The Tyrannical Persecution of Dissent :: By Bill Wilson

With national leaders hiding behind miles of razor wire, chain fences and 25,000-plus troops to swear in President Joe Biden*, the atmosphere is far from healing the country as Trump supporters, voters, conservatives and Christians are now the target of the left.

Leaders and key influencers of leftist politics are suggesting a wide range of actions to punish Trump voters, including labeling all those who voted for Trump as “domestic terrorists,” establishing a federally-mandated Truth Commission, advocating the shut-down of Fox News for election fraud coverage, the censorship of Members of Congress for questioning the validity of election results, and preventing those who worked for Trump from getting jobs.

For example, CNN wrote a story about how the leader of the Proud Boys got $300 from Christian funding site for his trip to protest in Washington, DC, and is raising thousands for his legal defense. Additionally, CNN reported that the founder of Gateway Pundit is using the site to fund a voter fraud investigation in Michigan and oppose corporate censorship of conservative voices. CNN is implying that all Christians support Proud Boys. CNN is also vilifying Christians for fomenting domestic terrorism by questioning election integrity and censorship of conservatives.

In the coming months, this theme will no doubt be further weaponized against any dissenting voices, especially Christians.

In a January 18 Washington Post Op-Ed, columnist and CNN global affairs analyst Max Boot wrote: “Just as we do with foreign terrorist groups, so with domestic terrorists: We need to shut down the influencers who radicalize people and set them on the path toward violence and sedition.” Boot also suggested Fox News be shut down because it was “spreading false claims” about election fraud. Leftist activist Don Winslow in a video called for an “army of citizen detectives” to use computers to hunt down conservative domestic terrorists who are “hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs. They are your children’s teachers. They work at supermarkets, malls, doctor’s offices, and many are police officers and soldiers.”

All conservatives are being broad-brushed as domestic terrorists because a handful of radicals broke into the Capitol. The broader truth is that some 74 million voters want definitive answers about election integrity.

IF there was no election integrity issue, why wouldn’t the left call for a complete investigation to set the issue to rest?

The censorship, persecution and visceral displayed by the left’s influencers, leaders, and corporate minions is tyrannical. This theme will no doubt be further weaponized against any dissenting voices in the months ahead. Instead of healing, there is persecution.

As in 1 Peter 4:12, “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you.”

It is time for the Light of Christ to shine brighter than ever through each of us. Pray. Stand fast. Speak truth. Be wise.

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