Mary Had a Little Lamb :: By T. Brown

Mary had a little Lamb,
His fleece was white as snow;
He was born of a Virgin birth,
Conceived by the Holy Spirit, you know.

He lived a humble and sinless life,
Teaching the love of God the Father,
Healing and performing miracles,
Proving who He is by answered prophecies from scripture.

But His own chosen people, who were blinded in part and could not see it,
Corporately rejected Him as their King, the Son of God;
Wrongly expecting an iron-fisted ruler to free them from oppression,
They sent Him to die on a cross, at a hill outside Jerusalem, at Golgotha.

But what they didn’t realize was this was in His master plan,
Known before He even spoke the universe into existence,
To live a perfect, sinless life as a man, impossible for anyone else to do,
And give Himself as a gift, a sacrifice, to redeem us from our sins, reconciling us to God too.

Proving His authority over everything, even death and hell,
He rose from His earthly grave on the third day, from slaughtered Lamb to Shepherd,
As the Living Sacrifice, the first-fruits to our Heavenly Father,
To start to gather up a flock for Himself, a peculiar people.

So He ascended to His heavenly throne, at the right hand of God the Father,
Commanding His witnesses to spread the good news, His gospel to the world,
Reminding that He will return again soon to collect His flock that’s been growing,
To spend eternity together as family, inseparable, with blessings overflowing.

Then He will keep ancient promises and return His focus upon His chosen people,
They will understand and weep for Him for rejecting their own, that visit from the Lamb,
And they will realize He willingly died for all, of course, that He had to
So they and all who believe in Him, accepting His free gift, will have everlasting life too.

So don’t let this world scare you – the depravity, sickness, deception, and cancel culture.
If you’ve not yet trusted The Shepherd, that he died for you, do so now, my sister, my brother.
Be ready because He will soon call His flock up, the signs all show,
And so we will forever be with The Lamb, His fleece as white as snow.