It’s Not What You Think :: By Steve Schmutzer

It’s not REALLY a pandemic.

Well – not in the archetypal sense anyways. Said another way, this virus is not an etiology that deserves our full-fledged dread. It’s not a classic scourge that demands we all fearfully line dance the same way. You know – like we did with smallpox and polio….

If it were a real pandemic of these conventional parameters, the United States Postal Service would not be exempt from receiving the vaccine. Nor would our politicians. Illegal aliens wouldn’t be exempt from receiving the vaccine, even as American citizens are constantly being forced to accept new restrictions.

If it were a real pandemic, the border wall would go up, and those that come into our nation unlawfully wouldn’t be covertly flown to new communities under cover of darkness. If it were a genuine pandemic like cholera or the bubonic plague, we wouldn’t have liberal counties clamping down on citizens’ rights while conservative counties in the same state permit ‘business as usual.’

If it were a real pandemic, pot stores, liquor stores, and casinos would have been forced to close their businesses too. If it were a real pandemic, Pride parades and BLM riots would earn the same media outrage as do motorcycle rallies and outdoor worship events.

If it were a real pandemic, Pelosi couldn’t get her hair done at a salon, Governor Newsom couldn’t host an elaborate public dinner, and President Obama couldn’t enjoy his star-studded birthday party. If it were a real pandemic, the left wouldn’t make “rules for thee but not for me.”

It’s not REALLY a strategy to defeat the virus either.

Sure, it’s a virus. And like other viruses, it does result in some deaths. Take the flu, for example. Tens of thousands of people have died from it each year for decades now. But by far, most recipients of the flu lived.

COVID’s no different. So, yes, this is a virus – I’m not denying that. Yet, for most age demographics, COVID still has greater than a 98% recovery rate.

But, as I said, we’re not seeing a cogent plan to defeat it either. If we were, we’d be urging people to take proven antivirals like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that have been around for years.

India had over 270 million cases of COVID by January of this year – more than any other country, according to The Washington Post. The government there started handing out cheap Ivermectin to its citizens, and now the situation has totally changed. India has fewer cases of COVID now than most blue states in America.

At least three-fifths of Africa is virtually untouched by COVID. For years, the citizens of central Africa have taken Hydroxychloroquine for malaria. As a result, these parts of Africa are recording only scant numbers of COVID.

Monoclonal antibodies, too, are effective against COVID. I know people who were at death’s door with COVID. They were fortunate to receive monoclonal antibodies just in time, and they recovered. Some of them are still recovering, but they turned a corner because they got proper treatment.

Believe me, if our leaders truly wanted to defeat this virus, they absolutely could in very short order. Let the implications of that land with a thud.

All this raises two more disturbing truths: it’s not REALLY science, and it’s not REALLY a vaccine.

The real science tells us masks don’t work. Dr. Fauci said the same thing, as does the fine print on many boxes of masks themselves. Social distancing is a joke. We make people stand six feet apart at the airport ticket counter and then cram them three inches apart on the plane.

In scientific publications like Principia Scientific International and The Lancet Infectious Diseases Medical Journal, responsible research-based documentation shows that vaccinated people contract and spread the virus the same way unvaccinated people do. Journals like these show the vaccine lowers the immunity of those who have received it, making them far more vulnerable to new variants than those who have acquired natural immunity.

That explains why the Delta strain erupted quickest in the most vaccinated countries like Israel and Belgium. It’s why the Omicron variant first emerged among those who were already vaccinated.

Multiple international scientific studies have documented that the vaccinated population suffers from increased risk of mortality when compared to the nonvaccinated. That’s the whole idea. But you don’t need the lofty rhetoric of medical studies to figure this out. You only need to see the hundred-plus professional athletes in all sports the world over who have clutched their chests and died during play in the last few months. They were all vaccinated.

The inefficacy of the vaccine is documented by the CDC, by the WHO, and even by the vaccine producers themselves. The aforementioned morally-challenged Dr. Fauci admitted in a recent podcast for The New York Times that the vaccines did not work as advertised and that Americans who received them are in danger due to their waning immunity.

Again, let me be clear. It doesn’t matter that this post will probably be flagged with blurbs to the contrary or with hints that I’ve said some things I shouldn’t have – it’s not a vaccine! You didn’t have to get several boosters for smallpox because the first dose didn’t do the job. Ditto with polio. Nobody cajoled folks with free tuition, iPads, lottery tickets, balloons, coupons, and meals if they got their MMR shot. Just because it’s called a vaccine doesn’t make it one.

I could go on and on here. I could say much more like the things I’ve already said. Given my medical background, I’ve been diligently researching this whole COVID thing since its earliest rumors, and if you go back far enough in my Facebook posts, you’ll see that for yourself.

As a result, I feel I can tell you what is REALLY happening here. I could list multiple sources behind every statement I make. I could do all of that – but I’ve learned it makes no difference to those who want to refuse the truth.

That leads me to my last point. We’re not REALLY going to see any improvement here.

Let me put that another way: we’re not going back to the ‘normal’ we knew before. It’s not going to happen.

Am I a sourpuss – – a ‘Debbie downer’ – – a wet blanket? No, I’m only being matter-of-fact about the situation. I’m just stating the plain truth plainly.

The bottom line is we are entering the final stages of the evolution of war. That war is focused on us. Yes – YOU are the target! The crosshairs are on YOUR back. It’s YOUR government and the globalist elites in this world that see YOU as the enemy. They don’t want you here, and that is particularly the case if you dare – God forbid! – to speak the truth.

There is far less of a pandemic going on than there is a dark political agenda. That depraved plan is one that seeks to exercise societal control, to silence dissenters, to squash the truth, and to elevate all forms of deception. The ultimate goal here is a one-world governing system that puts a few in power over many. It’s been the goal of the elitists for many decades, but things have really ramped up for them lately.

Because multitudes of folks out there no longer dig for the facts, they don’t REALLY see the picture here as they ought to. Because they refuse to research, because they prefer to take their talking points from journalists who spew propaganda, and – quite frankly, because they no longer care about the truth, such folks are going to toss out the window most of what I’ve stated here.

So let me wrap up.

Biblically speaking, we know that pestilences are part of life on earth. That’s another word for ‘pandemic.’ The Bible also teaches that these pandemics will increase in frequency and impact as the end of times approaches. Matthew 24:7 makes this clear, and these prophetic insights are not new to many of us.

However, what we are seeing now is that some pestilences don’t deserve all the fear that accompanies them. The present COVID issue is best regarded through the lens of Jesus’ warning three verses earlier in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

The truth is Satan is the inspiration behind leftist Rahm Emanuel’s rule, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” A pestilence doesn’t have to be REAL by classic definitions to be effective. It doesn’t have to submit to common sense and established science. It just needs to be perceived as a serious crisis and responded to a certain way.

Satan will always use who and what he can. He is working through corrupt leadership all over the world to fuel the current COVID situation with scare tactics, deflection strategies, and all forms of truth suppression. These efforts to double down on the deceptive virus agenda are all about imposing societal control and conditioning the masses for future global authoritarianism.

That’s what’s REALLY going on here.