pike, and as long as we don’t get to the bottom of this fiasco, we will be held hostage to those who hold the keys to the bioweapons formed against us in the name of population control. In the meantime, so-called vaccines are being administered to the populous with devastating results for many who are already sick and weak from other maladies.

I, for one, will not under any circumstances take the jab and will continue to take my chances with God Almighty, who gave me life.

Since we can’t know for sure what the final outcome will be, we can only fall to our collective knees and pray that God will take pity on us and let us get on with life. But as history will testify, we will continue to displease God and bring destruction upon ourselves.

According to my doctor, everything had gone according to plan, and here I am, recovering several days later with relapses in between.

Personally speaking, if any good came of this situation, it is that I’ve had ample time to reflect on my colorful and tumultuous life and have decided to end it by becoming a motivational Christian speaker. After all, I am a trained speaker (dramatist) who has performed character roles, sung solos in front of large audiences, and appeared on the big (and little) screen around the world.

Furthermore, knowing scripture the way I do — after forty-five years of personal application in my life – and having untold miracles happen in my life, I feel I have much to contribute to the body of Christ in these trying times. And so I may – God willing, turn to being a Christian motivational speaker to encourage others in the faith. I would be remiss in failing to encourage the faint of heart dying all around us in this perilous time of endless Covid variants.


Jim T. Towers

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