13 Reasons Why It’s the Last Hour…: Pt 3 :: By Jonathan Brentner

The Great Reset

Perhaps the most telling indicator today of the rapidly approaching tribulation is the fast-rising world government that the Bible says will dominate the world during the tribulation period. The globalists openly discuss their plans for world domination, yet so many believers, as well as their pastors, remain oblivious to the sinister agenda of these elite power brokers.

Daymond Duck, in his March 20, 2021, article on the Rapture Ready website, Apocalypse Approaching, wrote this in regard to the coming New World Order of the antichrist:

The Bible clearly teaches that the Antichrist and False Prophet will be active on earth at the same time (during the Tribulation Period). If we are close to a world government run by the Antichrist, we are close to a world religion run by the False Prophet. If we are close to a world government and world religion, we are close to a new economic system that the Antichrist and False Prophet will use to control people. Put another way, when the Tribulation Period arrives, there will be three global systems on earth at the same time: a global political system (world government), a global religious system (world religion), and a global economic system (world control of buying and selling).

On Sept. 25, 2015, the UN approved a document called “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” Supporters called it a “New Universal Agenda” (a phrase comes from the Preamble of the document itself). The document calls for a world government, world religion, and a world economic system to be established by 2030. This is what globalism (creating regional groups of nations), the pope’s visit to Iraq (merging, Christianity, Judaism and Islam), and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset (creation of a new economic system) are all about.

The fact that these three global systems are coming on the scene simultaneously in our generation is solid evidence that we are the terminal generation, and the Rapture is close. –source

The current cry of national leaders around the globe for a world government perfectly aligns with what the books of Daniel and Revelation refer to as “the beast,” a designation that applies to both the antichrist and the realm over which he will rule during the tribulation.

  1. The Beast of Revelation 13 Goes Mainstream

Groups calling for a one-world government have existed since I was a child. Today, however, they have captured the allegiance of most national leaders throughout the world. Here is a recent quote from the Zero Hedge website that typifies the yearning of many national leaders for a one-world government:

Twenty-four world leaders have signed a letter calling for more globalism to combat future pandemics, citing the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to consign nationalism to the dustbin of history. [i]

One of the most influential people advocating a New World Order is Pope Francis. He has repeatedly captured headlines in the past few years proclaiming the need for a one-world government as the best way to combat the perils of climate change.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) advocates what they refer to as the “Great Reset.” This is their version of a global administration that would control the economic lives of everyone on earth, no exceptions. Their vision of our future aligns closely with the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Green New Deal in the United States. All three initiatives promote a Marxist government that seeks to imprison people under a totalitarian regime.

Until January 20, 2021, President Donald Trump stood as the most powerful and significant obstacle to the implementation of the Great Reset. The WEF invited him to Davos, Switzerland, where he refused to go along with their diabolical plans for world domination. I believe President Trump’s opposition to globalism is the main reason why so many in both political parties did everything possible to get him out of office, which included the falsifying of election tallies that changed a significant Trump electoral victory into a loss.

Biden’s campaign slogan of “Build Back Better” came directly from the WEF and accurately reflects his administration’s desire to submit the United States to the horrors of the Great Reset. John Kerry, whom Biden named as his special presidential envoy for climate, strongly affirmed Biden’s unfailing allegiance to the Marxist agenda of the WEF. Just before Biden took office, Kerry assured the elites of the WEF that a Joe Biden presidency will quickly advance the globalist “Great Reset” agenda “with greater speed and greater intensity than many might imagine.” [ii]

The agenda behind the Green New Deal in America, the UN’s Agenda 2030, and the Great Reset is not benign!! They all have as their common theme a totalitarian government that will enslave everyone on the planet under the stated goal of “You will own nothing and be happy,” which was the theme of a past video on the WEF website.

  1. The Coming Economic Collapse

The economic collapse of the world’s economies must happen in order to pave the way for the Great Reset. That’s what the WEF means by “build back better.” They cannot recreate anything unless they first destroy the existing economic structures. And such turmoil looms in the near future; in fact, it seems long overdue given the debt of so many governments in our world, which now totals 281 trillion dollars.

Daymond Duck, in his March 20, 2021, article on the Rapture Ready website, Apocalypse Approaching, also wrote this in regard to the nearness of an economic collapse in America:

Michael Snyder, author and highly read publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, posted articles about the U.S. economy two days in a row.

Snyder’s Mar. 11, 2021, article titled “So This Is How the U.S. Dollar Dies” reminds us that America’s national debt is approaching 30 trillion dollars and America has “now entered an era of hyperinflation,” which, in my opinion, is what the rider on the Black Horse is about in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 6:5-6). Snyder believes “a major trigger event could crash the (stock) market at any time,” and I believe some globalists would deliberately do that if they thought it would result in a world government. This is more than my opinion. As incredible as it sounds, articles are appearing suggesting that there may be a deliberate effort to collapse the U.S. and global economy.

Snyder’s Mar. 12, 2021, article titled “Brace Yourselves for the Most Dramatic Shift in the Standard of Living in All of U.S. History” points out that prices of some products (gasoline, lumber, agricultural products, etc.) are soaring as “the U.S. dollar is being transformed into toilet paper money.” Snyder believes world leaders will soon realize that the world needs to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and he says the word “collapse” is ‘not nearly strong enough to describe what is eventually going to happen to us.” I believe Snyder is totally correct about America’s economic situation and the coming collapse, but I believe the Church will be raptured before the worst of it hits in the Tribulation Period. – source

At some point, the reckless spending of the American government will result in over-the-top inflation and obliterate America’s economy, which will have a disastrous ripple effect throughout the entire world.

I believe the globalists in the United States’ government plan to intentionally crash our economy in order to pave the way for America to join the Great Reset. Why else would the U.S. Congress approve the spending of trillions of “stimulus” dollars that require it to borrow or print every last penny? Why else would they allocate huge amounts of this borrowed/printed money to other nations as well as to those who enter our country illegally? I cannot think of any other reason for the current reckless monetary policy by a nation almost 30 trillion dollars in debt than to purposely destroy its economy.

At first, the intervention of the globalists to solve the future economic crisis will seem like a godsend to most people who, at the time, will be drowning in debt. The coming world entity, the beast of Revelation 13, will relieve their massive burden, take ownership of all they possess, and in return guarantee that they have a livable income, healthcare, housing, and a sustainable environment. Later, however, under the leadership of the antichrist, the Great Reset will become a nightmare of epic proportions.

The black horse of Revelation 6:5-6 portrays runaway prices for basic necessities that will plague the world after the rapture. If one listens closely, one might hear the snorting of this horse and the sound of its hoofs kicking against its stall. It’s growing more restless by the day, but the horse and its rider with a pair of scales in his hand must wait until the Lamb opens the “third seal.” At that time, the world will experience the full impact of the suffering and death this rider will bring with him.

Yes, great danger lies ahead for this world. The wrath of the day of the Lord will come upon the unsuspecting world quickly, like a “thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:1-3). But as those securely in Christ, we have this promise of deliverance from the coming wrath that I believe will soon engulf the entire world, “For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him” (1 Thess. 5:9-10).

Jesus is coming soon! Do you know Him as your Savior? Are you ready for His soon appearing?

In part 4, we will examine how COVID-19 is furthering the advance of the Great Reset across the world.

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