Stupidocrisy: Designating Islamic Terrorists as Humanitarians :: By Bill Wilson

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken announced last week that the State Department would revoke the terrorist designations of Ansarallah, AKA the Houthis. This reverses the Trump Administration’s terrorist designation of the Houthis, who are part of Iran’s terrorist network.

Blinken said the decision “is a recognition of the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen,” and “The revocations are intended to ensure that relevant U.S. policies do not impede assistance to those already suffering what has been called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

In other words, the Biden Administration, like the Obama Administration, trusts terrorist groups to deliver humanitarian aid. Already, the decision is proving Stupidocrisy.

Blinken, in announcing the intent to not impede humanitarian aid flowing through the Houthis, also stated:

“The United States remains clear-eyed about Ansarallah’s malign actions, and aggression, including taking control of large areas of Yemen by force, attacking U.S. partners in the Gulf, kidnapping and torturing citizens of the United States and many of our allies, diverting humanitarian aid, brutally repressing Yemenis in areas they control, and the deadly attack on December 30, 2020, in Aden against the cabinet of the legitimate government of Yemen. Ansarallah’s actions and intransigence prolong this conflict and exact serious humanitarian costs.”

With all of that, Blinken still wants to send money to the Houthi, believing it will reach those in need?

The Houthi are not Samaritan’s Purse or the Red Cross. The terrorist Houthi oversee the famine, starvation and disease faced by over 80 percent of Yemen’s population. The Houthi are known for taking humanitarian aid and diverting it to salaries of their terrorist minions and the supplying of terrorist activities that the Secretary of State admits is “brutally repressing Yemenis in areas they control.”


In other words, America and the United Nations funnel money through the Houthi, hoping they will use it to feed and clothe people, all the while knowing that the Houthi are going to enrich themselves while they continue their rape, torture, and pillage of the poor people in Yemen.

Human Rights Watch, in a September 2020 statement, said the Houthis have a “particularly egregious record of obstructing aid agencies from reaching civilians in need.”

Saying you are against terrorism and all the despicable acts of the Houthis on one hand, and clearing the way for the Houthis to receive millions of dollars in humanitarian aid on the other hand is hypocritical. Doublespeaking it in the same official statement is stupid. Hence, Stupidocrisy.

The Biden Administration apparently will be repeating the Obama Administration’s failed foreign policies of funding terrorists to achieve democracy and peace, such as Arab Spring. It’s kind of like Psalm 35:12, “They rewarded me evil for good to the bereavement of my soul.” They take our hard-earned money and give it to evildoers, who enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Might be a pattern here. Maybe the Biden family foreign policy is now expanding operations from Russia, Ukraine, and China into Iran – they just can’t help themselves.

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