The Most Influential Websites in The U.S.A. :: By Jim Towers

Because the Television Network news has become a platform for Godless Democrats and is notorious for fake news reporting as well as twisting the news to suit a communist narrative – I quit watching it years ago.

Since Rodger Ailes stepped down and put his two Democrat sons in his place, the only personality on television with whom I agree is Tucker Carlson. Tucker tells it like it is. (He is the only reason the Fox network survives and is still able to make money.)

With the advent of the internet, I am inclined to get my news directly from the news sources on this alternative media. As well as being the only informative and conservative voices in our country, the following are REAL news sources.

I’ve been reading The Drudge Report since its inception, but it has been weakened by the new owners. Although I still read it, it is basically a secular news outlet.

Insofar as conservative Christian websites are concerned, the following are the ones I subscribe to today – diligently.

# 1

The top websites that I follow daily are an influential and stabilizing force in the U.S.A. Number one is Todd Strandberg is the founder of this all-encompassing Christian website; he is a visionary who undertook putting this conservative Christian website together decades ago. I check out this website daily to find out what’s going on in the world in real-time every day and to bolster my understanding of the Holy Scriptures. I also read the contributing writers’ articles. These are people of conviction and deep understanding concerning the Christian faith. The wonderful editor, Cindy, is a tireless and conscientious worker.


“Now the End Begins” website is the brainchild of Geoffrey S. Grider, and he consistently hits the nail on the head with his reporting. Although his website is evangelical and insightful, he is also a tad dogmatic with his theology, which targets a more mature audience than most. But maybe God has placed him in this place and time to convince people of Christ’s soon return. In any case, he is doing a good work, and we must applaud him for his tireless efforts.


Brannon Howse and his son have put together a no-nonsense Christian website that is ever-expanding with the help of Mike Lindell of and “My Pillow fame.” Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their ever-expanding network of Christian programing is growing by leaps and bounds. Brannon is a powerhouse of information and knows more than most evangelical preachers. He is currently exposing the New World Order. His guests are top-notch notables in the Christian world.


An up-and-coming internet star is Stew Peters of the Stew Peters Show, and although I know little of his Christianity, my guess is he is a relatively new Christian who is becoming more and more bold about his Christian faith every day. Stew has a quick mind and fiery personality but without the holy theatrics – which is to my liking. His guests are people from all walks of life but usually professional people with deep Christian roots. Each guest is unique and interesting and has something of substance to say on any given topic. His show has currently been exposing the pharmaceutical and medical industry. I tune into his show every night for updates on things every American citizen should know.


Breitbart News is another news source that can be relied upon, although their emphasis is primarily for a secular audience. Nevertheless, it is worth looking into for conservative news.

I’m sure there are more out there in the cyber world, but I lean heavily on these for breaking world news and biblical understanding.


Blessed are they that read and learn – wonderful gifts that shouldn’t be ignored – especially in the days in which we live.

My most recent read is titled I Alone Can Fix It by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker. Although these two are professional writers, they are obviously “left-wingers.” I enjoyed their inside look into the way government works when no one is looking. The backbiting and treachery that goes on would give an unstable person the chills.

However, I’m calling these two writers out for their lopsided view of conservatives and President Trump. In their immature analysis of Trump’s nature and methods, they condemn the poor man at every turn. If this brave man had not intervened when he did, we would have become a third-world country already. As it is, we needed a strong-minded patriotic man to rein in the people who would transform the U.S. into a communist country. Since the theft of the presidency six months ago, our military is crumbling, the borders are being overrun with unvetted immigrants, and people are dying from the effects of vaccines that don’t work – (except to cripple or kill them and make big money for big pharma.)

Sure, Trump had character flaws (we all do), but at least he wasn’t a druggie, pervert, or common criminal like most politicians. His style of governing is unlike the status quo politicians who say what they think we want to hear and then fail to produce results. In fact, everything they say and do is calculated to make money for themselves and their friends.

Since Trump didn’t need the money or power, had a beautiful wife and well-behaved offspring, he was able to work unfettered by such concerns.

Jealousy reigned supreme among many in government who tried to undermine Trump’s agenda to make America great again. Against the backdrop of these treacherous, America-hating criminals, President Trump was a God-sent angel.


Jim Towers

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