Another Open Letter to President Trump :: By Jim Towers

Dear President Trump, I wrote you an open letter about a year and a half ago. A lot has happened since then, but none of the things that have happened have changed my mind toward you. I still admire your bravery, strength of character, and tenacity. We have never experienced a more patriotic president in my lifetime.

Albeit, some would say, “But he’s so vulgar.” To that, I say, “Aren’t we all – since we are all sinners and are saved only by God’s grace through Christ Jesus.” We are especially so when no one is looking. But at least you aren’t a crack-smoking, drunken pedophile. And although you aren’t a saint, you are a patriot and one of the best presidents we have ever had.

Our wonderful and blessed country was prospering under your leadership in spite of the fact that you had more than your share of detractors. The Obama, Never Trumpers, and the Clintonistas tried to frame you with false accusations of Russian collusion.

The tables have turned, and now it is they who are facing corruption charges. As time goes on and the investigation continues, we begin to realize what Hillary was alluding to when she said, “If that bastard wins, we are ALL going to hang.” So far, there have been three indictments, and it seems that there was a widespread and overt conspiracy to get you out of office. A lesser man would not have been able to stand up under the assault, much less grow the economy and workforce and our way of life while being unjustly investigated. Yet, it is the left who have been taking payments from our enemies to do favors for them for many years.

Since the 2020 election was stolen from you, we have suffered many injustices from the interlopers and clowns now seated in the White House. And unless this injustice is rectified, we will most certainly meet our end as a free society.

Justice appears to be coming at the hands of Bill Barr and John Durham, and the dominoes are beginning to fall for the illegitimate criminal element in office.

If the left has any sense of right and wrong, they would be shaking in their boots as the net of justice tightens around their crooked necks and they begin to face justice at the hands of just men.

So many of us Americans are tired of the Status Quo and business as usual of our elected officials who are in office only to better their own lives by ripping off the American taxpayer. (Such are Joe Biden and his drugged-out son, and Mitch Mc Connell, who is married to a Chinese woman with ties to Communist leaders in China. If you can’t figure out who is Joe Biden’s puppet master, let me give you a clue. He is a former president who is a black man.)

If the Supreme Court rules in our favor to undo the stolen 2020 election and overturns it, will you step in to take over where you left off in making America great again?

My hope and the hope of many is that you will let your opinion be voiced soon to encourage us in this time of uncertainty. Our country’s future hangs in the balance, and unless you rectify the left’s work of trying to destroy our country, we as a freedom-loving nation are doomed.

A stumbling block for us faithful Republicans and Conservatives is that even RINOs and those claiming to be conservatives are asking for money on the internet every day. While some are RINOs, some are obvious scammers; some are RNC representatives who only want to line their pockets with unworthy donations. I even receive pleas for money from you personally (or so the plea states). I don’t believe it for a moment. I, like many other Americans, are barely surviving, and you/or they are asking us for money?!

If I did have money to spare, I would contribute if I thought that it might help our country or my fellow Americans, but there is so much misinformation out there that we common folks are suspicious of these repeated calls for contributions on the internet.

Americans are tired of playing games; this is not a high school election where those with the cutest catchphrase wins.

Elections are fast becoming a matter of life and death for many. Some will die from the jab (children now?), some will die by suicide, and with winter coming – from the cold and possibly hunger.

We people of faith know that God is in control, but he also sets people up to lead a nation. I believe it’s your calling to deliver us from this evil.

When you were a young man, you paid a visit with your father to a family friend with whom your father owned a movie theatre chain in Missouri. This woman was impressed by your gentlemanly manners, as were Mike Lindell, Dinesh De Sousa, and, more recently, the Brannon Howse family.

In spite of your outward gruff demeanor (when dealing with charlatans), toughness is all they understand. I, for one, know you are a good and forthright man, so please man up and stand up to the plate. Our country is counting on you.

Please let us know if we can depend on you – as soon as possible. We Christians will be praying for your salvation and the salvation of our great Christian country.

P.S. Dear Mr. Trump, Governor Ron De Santis of Florida has done all he can to hold the radical left at bay. Please do us all a favor and make Governor De Santis your vice president should you regain your rightful position as President of the United States of America. (Maybe Roger Stone could replace him.) Just sayin’.


Jim Towers

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