Reader Alert :: By Jim Towers

Do you want to know what’s really going on in the halls of power as the new administration searches for a platform on which to stand? Well, they can’t find one, but it’s not like they aren’t trying… so it’s back to global warming again, which is still their old standby. WOKE is still in the development stages, and the only thing that seems to be working to bring America to its knees is Covid 19 and its new offshoots. Lucky for them – bad for us.

“Woke” – alert to injustice in society, especially racism. “We need to stay angry and stay woke.

This racist mentality was being defeated until Obama woke it up again when he became president. Surprisingly enough, he won two terms in office simply because he was a black man. Little did the people know how much he hated America, Christianity, and the Jews. But it should have been apparent by the company he kept and the racist-spewing church he attended led by the so-called “reverend” Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. for many years.

Now there are new virus offshoots popping up everywhere in the world, which makes one wonder if Dr. Fauci and the Chinese government aren’t “seeding” the new strains of Covid everywhere. You can’t put it past the Democrats to do or say anything just to stay in power.

On the other hand, the virus offshoots just might be a “God-induced thing” that’s happening along with various other calamities across the globe.

We are told in scripture that there will be diseases and pestilence for which there is no remedy except maybe wholesale repentance — and that on an individual basis. Let me explain; it would be a good thing if we as a nation sincerely repented, but the nation repenting as a whole doesn’t mean we will be excused for our bad behavior individually. However, we as a nation aren’t likely to repent at this stage of the game. Even our elected leaders and clergy give us a free pass on morality. Transgenderism and other assorted wickedness prevail in our sin-sick society, and the government and some churches are now condoning it as well!

All you have to do is see the way Spring Breakers behaved in South Beach recently. I was there recently to film the throngs of young people for my film but decided it would be best if I left before nightfall, and I’m glad I did. The youngsters were acting like wild animals in heat. Young girls were twerking on the tops of parked cars showing no modesty whatsoever, while the young men were fighting and destroying other cars and the outdoor furniture of the eateries. Over a thousand youngsters were arrested, and at least one person was killed.

In the meantime, the border remains open, as the New administration halted the building of the border wall, while Biden welcomed in the hordes of immigrants from every place in the world. He now regrets the chaos he created in doing so. Now he is asking them to please quit coming. But it was done only as a way of assuring the Democrats stay in power with votes accumulated by these political pawns. In reality, though, good ol’ con man Joe only did what he was told to do by the puppet masters pulling the strings. You have to feel sorry for the old fool who was conned into running for president, although he was a conniver from the beginning of his career. And he has become a serious liability right before our very eyes. Not to worry, though – Obama is probably right there coaching him daily over the phone.

The left wanted things their way and were willing to steal the election; now, they will undoubtedly have to eat crow. What these deluded people won’t do to subvert us is beyond the pale, and you can bet it has everything to do with money and power.

But rather than expand on these issues, I will refer you to the books I’ve read as of late that fill the reader in on the state of the nation.

The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return by Michal Anton is an excellent read that brings out the methods and inner workings of subversives in government. This man is a deep thinker and an intellectual.

The book Dark Agenda by David Horowitz is a little homier in that he cuts to the chase with facts and figures. This writer is an easy read in comparison to Michael Anton. Nevertheless, they both agree on a number of issues pertaining to the Communist agenda to subvert and silence those of the Christian faith.

In these two books, you will find out the inner workings of politics and rogue elements that reside in Washington D.C.

Then there is Calling B. S., a book written by two young intellectuals named Carl T. Bergstrom and Jevin D. West. I read this book only after drawing away from Facebook (I left that platform after reading Snowden’s book The Snowden Files) and realizing that the government could trace every word we wrote that might one day be used against us as “Hate speech.” (I have a tendency to be vocal about all things that matter to me, including my faith.) The book Calling B.S. tells us that:

“In 2017, Facebook admitted that over the past two years, 126 million users – half of the adult population and about three-quarters of its user base – had been exposed to Russian propaganda on the site. More than one hundred thirty thousand messages from these accounts were designed to deepen preexisting ideological divides within the U.S. and to seed mistrust between neighbors. They focused on emotionally charged issues such as race relations, gun rights, border security, welfare, and abortion (and I was in there swinging away with everything I had) and played both sides of each topic to reach the largest possible audience. The goal was to amplify the loudest and most extreme voices in each political camp while drowning out more reasonable and productive discussants.”

Of course, as Christians, there is the other side of the coin, in that we must always take a stand against evil whenever and wherever we encounter it.

This little tidbit is also in that book:

In 1884, Sigmund Freud wrote a letter to his then fiancé, Martha Bernays, saying,

“So, I gave my lecture yesterday. Despite a lack of preparation, I spoke quite well and without hesitation, which I ascribe to the cocaine I had taken beforehand. I told of my discoveries in brain anatomy, all very difficult things that the audience certainly didn’t understand, but all that matters is that they get the impression that I understand it.”

‘Ol Siggie’ should know that there will be no liars in heaven.

Blessed are they who read – and especially the widest read book in the world – the Bible.


Jim Towers

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