We Know Who Holds Our Future :: By Edwin Tan


Disappointment and despair have never had a field day in the history of humanity. Projections concerning the future have more than bitten the dust in the wake of an acceleration where negative news does matter on many personal notes. In the very first instance, how were these projections, if not assumptions, made?

Whatever upbeat conclusions that could be arrived at and taking prime space in some Fortune 500 periodical some five years ago might be mothballed in a shelf of a now defunct business. Its authors would have long deserted the limelight, their once gleaming credentials now consigned to the dustbin of history!

What about those fans of the so-called best-selling predictors of the years ahead?

My guess at this moment is that the likes of Nostradamus have indeed gone out of fashion. Did their predictions ever come to pass with pinpoint accuracy? Did someone ever mention a medical catastrophe of worldwide proportions donkey years [a very long time] ago? Did anyone talk about the implications of Artificial intelligence in lockstep with 5G technology? They were talking about other stuff, maybe something that would feature in a lighthearted chit-chat over cocktails.

Trouble is – this kind of emphasis is like being way off the bullseye. Horoscopes are quite notorious in this respect. The petty and insignificant get undue attention as really serious stuff gets sideswiped!

At least more than a quarter of the Bible is concerned with prophecy, both fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled. Genuine stuff as 2 Peter 1:20-21 says so emphatically.

“…Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of men, but Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”

You may come across an investment guru that is a Wall Street celebrity laden with an impressive track record for predicting outcomes. Question is, will he or she be wrong? Even if there is a significant deviation, it still misses the target. The same could apply to a so-called expert in reading palms or a feng shui master. One common denominator concerning these individuals is that whatever conclusions they arrive at, it is all their private or rather personal interpretation. It is inspired by their knowledge gained through years of education (formal or not) and experience.

All this knowledge is earthly and rooted in the fallen nature of man. It is, therefore, error-prone by varying degrees. Even if the margin of error is merely by a single, low digit – it is still far from perfect!

Can anybody sleep comfortably at night with still a significant area of doubt and uncertainty nagging around? Looks quite like a tough call, especially with the days getting more volatile as the year draws to a close. There could be scores of people who live with great fear of what might happen in the upcoming year.

When everything is spelled out concisely without errors and omissions in an easy-to-understand format, it fosters a strong sense of certainty. There is nothing of this stature other than the Living Word. There are no quirky riddles or codes necessitating tedious deciphering in the Bread of Life. As a matter of interest, the Holy Spirit is always readily available to guide and teach anyone who wants to understand Holy Writ. Yes indeed! The same Holy Spirit that inspired a select group of God-ordained people to write Scripture that we can partake with great comfort and joy in spite of the tumultuous times.

It is no pleasure for anyone to discover hidden negatives in an otherwise glowing projection – it can prove to be a disheartening encounter. But the Word of God is all laid before our eyes; there is absolutely nothing withheld from the human eye. The tough stuff is clearly spelled out, and so are the gleaming promises, which are beyond our human comprehension. Out with the uncertainty that is behind jangled nerves!

There is little doubt that it is definitely nearing that glorious moment when we will be permanently transferred. Shadows of the upcoming hour of testing for the whole world are indeed gaining momentum. Nothing palatable about what is ongoing, but hang on, brothers and sisters in the Lord – it is at the tail end. We can safely say this because we get the overall picture.

What a comfort! How glad we would be if more people could join us in savoring this comfort, which will ultimately bring exceeding joy!

Once again, MARANATHA


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