You Who Dwell by Many Waters, Your End Has Come :: By Vanessa P.

Venezuela sits on top of the world’s largest oil reserves, and yet the people are starving.

When Hugo Chavez was running for president, he was asked if he was a communist. His answer should have warned the people, as it was identical to Fidel Castro’s answer in 1959. “I am a humanist.” A few years after winning, he changed his answer. This time he was honest. “I am a convinced follower of Marxist-Leninist ideology.”

Chavez, like the Democrats, began introducing socialism in stages. The Democrats didn’t do all this just since Biden. It happened over years, since Clinton in the nineties. Americans elected socialists all over the country for years. And then, in 2008, we elected a true Marxist to run this nation. For eight years, Obama held this country. In those eight years, he made it clear he did not like Christians and said race relations were just as bad as ever. The moment Obama said Trayvon Martin could be his son, something forever changed in this nation. If Trayvon is his son, Kyle Rittenhouse is mine.

Our founders said, “The right of citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.”

Forget that race relations had been the best they’d ever been before Obama. He, and he alone, held the cure for racism. White people are born racist, according to Obama; it’s in our DNA, he said.

Now imagine saying all blacks are violent because it’s in their DNA. It would be RACIST.

Chavez began in stages. First, he began assaulting the Constitution, eventually changing it to benefit him. He packed the Supreme Court with loyalists to him and filled the streets with officials from the Communist Party. They wore military uniforms and patrolled the streets looking for dissenters. When things first began to collapse, people took to the streets demanding the government do something. Feed them, give them gas! As the nation collapsed, it was no longer a nation known for oil. How does something like this happen? Shutting down pipelines like the Keystone pipeline, maybe? America is following in Venezuela’s footsteps.

Most Americans are oblivious to the supply chain breakdown. For the most part, shelves are still stocked in the grocery stores, so nobody is paying attention. In Venezuela, as the nation collapses, people are eating out of garbage cans; they are starving. In just a few short years of Chavez’s rule, he set the nation up for failure. Hillary, with Obama pulling the strings, was supposed to finish America off, to become another Venezuela … reset and rebuild us, but God had other plans with Trump.

Now with Biden in office, Obama has complete control once again. Obama is our Hugo Chavez.

In 2002, Hugo Chavez fired 19,000 employees of the state oil company, replacing them with employees loyal to him and his government. Many of these new employees had no experience, and it affected production. Then there was maintenance of the machinery, which became too expensive. So repairs were not completed.

Chavez took whatever money the government was bringing in and put it towards social programs, and just as the Democrats do, it was a moneymaking scam. The left is ALWAYS helping those less fortunate during election time, and the people are dumb enough to keep electing them even though nothing changes.

The people of Venezuela loved all the social programs Chavez promised, and those programs literally broke them. Just like Biden’s massive spending bill will break us.

After Chavez stacked the courts, took control of over 1,000 private businesses, and fired thousands of employees, he went after freedom of the press.

Venezuela had a government with a constitution, styled after the United States, and the press was guaranteed certain rights. Not anymore, not under communist rule. When his policies finally failed under Maduro, the entire nation, every industry, fell like dominoes.

When Obama ran for president in 2008, his political promises were reminiscent of Chavez in 1998. CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

Obama told us what he was going to do before he did it, but most Americans weren’t paying attention. Cellphones were now in every adult American hand. Who had time to see what was happening to the country? Days before the election, Obama said that he was about to fundamentally transform America, and he did. America survived a lot of things, but it did not survive Obama.

Like Obama, Chavez challenged the political and social system. He promised to change it for the better. Promised to give control back to the people. He won in a landslide, like Obama.

At his inauguration, Chavez refused to sit in the presidential chair to show he would not be following in his predecessor’s footsteps. Then, he made his intentions clear. He placed his hand on the Constitution to be sworn in and said, “I swear before God, I swear before the nation, I swear in front of my people, that on this DYING CONSTITUTION, I WILL FULFILL AND PROMOTE THE NECESSARY DEMOCRATIC TRANSFORMATIONS, SO THE NEW REPUBLIC HAS A CONSTITUTION SUITED TO THE NEW TIMES.”

He told the nation and the world that the old way of doing things was over. As his hand lay on the Constitution and he called it dead, you could hear an audible gasp in the crowd. And just like Obama, he immediately began funding social justice causes.

Then in 2002, those who were actively against Chavez formed a coup of their own. Chavez was arrested and detained for hours. He said those under his command were disloyal and cowards. After his arrest, those who led the coup declared an end to Chavez’s loyal assembly. While this was happening, the people Chavez promised to help most and who wanted a socialized nation took to the streets in support of Chavez. They surrounded the presidential palace demanding his release, screaming that their president had been taken hostage.

The members of the presidential guard, loyal to Chavez, took control of the palace and took control of the conspirators as well. The president they tried to install, along with his cabinet, fled.

Chavez was rescued and put back in power that same night. He divided the nation into rich and poor. The haves and have nots, the poor being angry with the rich. It’s the poor that helped Chavez defeat a recall election in 2004, the poor once again taking to the streets for Chavez.

