Is The Covid Vaccine the Mark of The Beast? :: By Steve Schmutzer

Their faces show concern, fatigue, and even fear. Some are downright angry.

While their reactions vary, their questions largely boil down to this: “Is the COVID-19 vaccine the Mark of the Beast?

The simple answer is, “No, it’s not.” The Bible states the antichrist – a future globalist despot who leads a brutal one-world government system – will implement the Mark of the Beast halfway into a well-defined seven-year period known as The Tribulation (Revelation 13:16-17).

That will be a future time when evil reaches a peak. In Daniel 8:23, we’re told it will be a point “…when rebels have become completely wicked.” Some translations put it this way, “…when the transgressors are come to the full.”

In other words, under the antichrist’s ultimate socialist rule, evil will be like a cup of water that is so full that it cannot take another drop. If it could, it wouldn’t be full. That’s the picture here; sin on the earth will reach maximum expression in this final chapter of human history.

Tough as things are becoming, we’re not yet at that point. The Bible is equally clear that the antichrist cannot be revealed until the ‘restrainer is taken out of the way’ (2 Thess. 2:1-7).

There is only one power that is infinitely greater than all the forces the devil can muster. There’s only one ‘restrainer’ that can stand against such evil. That is God.

The Holy Spirit lives within each person who is truly saved. As much as we see world conditions deteriorating, there is still a ‘restraining’ effect due to the presence of believers – and from those who support the laws and values which find their origin in God’s Word.

That will all precipitously change at some unknown point. A moment is coming where all who trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation will be suddenly and preternaturally removed from this earth. Poof! Gone.

It’s a blessed event for those who are taken from this planet to be with their Lord and Savior forever (Titus 2:13). It’s also imminent, which means we cannot predict its timing. Plenty try to, but that’s a foolish undertaking.

When it happens, there will be concerted political AND supernatural efforts to explain what took place as something other than what the Bible makes plain. I have no doubt about this. Many then – as now – will believe a lie instead of the truth.

Meantime, and until such point, we already see conditions in the world aligning for this future timeframe wherein this one-world leader and his ultimate socialist agenda will take center stage.

Some people today actually want all this to happen. They’re openly calling for a one-world government. They don’t evaluate their wishes through the lens of God’s Word any more than they do through any filters of common sense. Instead, they are keenly frustrated with anyone who takes a sensible stance against their supposed ‘utopian ideals.’

Why do you think there are hordes of radicals who hate anyone that supports constitutionally-based freedoms, secure borders, and law and order? Why do certain people cheat to win and lie to cover it up?

Why does a specific group of people despise Israel, devalue human life, believe in multiple genders, promote division, advance the fallacy of climate change, applaud sexual depravities of all sorts, incarcerate church leaders, defund the police, jail the good guys, release the bad guys, defend a two-tiered justice system, push depopulation, censor truth, celebrate lawlessness, and want to penalize anyone that doesn’t do and see things their way?

There’s a group of folks that are largely defined by these positions. It’s these kinds of people that are the prototype of the population that will support the antichrist and his depraved policies when that final apocalyptic leader arrives. The character of his future supporters has never been more self-evident than right now.

So – what about this Mark of the Beast thing? To be sure, the present ‘V’ is a conditioning process. It’s setting the stage. It’s a trial run for what’s coming down the road. I absolutely believe this.

The jab is a chance to control the population, to force compliance, to manipulate minds, to squash independence, to reward those who believe lies and to penalize those who don’t. It’s a chance to go door to door in a thinly-veiled campaign to gain personal information and to document anyone who resists this new tactic of a globalist agenda. It’s a chance to threaten people to conform – or else!

It’s also a key opportunity to publicly ridicule anyone who thinks for themselves and to blame certain folks for problems they really aren’t a part of. It’s a justification for building bias, for fostering hate, for imposing restrictions, for cultivating resentment, for removing rights, and for prospering deception.

Getting all these conditions underway will be helpful to achieving the ultimate goal of mass total control. That’s coming, believe me.

Meantime, the ‘V’ is little more than a precursor event. Much as it smacks of some of the same dynamics as the real Mark of the Beast, the latter is not here – – not yet.

You don’t want to be here on earth when it DOES come. Those will be terrible times – the worst ever according to Jesus (Matthew 24:21). It’s tough to wrap one’s mind around the implications of this.

Get your heart right with Jesus Christ while you still have a chance. “If you declare with your mouth that “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9).

There is no better time than now to do it.