Hypocritical Woke Zealots :: By Daniel Payne

Hypocritical Woke Zealots :: By Daniel Payne

Those who try to force their secular world religion on the rest of society are often described as “the woke mob,” “cancel culture,” etc. An article [*] in “Psychology Today” describes “canceling” as: “…canceling is vigorous, public, retaliatory rejection.”

Canceling is the tool used most by secular religious zealots to impose their self-religion upon the rest of us.

Whether it’s the right to terminate their own unborn children, the right for biological men to use biological women’s restrooms, social justice, climate justice (yes, “climate justice”—google it), white privilege, vaccine justice, etc., the religion of the current generation is chock full of doctrines and “rites.”

Here’s the definition of “zealotry” offered by Google at the top of their own search results: “Zealotry is when someone takes a religious, cultural, or political belief too far, refusing to tolerate other perspectives or conflicting beliefs.” Maybe they should’ve included: “…and forcing their beliefs upon others.”

And there you have it. It appears that a multitude of Generation Z and millennials are religious zealots. It’s certainly true that plenty of people from older generations also join in with their children by giving their approval, their full support, or by not offering any counter wisdom. However, it seems like the majority of the new religious zealots are of the younger generations.

The Bible says that their god is themselves:

Philippians 3:19, “In the end they will be destroyed. Their own emotions are their god, and they take pride in the shameful things they do. Their minds are set on worldly things.”

The so-called “woke mob” is far worse at proselytizing than those they accuse of doing the same. They thoroughly condemn people who are guilty of the “crime” of defending traditional American or Christian values. They say that those who defend traditional values are guilty of forcing their beliefs down the throats of the rest of society. I suppose it takes one to know one then.

Actually, it’s the defense of traditional values against the offensive attacks from the new zealot army.

Here are just a few headlines from real articles that collectively demonstrate the hypocrisy of the current society:

9 Ways Christian Zealots Cripple America

Freedom isn’t forcing religion on others

Believe what you want, just don’t force it on others

Whether you’re religious or secular, imposing your views on others is foolish

Truth be told, the unbelieving masses will always divide themselves into the polar opposite sides of extreme sin. As a result, what is right and what is true is usually left alone somewhere near the middle. In this new age of hate-filled extremism, the middle is where true born-again believers should be standing in the gap.

Just in time for this year’s (2021) holiday season, even the Salvation Army has been shamed into creating the “International Social Justice Commission,” working to “dismantle white privilege.” A pamphlet entitled “Let’s Talk About Racism,” intended to “educate” (force) its white donors, volunteers, and employees, asserts that Christianity is institutionally racist.

Apparently, the Salvation Army’s “resource” calls for white Christians to repent and offer “a sincere apology” to black people for being “antagonistic… to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community.”

I fear that the effect resulting from the efforts of the woke zealots will not be what they desire (or at least, we hope they actually desire unity). It may very well be that the pendulum will counter-swing with unprecedented momentum into even more racial violence against average citizens.

No doubt, that’s exactly what Satan wants. He’s more than happy to pull the strings of his brand-new generation of woke puppets to achieve his desired results. Satan couldn’t care less about those of us with enough sense to understand that we’re witnessing an ongoing setup for total annihilation.

Quite obviously, the Lord had it right when He referred to the generation of Pharisees who lived two thousand years ago as hypocrites. It’s not a stretch to compare the current generation of Pharisees to the Pharisees who condemned Christ. If they were willing to condemn the most kind, generous, loving, and perfect Man ever to exist, then we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re coming after those who follow Him.

From observations throughout my own life, there’s none more greedy than those who condemn the wealthy. There’s none more filled with hate than those whose mantra is: “Love, not hate.” There’s none more racist than those who condemn so-called “white privilege.” There’s none more misogynistic than those who defend men in girl’s restrooms. There’s none more willing to believe lies than those who say they only trust science. Etc., etc., the list goes on and on.

Matthew 23:15, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.”

Source: [*] “What is Cancel Culture?”