The poorest in the nation vote Democrat and then wonder why they’re poor.

Just like Obama, Chavez called those who opposed him FASCISTS. He also liked to talk about “grassroots.” Sound familiar?

He was charismatic, and people listened to him. He constantly told the poorest of his constituents that he was listening, that he was for the people!

Today, Venezuela gets periodic shipments of gas from Iran. The people don’t pay much, if anything, for this gas. The catch? The government rations it out. Then they wait in line for days, and that’s no exaggeration. Same with food.

The people line up early in the morning, once a week, to get their weekly ration of food too. Forget it if you need medication or a doctor. Caracas, Venezuela, once the jewel of Latin America, is now the most unsafe city in Latin America. It was once a busy metropolis, and now it’s collapsing.

You can’t even criticize the government without fear of arrest for hate speech. The Democrats are trying to bring the same thing here. The problem with hate speech is who’s to say what constitutes hate speech? Those in power do. The left wants to decide what you can and cannot say. They want to redefine what’s offensive, and guess what? They’ve been doing it for years. The only difference now is they want to criminalize speech.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away.” He was right.

In just one generation, the entire West has collapsed. America is the nation that fought communism abroad, only to have it creep in and destroy us here.

Next time a leftist tells you Venezuelans get free gas, remind them they are also eating out of the garbage, that on average, they’ve lost 15 pounds from starvation. The average Venezuelan lives on $5 a day. Can you imagine Kim K. living on $5 a day?

Venezuela should be exporting oil. It’s a beautiful country that could bring in tourists and revenue. All of the resources they have are unused. That’s leftist policies for you. Leftist policies turned the richest nation in Latin America into a humanitarian crisis.

One major reason for the Venezuelan collapse was inflation. The money was worthless, but they kept printing it and spending it. Washington is basically printing monopoly money. The paper is worth more than the money. $400 US dollars exchanged in Venezuela is worth around $1,000,000. The inflation rate actually reached 1,000,000%!!

The bill that was passed BY REPUBLICANS will bankrupt this nation. The Democrats tell us the trillion dollars is paid for, that we won’t pay a thing. How does that work? They are printing new money, devaluing the dollar. You can’t just print new money. They know it. This is planned and organized chaos. And now America is struggling through hyperinflation.

And just like in America, Venezuela decided to massively increase government spending. Take from the “rich” and give to the poor. In the eyes of the government, there should be no rich, just equally poor.

For decades, Americans have watched as people from other countries took to the streets over oppressive governments. Now, America has turned into an oppressive government. Our moral authority? GONE.

The problem with America is we allowed this to happen. Our constitution was as near perfect as you could get. It guarantees individual freedoms. The Democrats are trampling those freedoms. They are slowly stripping the very foundation of this country.

I’m going to go ahead and say it. You can’t be a Patriot or a Christian and be a Democrat. It’s impossible. God said Babylon’s rulers would become Godless. And I believe last days Babylon describes the USA.

Obama and Chavez have many things in common. Obama wants a new constitution. Just like Chavez.

In Venezuela, toilet paper and toothpaste are luxury items. In America, we too are going to consider the most basic things luxury items soon. If Bill Gates and the rest of the demonic left have their way, hamburger meat will be a luxury item. Steak will be a champagne item.

Democrats like Michael Moore and Sean Penn praised Chavez’s success just over a decade ago. America could learn from socialism that Chavez brought in. You know why they say things like that? They are elites. It won’t affect them. People like Michael Moore will always have hamburger meat. He doesn’t want YOU to have it. Funny how silent they are on Venezuela now while actively pushing America to the same end goal.

Bernie Sanders defended Fidel Castro. He defends the Palestinians. Those on the left have ALWAYS harbored these communist feelings. Trump just brought it all to a head. The American people finally saw what I’ve known for two decades. They’ve always hated America. They hate every single thing we were founded on.

In California, Gov Newsome forbids you from showering and washing clothes on the same day. There are rules on watering your grass and filling pools.

Hugo Chavez made it criminal to shower for more than three minutes. We are a world surrounded by water. Israel makes water out of thin air. But we can’t shower and wash clothes on the same day? Chavez told the people that he counted how long it took him. One minute for soap, one minute for shampoo, and one minute to rinse. He said how dare you turn on water and let it warm up. He called them traitors to Venezuela.

Want a burger from BK in Venezuela? You can buy a burger and a half for a full month’s pay. This is what the left wants here with hamburger meat. Too expensive for you to buy. If you’re lucky enough to get a hotel in Venezuela with a bar, one shot of whisky will cost you $60. Not the bottle, just a shot. A 2-liter of coke costs nearly 25% of the average monthly salary. That’s like a 2-liter costing several hundred dollars. In 2018, under Madura, Chavez’s handpicked successor, prices rose 6,000%. One roll of toilet paper costs a full month’s salary, meaning one roll would cost thousands of dollars in America. Things are so bad in Venezuela that the military was given toilet paper as a salary. And again, it’s coming here.

Scripture warned us of this “hyperinflation” in Revelation 6. The third seal tells us that food will be very expensive and scarce.

Famine is coming to not only America but the entire West and world. Hard times are coming.

