Mar 15, 2021

The Vaporization of Our Moral Foundations

I’ve been reporting on the moral decline of America all throughout the 34-year history of this site. In the past, I wrote articles that noted moral decline that took decades to manifest. Detroit took 40-50 years to go from America’s richest city to the empty shell we see today. It could be said the Motor city rusted or rotted into the current sad state.

The current state of decline is much faster. Our key urban areas are not just melting. They are vaporizing like dry ice. There is no way I can give a positive estimate that in 10-20 years, this depravity is going to bring about moral and financial bankruptcy. We have processes at work that will destroy our nation within a few short years.

The city of Seattle has a massive homeless/drug problem. KTTH Radio Host Jason Rantz was recently on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show to discuss how Democrats are destroying the city of Seattle. Rantz told Tucker that taxpayer funds are used to purchase heroin pipes, syringes, and “booty bumping kits.”

“The city is now funding a homeless shelter that is passing out heroin pipes and distributing so-called ‘booty bumping kits’ so that junkies can inject drugs rectally,” Rantz told Tucker.

“Well, when you teach addicts, who are already the hardest to get off the street, a more efficient way to get high in a way that lasts longer, when you’re doing it with the so-called ‘booty bumping kit,’ all you’re doing is making it that much easier for them to stay addicted,” he continued.

These liberal policies don’t do anything to end the drug problem. San Francisco’s needle exchange program resulted in hazardous waste increases across the city. More addicts got high and violent crime surged and drug-fueled vagrants terrorized people on the street.

If someone is a heroin addict, they run the risk of dying in a short period of time. It comes as no surprise that overdose deaths in the Democratic stronghold have killed almost four times more people than COVID-19 in the past year. These progressive ideas seem great on paper, but in actuality, they tend to disappoint.

The city of San Francisco is losing all of its pharmacies because of its unwillingness to combat shoplifting. Pharmacy giant Walgreens is fleeing the metro area amid a rash of shoplifting. Since 2019, Walgreens has closed ten stores in the city, with the latest store set to close later this month. The closure has been the third since October 2020.

Last October, a news reporter with Inside Edition captured the moment when a man jumped over a Walgreens counter and stole an air bed. The video shows the man taking off on an electric scooter as he escaped without any intervention from employees or customers. At one Walgreens, the San Francisco Chronicle said it lost about $1,000 per day in inventory because of shoplifting.

“I feel sorry for the clerks; they are regularly verbally assaulted,” Luke said. “The clerks say there is nothing they can do. They say Walgreens’ policy is to not get involved. They don’t want anyone getting injured or getting sued, so the guys just keep coming in and taking whatever they want.”

Theft of less than $950 in goods is treated as a nonviolent misdemeanor under California law. But in most cases, for shoplifting, the criminal is released without any charges. When you have the choice of paying for your merchandise or getting it free, many people are going to choose the second option.

My third example of moral decay involves the school system of the city of Baltimore. “Project Baltimore, an investigative news initiative, recently reported on Tiffany France’s son. In his four years at Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Design, he’s earned 2.5 credits and earned a grade point average of 0.13. Yet, his transcripts show his class rank is 62 of 120, meaning 58 students, just in his grade, have a 0.13 GPA or lower.

France says the school never told her that her son was failing until last month when the 17-year-old was put back in ninth grade.

“I’m just trying to fight. He like, ‘Mom, what was all this for? What did I do this for?’ Don’t he get a chance? Do he get a chance?” said France. “He didn’t fail, the school failed him. The school failed at their job.”

It’s obvious that the agenda of the school system is money. They get $17,000 per kid each year and don’t care if the students are not advancing in their academic skills. The school keeps them moving to keep the money coming in.

The ultimate responsibility for these grades rests with France’s son. He passed just three classes in four years. He failed 22 classes, and he was late or absent from class a total of 359 days. He failed because he thought he could just coast through life. He did get a chance – a chance to show his laziness.

We can’t pull out of this moral nosedive because we’ve lost the ability to tell right from wrong. Most people think that America is doing fine, and better days are just down the road. Because the Bible predicts end-time events that are recurrently taking shape, it is very unlikely that humanity will be able to make a moral U-turn before it drives over the tribulation cliff.

“They have not known nor understood: for he hath shut their eyes, that they cannot see; and their hearts, that they cannot understand” (Isaiah 44:18, KJV).

