Israel and election 2020 :: By Terry James

Election results still aren’t settled as I write this. Presidential Election 2020 is, in my many decades of experience, unlike any other. And this is in no way hyperbole.

I know I don’t have to convince you of the truth of that statement. Those of you who read these columns have lived through everything from Donald Trump’s 2016 election until this present hour. Little in the four intervening years has not been strange and, to use KJV terminology, extremely “vexing.”

Strangest of all regarding this election are the dynamics within the matters involved. Donald J. Trump has had everything imaginable thrown at his presidency—and some things so profoundly evil as to defy anything approaching political normalcy. None of it has touched him.

We’ve expressed many times in these articles how Trump seems impervious to and even invulnerable against anything his political enemies and even the minions of Satan can manage against him.

The election of 2016 presented, according to all political hacks—and all polls—insurmountable odds against Trump winning. This was the case up until 9 o’clock on that election night. But when the electioneering dust settled, the political pundits all had to sadly report that the woman the Democrats had chosen to coronate as president had gone down to electoral landslide defeat.

The rage then exploded across the nation and the world. The globalist-elites’ grand plans for America—thus for the world—had been stopped cold in their tracks. Trump had one thing in mind. Well, two things: 1) To drain the swamp that was Washington, DC, and 2) To “Make America Great Again!” Neither could then nor now be tolerated by the powers and principalities of Ephesians 6:12.

Those powers and principalities, both human and demonic, had had their power and control diminished. It could not stand, and their rage became, as often described, “unhinged.”

We who viewed all this through the prism of Bible prophecy understood that this fury that seemed to make Trump’s human enemies do things that bordered on totally irrational was the result of their throwing off all godly restraints. The opposition party, in fact, voted audibly to kick God out of their party platform. Romans 1:28 thus observably set in, and the rage went wild.

There was the Russian collusion hoax brought against Trump twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for years. The political witch hunt went on until the $40 million Mueller investigation had to admit, finally, that Trump wasn’t guilty of even the slightest infraction.

The Democrat side of the House of Representatives impeached him for something that a White House recording plainly showed was a non-impeachable matter, with the president’s legitimate call to a Ukrainian official. Still, the phony trial went on for months. Taken to its full course, the inevitable not-guilty verdict made the unhinged party on the left look for all to see to be the evil minions they are.

These were the major actions used to assault Mr. Trump. If we dig in a bit, we can present hundreds of less dramatic attacks from the Democrats and their henchmen and henchwomen in the mainstream press. The assaults, as you will remember, were unrelenting.

The question, then, to consider—and I believe it to be one of a profound nature as we move farther into this fleeting age: Why, after all of this, in which nothing could remove this president from the Oval Office, no matter what was attempted, does it now appear that he will be removed by the mere electoral process? This, despite the blatant evidence that his opponent is obviously mentally challenged as proven every time he speaks for any length of time in public. Why are voters—at least half of them—so deluded as to elect the radicals who want to remake America into something akin to the old Soviet Union?

More profound than this is the question: Why has the Lord of Heaven suddenly seemed to take his hand off, which had so obviously been on this man He miraculously put in the White House?

It is especially a profound question, because God’s greatest end-times indicator, His chosen people, Israel, is at the very heart of things accomplished by one Donald J. Trump.

He promised to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv after declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from America’s perspective. This is something other presidents had promised but never did. Trump did keep the promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

He has kept practically every promise he has made—to Israel—to the American people. There is no doubt that this is God’s man for this hour at the close of the Age of Grace (Church Age).

Why has God decided, as it appears He has as of this writing, to remove him from earth’s most powerful office? Why, if it does happen, would the Lord of Heaven replace him with a person who, being mentally ill, seems to represent, through his incapacity, the entire reprobate (upside-down) spiritual and mental capacity of his political party?

Israel must be considered in all this. I haven’t the answers—just the questions.

It will be our wonderful God who will provide those answers when He chooses.