As far as guns, only police and military are allowed to have those in Venezuela. And criminals. Always the criminals. The Democrats in the US want to do the same thing Venezuela did with guns. Ban them. Did crime go down? No, it rose significantly.

Communist governments make the people absolutely dependent on them for everything. From food and healthcare to housing. When the government falls, the people fall hardest.

God never intended you to depend on the government for food. There’s a difference between helping in hard times and having the ability to starve someone by not loading their EBT card.

Everything that Chavez did, America began doing under Obama. Chavez handpicked his successor, and America was outraged, demanding free elections. Ha! Pot, kettle, black. America doesn’t even have free elections anymore, so who are we to say anything? Again, we’ve lost moral authority.

Under Maduro, things have been an international catastrophe. You cannot have a different point of view or opinion than Maduro. If you do, you can be prosecuted.

There is no democracy. Go against the government, and you will pay; some with their lives, others are sitting in prisons as political prisoners.

Those sitting in jail for the J6 RALLY in the US are being treated no differently than if they were Venezuelan POWs. They are being beaten, deprived of medical treatment and proper food. Did you know that many of the corrections officers are immigrants from Africa? They are told the J6’ers are white supremacists, so they automatically don’t like them. They are Muslim and shut down Bible studies too. One guard yelled, “Let’s go, America” instead of Brandon, if you know what I mean. They recently attacked them with chemicals, with some of the Patriots being taken out on stretchers. They must wear a mask at all times, even alone.

Biden, our president (eye roll), is the laughing stock of the world. He literally soiled his Depends at the Vatican. Jill Biden must have wanted to be First Lady bad. Or she hates her husband. Most wives would never subject their husbands to this.

America let communism come to her shores, and soon we will know why our founders warned us not to give up freedom and liberty for safety and security. They knew why. They were being ruled by a tyrant, King George. We are being ruled by many tyrants in America.

The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was just given the case for deliberation. By the time this posts, either Kenosha has burned, or Kyle was offered up as a sacrifice. Believe me; they will riot regardless.

The jury had the case all day; this should have been open and shut. Something isn’t sitting right with me; it should have been a couple of hours, maybe.

This is where America is. We are divided, and we are never going to be united again. Venezuelans are divided too — those for Chavez and those against.

Don’t be fooled into thinking America will always be here. We are falling. Babylon has fallen. God tells us to come out of her, to get out of her midst. Is the center of Babylon NY? Washington?

God is calling us out of the beast system too. We are already witnessing the beginning of not being able to buy or sell. Scripture doesn’t say what leads up to it, just that it will happen.

All over the world, people are being forced between taking a vaccine they don’t want or feeding their families. Last month, over 4 million people quit or lost their job. This is unsustainable. You can’t have a nation of haves and have nots. The have nots will eventually rise up.

Our founders never intended for us to live under tyranny. They left us with a document that is a blueprint on how to have a civil society of free-thinking individuals. The United States government no longer likes free-thinking individuals, and you are now the enemy. God hates cowards. Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God. Our founders told us, “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”

The people of Venezuela never thought they’d be starving just a few short years ago. Australians never thought their government would go full tyrannical. The people of France and Italy never thought they’d be locked out of grocery stores. The people in the United States never thought this nation would fall, and it wouldn’t have had we fought the very first signs of socialism. Republicans should have made Obama’s term one term, but they didn’t. Republicans helped Obama almost as much as the Democrats.

In the final hours of Babylon’s existence, a great millstone falls into the ocean and destroys Babylon. For years scientists of worried about the La Palma volcano. What scripture is describing is a massive tsunami. If a large enough chunk falls off of this volcano, and to make matters worse an earthquake hit, this millstone, or chunk of rock would cause a massive tsunami that would destroy much of our eastern seaboard of the USA. For years, scientists have worried about the La Palma volcano. If a large enough chunk falls off of this volcano, and to make matters worse, an earthquake hit, it would cause a massive tsunami that would destroy much of the eastern seaboard of the USA.

It’s as simple as that. People have complicated God, have made a fairy tale out scripture. But it’s all there, everything happening to this nation of Babylon.

All the Democrats had to do was put this country and its people first. But they couldn’t do it. They are all being led by a dark force, and they don’t even know it. Across the whole world, a dark spirit has fallen. America didn’t get this way overnight; we let it happen. Now we fight for our freedom instead of taking advantage of it.

James Madison said, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

Things are not going to get any easier. In fact, God said the people of Babylon would labor in vain. Biden, the tax-raiser.

The American people might be getting ready to face very hard times, but the American spirit that makes us fight has reawakened. It won’t be easy for them. Don’t make it easy for them. And for God’s sake, don’t ever get on that bus.

Our founders also said, “Our Constitution is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

Now the Democrats have trampled it; but again, it didn’t happen overnight. The Patriot Act under a Republican president began the overreach of our government. In the lie of catching terrorists. Turns out, the only terrorists they really want? It’s you.

James Madison said, “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

Remember this: God is still in control. They will not prevail. They will not go unpunished. This nation will not give up that easily.

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death! – Patrick Henry

Vanessa P

Twitter @NessaRedKingdom