To Be or Not to Be? :: By Jim Towers

Recently, when a Republican lawmaker referenced God in his speech before the House in Congress, Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler said, “What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is of no concern of this congress.” I, for one, challenge that assertion.

Shouldn’t the God of the Universe be allowed to have a say in the affairs of men – men that He created? After all, He only wants what’s best for us, and to deny Him a voice in Government is tantamount to asking for trouble – big trouble. When this same God was challenged in the wilderness, He killed hundreds for worshiping a golden calf they had made to worship. God is a jealous God (although the definition differs slightly these days); He readily admits it and has every right to be angry.

With this new administration in place, could or should a person be vocal about their own personal belief system? How vocal can a person be knowing they could be arrested for saying things about ideologies that aren’t in keeping with the present administration? That is the question plaguing some conservative Christians with respect to taking a stand for democracy, the American way of life, and the Christian faith.

Many of us mature Christians now know what happens when we sit in our church and do nothing except listen to pastors and teachers tell us what they think only they know of the scriptures, and nothing more. This, while Liberals go about destroying our country’s conservative belief system and constitutional rights. Some of these same “pastors” would do well to find other work since soon they may be put out of a job. If progressives have their way, they will try to close the doors of the church building forever since they want to play God for the rest of us.

After letting the left take over the reins of power in our country, we must deal with Godless leaders who balk at anything that mentions the God of the Bible, the Bible itself, or of Christianity in general. Even mentioning such will have you barred from Government discourse and social media. Given that this is becoming commonplace, it is just a matter of time before there will be unrestrained persecution of Christianity by the Socialists of the Left. Socialists around the world have always had to have things their own way and often had to pay the price for doing so. Socialism is a tough taskmaster where only a few at the top have their needs met. The rest of the sheeple must do without so that all can be on the same playing field, struggling to exist.

Although there are many examples of this tyranny throughout the world even today and in the recent past, the sheeple are compliant and afraid to complain. Complaining will only put you further back in the pecking order, and if you complain too much, your very life could be at stake. Yet the left are people that meet in secret behind closed doors, make accusations based on hearsay, and “go after” anyone who doesn’t believe the lies and comply. Who wants to live like that, especially those of us whose ancestors have lived here for generations? If these craven communists of the left have their way, they will stifle any discourse that differs from theirs – open debate be dammed. But worse than that, they will diminish our aspirations, humanity, hopes and dreams.

Again, today I was able to sneak a peek at some of my Facebook friends’ posts in a roundabout way without being detected, but as much as I miss communicating with them directly, I hesitate to go back to that forum. You can almost bet that they are tracking dissidents who call our puppet president and government officials liars and outright criminals. But worse than that to liberals are card-carrying conservatives, gun owners, Christians, and White people who don’t loathe themselves for being white.

The Communist wannabes are tearing the country apart by pitting race against race and saying that privileged white people are harming the nation and therefore should play down their whiteness! How irrational can people be?! I happen to love White people – whose only crime today is being in the vast majority and having much to do with the founding of this great nation and its Christian values in the beginning of our founding. Yes, we’ve all contributed to the American dream of self-sufficiency and abundance, but all in all, it was white people who paved the way for all of us to succeed since the white founding fathers set the standard based on the Christianity of the Bible. If there were a better way of governing – it hasn’t yet been found.

I am a tenth-generation American whose ancestors were here from the founding of our country. We were farmers, cattle ranchers, shop owners – you name it – we did it all, and we were the beneficiaries of a wonderful existence where with a little gumption, we could aspire to become anything we wanted. I was especially blessed to have been able to become a professional actor, prize-winning artist, composer, and writer.

Nowadays, even Dr. Suess’ books are being banned in public schools for not being politically correct. How silly.

In the Bible, Jesus appears to be talking directly to these delusional and self-important people. “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” And as it pertains to abortion (their most grievous crime), Jesus said, “It would be better for a man not to have been born than to harm one of these little ones.” The implication is that there will be serious consequences in the hereafter on judgment day for anyone doing so.


If after reading these words of warning coming from Jesus Christ, you have come under conviction that you are a sinner, you can receive forgiveness just by calling out to God for cleansing and forgiveness.

After repenting, learn more about Him in the Bible and the forgiveness He offers, beginning in the book of John (an Apostle who clarifies who Jesus is). Then read the Book of Romans that explains who we are in the eyes of God.

Jesus will deliver you from flawed human rationale and give you a new Spirit of discernment as you study Scripture.


Jim Towers

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