Stupidocrisy: Biden is the Poster Child :: By Bill Wilson

It’s like a steady stream of stupidity and hypocrisy. Joe Biden and his merry band of anti-American misfits are making a mess of things. Seriously.

There isn’t a day that goes by without a serious breach of common sense. Oh, yes, everyone should be vaccinated against COVID 19. Everyone, that is, except the illegal aliens that Biden is allowing to cross the border at record rates without any COVID vaccine. He is also shipping them across America to a town near you or your hometown and paying for their hotel rooms so they can infect the rest of us. Yet those who do not want to be forced to get vaccinated (my body, my choice for killing babies, but not getting vaccinated), are considered anti-American murderers. WOW.

Biden also pulled off the most stupid foreign policy move since the sentiments of Neville Chamberlain, who wanted to appease Adolf Hitler of all people. Biden says the buck stops with him, yet he blames everyone else for his stupid decision to let the terrorist Taliban walk all over him. He can couch the whole idea that he refused to be that “president” to pass along the Afghanistan civil war to another president, but the fact is he folded like a lawn chair when it came to protecting American interests in Afghanistan. “Oh, the Afghani government wouldn’t let us evacuate early.” C’mon man, grow some courage. You let them have American equipment and weapons without putting up so much as a paper clip as resistance.

What about gas prices? Before Biden took office, America was energy independent. Now we are, quite frankly, energy screwed. This joker implements the communist green energy plan without any phase-in. Cut the Keystone pipeline and a few thousand jobs and watch gas prices go up 50 cents.

And what about all that inflation? Biden economic policies are front and center to people not even wanting to go back to work because of COVID incentives. He is sending jobs back to him and his son’s best friends forever (BFFs), China, and is cowering in a corner, hoping China doesn’t flex their military muscle on Taiwan. Well, I would hate to be in Taiwan’s shoes right now, given how Biden squished in Afghanistan.

Back in 1979, I thought there was no way that any president would be worse than Carter. In the ’90s, I thought Clinton was almost as bad as Carter. In 2007, I was cringing that a Republican possibly could be as bad as Carter. Then we had a Marxist who really messed things up. Then we had a president that actually did well, but many people didn’t like how he did it. But now? Wow! This Biden guy is every bit as bad or worse than Carter. He is an unmitigated disaster only eight months into his four-year term.

Proverbs 18:6 says, “A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.”

Trouble is, Americans and the good guys in the world are going to take that beating too. Say it with me… Stupidocrisy.

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