Cancel Culture’ Professors Want to Scrap Classical Music :: By Geri Ungurean

Oxford’ Cancel Culture’ Professors Want to Scrap Classical Music 

It’s official. The world has gone completely mad!

My husband Tim sent me this article this morning. We truly are a team. He always knows topics that I will want to write about.

Classical Music

We both love classical music. Our favorite genre is Christian music, including the great Hymns of the church. But the classics come in a close second.

Our son is a self-taught classical pianist. As our children grew up, they heard Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Chopin and most of the great works of incredibly talented composers of that era of history.

Music was a very big part of our lives. I remember our oldest saying that Christmas Carols such as “O Holy Night” had to have been given to us straight from heaven. I agreed with him.

Now, the ‘Cancel Culture’ insane world wants to throw away Classical Music, saying that it’s another example of White Supremacy.

My question is this: Why not ADD African music as a genre instead of trashing Classical music in Universities?

And I am reading that BLACK LIVES MATTER is being cited as the catalyst for the Cancel Culture movement. REALLY?

If these so-called intellectuals would do their homework, they would see that BLM is a proponent of MARXISM and has VERY little to do with advancing the cause of racial equality. But these people feed on whatever is said on LEFTIST news media sites. They believe everything that is told to them on CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian and other fake news media.

Please see my article on Black Lives Matter and Marxism:

Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter: “We Are Trained Marxists” (VIDEO) <click to read article

I may have white skin, but the blood that runs through my veins is JEWISH.

And the following must be said, brethren: If any people have the right to call “Foul Play” throughout history concerning bigotry, persecution and mass murder – it is my people. Nazi Germany and the systematic extermination of Six Million of my people is a STAIN on the history of our world.

Angela Merkel of Germany allowed Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF to be published in Germany a few years ago. Before she allowed this, the book had been BANNED in Germany since the end of WWII.

And guess what the best-selling book in Germany is now? You guessed it: MEIN KAMPF.

How do you think this made the Jews who live in Germany and Jews around the world feel? Did you see riots, looting and murders taking place? NO.

My people are very used to hatred and persecution. It amazes me that there are still Jews living in Germany. I would think that the majority of them would have made Aliyah to Israel!

I would NOT live in Germany.

And let us not forget the hatred, persecution and murder of massive numbers of Christians throughout the ages. During the Crusades, the Catholic church murdered untold numbers of Protestant Christians.

We read nearly every day about Christians being murdered and dismembered in African Muslim countries. Did you know that there were millions of Christians in the Middle East – but since the Obama regime and ISIS, that number has dwindled to around 200,000?

This is mass Genocide!

In America, Christians are bracing for whatever is coming our way since the O’Biden regime took control of the People’s House – and I must add “ILLEGALLY.”

From Oxford Music Professors Suggest Scrapping Sheet Music From Curriculum, Say It’s Complicit in ‘White Supremacy’

“Faculty members said the curriculum should broaden its music offerings.”

****YES… BROADEN its music offerings, but certainly NOT “SCRAP” the Exquisite musical pieces written by the most prolific Composers in history!!

Beginning of Foxnews article:

Staff members within the University of Oxford’s music department have reportedly suggested removing sheet music from the school’s curriculum because of its purported connections to a “colonial past.”

Professors said that music notation has not “shaken off its connection to its colonial past” and that sticking with it would be a “slap in the face” for students of color, according to documents reviewed by the British outlet The Telegraph.


The same faculty also reportedly questioned whether the current curriculum was complicit in “white supremacy,” pointing to the program’s focus on “white European music from the slave period” – composers like Mozart and Beethoven.

The professors further suggested that certain classical music skills – like playing the piano and conducting orchestral arrangements – ought not to be required, given that they “structurally center white European music” and cause “students of color great distress.”


The faculty members said the curriculum should broaden its music offerings with studies like “African and African Diasporic Musics,” “Global Musics,” and “Popular Musics.”

**** YES – Great idea to broaden!!

Oxford’s music curriculum already offers non-Eurocentric course options, but the professors who proposed these changes said the school’s nearly “all-white faculty” gives “privilege to white musicians” by default.

The proposed changes appear to have been driven in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Arising from international Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the Faculty Board proposed making changes to enhance the diversity of the undergraduate curriculum.”

Fox News has reached out to Oxford University’s music department with a request for comment on the proposed changes. Source

I doubt if we will ever read the response from Oxford.

Brethren, none of this surprises our Lord Jesus. He is allowing this to happen, so it is part of End-Times events and prophecies.

I cannot help but think that the world is being held hostage by the ‘Cancel Culture’ fanatics.

To me, this is total lunacy, and I’m not afraid to say that.


“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22).

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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