.– Todd

The Next Crisis? 

This title indeed encompasses a huge question, seeing how the most previous crisis—COVID-19—slammed the planet out of nowhere. The next crisis could be most anything. It could be the Rapture of the Church. That is the hope of all who name the name of Jesus Christ, of course.

That would not be a crisis for us. But it sure would be for the world!

However, in this article I’m thinking more in terms of a crisis of prophetic import that we can see gestating in today’s news. The fact that it possibly involves nuclear weaponry makes it indeed a crisis of potential world-affecting dimension.

We begin by thinking on how former President Donald Trump spoke frequently, as did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on how Iran would never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

Trump, as we remember, took away the “nuclear deal” the Obama administration had made with the Iranian Ayatollahs. That greatly slowed Iranian progress toward development of such weaponry. But it didn’t stop it, as Russia, China, and even North Korea are thought to continue contributing to Iran’s quest to obtain a nuclear arsenal.

One of the first actions the new administration took after January 20, 2021, was to enter into reactivating the “nuclear deal”—to the great consternation, of course, of Netanyahu and IDF leadership. The Israeli prime minister has expressed yet again his unyielding contention that the Israel-hating Iranian leadership will never achieve nuclear status. The following news excerpt explains.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US Vice President Kamala Harris in a late-night phone call on Thursday that he will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons…

Netanyahu in turn said that the US and Israel will continue to strengthen intelligence and security cooperation. He added that he is committed to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons intended to destroy Israel.

Harris and Netanyahu agreed on the importance of the close cooperation between the two countries on regional security issues, which includes Iran’s nuclear program, according to the Vice President’s Office. (“Netanyahu tells Kamala Harris he won’t let Iran obtain nuclear weapons,” Jerusalem Post, March 4, 2021)

With the Biden administration thought to be largely run by Obama administration officials, it’s difficult to believe that the new administration won’t subvert any and all efforts of Israel’s actions to halt the nuclear development efforts in Iran’s underground mountainous facilities.

In all fairness to now VP Kamala Harris, she, surprisingly, consistently refused as a US senator to join in harsh criticism or condemnation of Israel for the most part. She and Benjamin Netanyahu, at least in the cursory contact they have made, seemed to have been in agreement on such things as dealing with hostilities in the Middle East and with actions against the COVID-19 so-called pandemic. Still, it is highly unlikely their seemingly cordial agreement in these matters will hold once the globalist momentum reaches full throttle.

Israel, according to the prophet Zechariah, is in for total condemnation in the future from all nations of earth.

And, at the moment, Iran seems to be the catalyst that could galvanize the world’s ire against the Jewish state.

As stated above, Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly made clear that Iran will never be allowed to achieve the ability to produce nuclear weapons. Now that his colleague in the US presidency, Donald Trump, is no longer in the White House, his determination seems to have doubled down to assure that Iran as a nuclear state never happens.

Netanyahu is backed even by those politically at odds with him, as reflected in the news excerpt that follows.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Thursday said the Israel Defense Forces is continuously updating its plans for a prospective military strike on Iranian nuclear sites.

Gantz, in an interview with Fox News, said the military plans would not be finalized until right before such a strike was set to be carried out.

“Until then, we will continue to build them [the plans], to improve them… to the highest professional level possible,” he said. (“Gantz: IDF updating military plans for potential strike on Iran nuclear sites,” Times of Israel, RR News, March 5, 2021)

We have written a number of times regarding the prophecy of Elam found in Jeremiah 49:34–39.

My friend Bill Salus, a highly studied prophecy writer on foretellings involving the region in question, gives fascinating insights into the developing crisis. Bill says the prophecy in Jeremiah 49:34–39 might be dealing with this very issue. Jeremiah says that Iran experiences a disaster, which, from the details of the prophecy, appears to be the result of a nuclear catastrophe. Salus unveils this prophecy in his book entitled, Nuclear Showdown in Iran, Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam.

See Trailer:

Order book:

I highly recommend this as reading, if interested in what certainly looks to be stage-setting for the fulfillment of a catastrophe on the brink of taking place within the mountains of Iran.

Again, Israel is the number-one signal to watch to determine the lateness of the prophetic hour. The developing crisis is a reminder to, as our Lord commands, keep looking up in anticipation of His sudden coming for all who believe in His death, burial, and resurrection for their salvation (Luke 21:28).