Full Speed Ahead :: By Jim Towers

Liberals in control of the government are no longer trying to be politically correct. Now it’s all in your face – take it or face the consequences.

Lies are nothing new to the socialists in control – but now they are telling it like it is – in most areas of American life. No more beating around the bush, and like President Trump recently said, “If we don’t change things by 2022, we will lose our freedoms and, more likely than not, our country as well.

There can be no more bad-mouthing of Liberal/Communist politicians on the internet, yet how can anyone ever forget the harassment Donald Trump received at their hands on social platforms?

Remember the comedienne who thought a mockup of Donald Trump’s bloody severed head she held in her hand was so funny? Or the goofy, self-absorbed Alex Baldwin making jokes about our president without a care in the world?

It was open season on Trump, a man who did more for this country than anyone before him.

Now the liberal left wants you to take a senile old man seriously and show him respect — this in spite of the fact that “ole Joe” undid in less than two months all the good that Trump did for our country in the four years he was in office. Conniving Joe was signing executive orders like they were an impediment to where he and his puppet masters wanted to take America, to the new world order and the tribulation period simultaneously.

Years ago, Castro sold his people on communist ideology after he took over control of the government. Many people died or were imprisoned in Cuba, and some were never heard from again. Now, some fifty years later, as they are experiencing famine and lack of medicine, they are protesting in earnest against the communist regime that had held them hostage for so long. The Cubans in America reached out to Biden to help them. He, in essence, said in a photo op, “Let the people go,” while at the same time, he was imposing oppressive rules and standards for us, the American people!

The Biden cabal will not let Cubans into the United States because, for the most part, they have converted to being conservative Republicans by the first wave of freedom-loving refugees that arrived seeking asylum. The Biden cabal will only admit criminals, the ignorant and children, many of whom have viruses and other life-threatening issues, without vetting, and busing them to all parts of the country. The Biden/Obama cabal is betting that these refugees will, in turn, vote for them during the next round of elections.

Venezuela is in the same boat as the Cubans, and they too are lamenting their decision to let communist ideologues take over their country. The country has been left in shambles, and the only ones with enough food and medicine are the handful of elitist leaders and military members.

Speaking of the military, we should wonder about the motives of an administration that is trying to make sure ALL servicemen and women get the “jab.”

If the “jab” proves to be crippling or life-threatening, can you imagine what would happen if ever there was a war with one of our enemies? We would obviously lose – big time. Japan introduced opium into the Chinese mainland to cripple that society to win a war, and it worked.

The Communist left’s modus operandi is to first silence the opposition by imprisoning them or shutting off communication, especially the internet and the exchange of ideas; they intend to have the last word about everything. Does that sound increasingly familiar? We, too, are on the cusp of this tyranny — first through censuring our free speech and opinions on the internet by Facebook, Google and Twitter. Just say something against the illegitimate government, and they scrub it. The so-called “fact-checkers” are relishing the power this gives them. The young dweebs are probably making more money than ever.

Amazingly, while we are compelled to wear masks and stay six feet apart, China celebrated the 100th anniversary of communism in that county on July 11. Throngs of people waved flags and celebrated in the streets. There were military parades with both men and women in military garb marching – shoulder to shoulder, not three feet apart – all without masks! The very people who caused the covid bioweapon to be released on the rest of the world (along with other nefarious people ensconced in high government positions) were on full display, enjoying the celebration without masks or a care in the world.

Right now, it seems that the radical left is throwing everything at us to cripple us for a communist takeover. They have crippled the defenders of law and order in favor of drug-addled lawbreakers. Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles are feeling the brunt of this fiasco. Every weekend – fueled by alcohol and mind-altering drugs – the murder rate has skyrocketed in our large inner cities.

I asked God in our one-sided conversation, “Is this YOUR doing, Lord, or is it our own fault for these happenings?” He didn’t answer. I then used common sense to evaluate the situation, and low and behold, it came to me that the reason for all this craziness was because we have turned our backs on the Almighty. Men think they are women, women think they are men, the children don’t know what they are, and parents are too busy seeking pleasure to tell them that having a penis means you are a boy.

The so-called Biden administration is rife with weirdos, perverts, robbers, liars, criminals, drug addicts, pedophiles, tattooed women, and men wearing frilly tutus. And we have yet to hear of the incriminating evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop, but so far, it has only been revealed that he was/is a pedophile and would-be porn star with thousands of incriminating videos and pictures of his shenanigans.

Yet the liberals can’t seem to forgive President Trump for a few minor indiscretions (like young men are apt to say) in the distant past. The Russian collusion they tried to impeach him with twice turned out to be a nothing burger (or should I say double burger with cheese), something made up from thin air.


Jim Towers

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